10 ways on how to get fut 22 coins fast


How lớn make coins fast in FIFA Ultimate Team? We show you 10 ways on how to lớn get coins in order lớn build up your dream team with the best players in the game. Let"s get started.

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We all know the struggle in FIFA Ultimate Team: If you want khổng lồ compete in the Weekend League, you have khổng lồ build up a very strong team with the best players in the game. It is crucial lớn have a lot of coins, because good players are way more expensive than suckers. Of course.

The good thing is: you earn a small amount of coins for every match you play in FIFA Ultimate Team, but we all know that we need a lot of coins not only at the beginning of a FIFA year, but also throughout the whole season. So, we"re gonna explain the top 10 ways on how to lớn make Coins in FUT.

1. Early Access/Web App: Play Before Others

EA Play is the key, as is the Web App. You start the year in FUT like everybody else, where no one got many players và coins. There are basically three main points you can already vị that early in the year in order lớn get some FUT coins in your stack.

Trade the best way you can – no worries, we"ll explain this in detail later on. Also, you should complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) right from the start. SBCs in general are a good way to lớn get players for your team. Third thing is complete Objectives because you"ll get coin boosts from them.

Best things to bởi during Early Access: Play Squad Battles, collect Reward Packs, complete all SBCs & focus on bronze player packs, because they will award you with coins too if you sell the players you get from them. Lượt thích we said: don"t worry. We"ll explain everything in detail here.

2. Play the Game

It may sound obvious & stupid, but this is the major advice on how khổng lồ get coins in FIFA Ultimate Team without spending real money. Only if you grind và put time into FUT, you are able to lớn make a ton of coins. It"s as simple as that.

And lượt thích we said: for each & every game, you get coins. You"ll progress through the Season Progress và will be getting Coin Boosts, so every minute in FUT counts. At least if you vì chưng it the right way. & that is why we are here, lớn tell you how.

3. Trading

We start with the most important thing in FUT. Trading. There are two main things you can do right from the start: Buy players very quickly (sniping) và sell them for more than you invested. Or buy & hold players that will increase their value over time. So, it"s definitely worth it to check out the Ultimate Team Transfer Market in order to lớn see which players you can get for a good price.

There are Players you can buy cheap và sell high, especially right at the FIFA start. Look out for cheap meta players (basically players with high pace). Trading isn"t a point you can learn & master overnight. Be patient, & you will find good players & learn how to trade better. The market is always evolving, players will rise and fall in value weekly, daily & even hourly.

Play and Trade During Early Access

With Early Access, you can get your hands on FIFA even before launch. In combination with the website App, you can stack your coins before release. It might not sound lượt thích a big deal, but the market fluctuates hugely during those early days, & players with a few coins can turn them into a lot of coins in a matter of one or two weeks.

Snipe Players on Transfer Market

If you want to lớn get players cheap & sell them for a higher price, stick khổng lồ sniping. It"s the best way to lớn make a lot of profit & coins fast. You should phối the filters on the Transfer Market on the lowest price for the player you want. Almost so low, that there aren"t many players left. Then you search for them as "long as you can" và buy them quickly. After that, you can sell them for a higher price.

Simple example: Let"s say Antonio Rüdiger is worth 11k coins in FUT. You will find him for approx. 8k. If you"re lucky và fast enough, you can buy him for 8k & sell him immediately afterwards. & you got 3k coins more than before. Repeat this method for hours and days and get a ton of coins through sniping. The more coins you got, the more expensive the players you can snipe can be – và the higher your income of trading will get.

Invest in Dynamic Cards

In FIFA, there are Dynamic Cards like the OTW stars. You can buy them, hope for them lớn increase their stats & values, & sell them at a higher price. Of course, this is a speculation business, so you should really search for players và Dynamic cards that could get better.


This method works with players rated from 85 lớn 90. Invest in cheaper non-meta players and hold them in order to lớn use them for Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). We all know that there will be SBCs which acquire a lot of teams & players & if you got the needed players in advance, you can then sell them for a higher price – or use them lớn complete the SBC.

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4. Complete SBCs

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are very useful lớn get strong cards & players. You can get a nice player for your team and then sell the player that will be replaced. Always look out for tradable và untradable SBCs.

Whether you plan to lớn complete these yourself or not, it"s necessary for you to pay attention khổng lồ the completion requirements, as this can affect the value of players on the transfer market, including even low-value players lượt thích Bronzes and Silvers. It can be worth holding on lớn rare cards & then flip them at the right moment.

5. Play Division Rivals, Squad Battles và Weekend League

It"s another quite obvious thing khổng lồ do, but really focus on Division RivalsSquad Battles and spend time in these modes. Play plenty of these games every week, & you will get rewards depending on which tier you got in. The higher you rank, the better rewards you will get, so as we said: play the game.

You can choose between Coins & Packs, or a mixture of the two. Avoid untradeable packs if you want khổng lồ sell your players again. You still can use them for SBCs, of course.

The best rewards are waiting for you in the Weekend League. So, if you got some meta players và are confident to lớn start the qualification, always try to lớn get into the Weekend League. Even if you"re not that good in FIFA, you should make the qualification over time và sooner or later great rewards await you there.

6. Sell unneeded FUT-Items

You want to lớn get rid of players you don"t need, we already made this clear. If you"re lucky & get a high rated meta player that you don"t need, that means jackpot, as you can get lots of coins for them. Pay attention khổng lồ their value và sell them for the best price. Usually, prices are the highest on Thursday evenings until Friday mornings.

But also remember your consumables. Just sell the stuff you don"t need và flog off managers, và chemistries you won"t use anyway. Và also sell kits và stadium items. You won"t get rich with these, but there is also no point in holding on to them.

7. Use Coin Boosts

Like we explained, Coin Boosts are unlockable through completing objectives and earning XP towards seasonal objectives. The boosts give you additional coins on đứng đầu of your match earnings. They last between five & fifteen games and can give up lớn 1,000 extra coins per match.

The best thing is they’re stackable, so get a few together at once, jump onto the pitch, & you’ll have lots of coins to spend before you know it.

8. Use the BPM: Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method (BPM) is an easy way for anybody to start into FIFA Ultimate Team. It"s as simple as it sounds: mở cửa bronze packs và make profit from the items that you get.

A Bronze Pack costs you 750 coins, và you will get 12 items. You only need to sell four or five of them khổng lồ make a profit. In the beginning, you might even pull something that you can use for SBCs – or others will use, so you can sell them at surprisingly high prices.

9. Play FUT Draft

FUT Draft is quite the underrated way lớn make coins. Choose your formation & the players you want to lớn use for the next four matches. If you manage to lớn win those games, you will get very good rewards.

Wait until you are good in the current FIFA, & until more Icons & special cards lượt thích Rulebreakers are available. Then you can get nice rewards from FUT Draft.

10. Buy FIFA Points

The last tip is the most stupid one. No, there is nothing wrong in buying 4600 FIFA Points to boost your Ultimate Team in the beginning of the season. But after the FIFA cycle is over, you will need a new team anyway, so... Please don"t spend too much on FUT.

You can buy FUT Points with real money and get packs with them. Logically, FIFA Points are maybe the best way lớn get coins fast, but like... You"re probably not here lớn hear: hey, spend more money in FUT and you will have more coins. So, bởi this if you want lớn make coins really fast, but also... EA is making enough money. Don"t give them more than they deserve.

There you go, these are our tips on how lớn make coins in Ultimate Team. Enjoy the grind, and hopefully you get some nice players out of packs this year.