Everything you need to know about mtn mobile money


If you become MTN MoMo agent in Nigeria, you can start making money from thiết bị di động money services in Nigeria. When you complete financial transactions for customers, you simply earn mtn MoMo agent commission.

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So, What is MoMo Agent?

Yello Digital Financial Services, “YDFS,” a subsidiary of MTN Nigeria announced the launch of its super-agent network service named ‘MoMo Agent’ at an event in Abuja on August 29, 2019.

A MoMo Agent is a neighborhood cửa hàng where you can visit lớn send và receive money anywhere in Nigeria. Customers can perform Cash2Cash transaction at a MoMo Agent outlet.

Cash2Cash is a MoMo Agent service that allows customers of MTN khổng lồ send & receive money from any part of Nigeria. Customers don’t need to lớn have a bank account lớn send or receive money. All that is required is a visit lớn a MoMo Agent near you khổng lồ either send or receive money.

Customers can also purchase airtime or data at any MoMo Agent Outlet in Nigeria. Customer will simply hand over his or her phone number & cash for desired value & you đứng top up their airtime balance from your MTN MoMo wallet by making use of the MTN MoMo Agent ứng dụng or MoMo USSD Code.

The MoMo Agent Network in Nigeria compliments existing banking services by extending access to lớn simple money transfer services and other financial services nationwide.

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How lớn Become MTN Momo Agent In Nigeria

Step 1: check to affirm if you meet the requirements below.

Requirements for MoMo Agents

Have an existing business or willing khổng lồ invest in agency business.Have a Brick và Mortar/Immovable retail shop e.g. Pharmacy Pop và Mom shop located in high foot trafficViable means of identification (National ID, Driver’s License, International passport or Voters card).Readiness to lớn provide 1 passport photograph.Capability khổng lồ provide a Working Capital of N20,000 and above.

Step 2: Visit the nearest MTN outlet lớn pick up the form và submit your details

Step 3: Click here to download the application form

Step 4: MTN MoMo field staff will tương tác you for a planned visit lớn ascertain your suitability

Alternatively, you can use MTN MoMo Agent code to xuất hiện MoMo Agent wallet on your di động phone.


About YDFS

Yello Digital Financial Services (YDFS) is a financial service provider licensed lớn deliver agency banking services under the CBN agent banking framework. It is a subsidiary of MTN Nigeria & operates the MoMo Agent service.


More info available at MTN Nigeria MoMo Agent portal : https://momoagent.com.ng

NB: As at the time of publishing this post, no MTN MoMo Agent POS device is issued to lớn MoMo agents for carrying out the MTN smartphone money transactions.