14 ways to make money online with your website


There are plenty of methods you can choose from to lớn monetize your website. They are all opportunities for you khổng lồ earn money và either make a living or get an additional income from your website. Keep reading, to see how you can effectively vì this.

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1. Make money with Ad Networks (e.g. Google AdSense, AdThrive, MediaVine)

The method works when you have high-quality, optimized nội dung on the pages of your website. It needs careful inclusion of từ khoá into the written text, so Google might determine what ads to lớn serve khổng lồ your site. Matching the topic of your articles with the ads target is very important: the contextual ads must be addressed to lớn those very people that are interested in your content. Otherwise, they won’t click on the ads, và no profit will follow.Important: Google AdSense is decent for sites with less than 10k visitors. But once you have 10k sessions, we strongly suggest you look at Ezoic. This ad network can increase ad revenue per 1000 thousands uses 3-4 times as much as AdSense, if you can gather the traffic.Guide to Google AdSense:

Famous websites monetized with AdSense:

Pete Cashmore – founder of Mashable.comShawn Hogan – founder of Digitalpoint.comLenpenzo.com

Estimated income:

The income can go up khổng lồ about $3000/month.The average profitable websites can earn about $1000 in a few months


Optimized websiteSubscription lớn a Google AdSense account

Budget: $30 lớn $50 (Budget needed to keep the website up & running )Estimated time for profitability: three months khổng lồ six monthsGrowth and marketing methods: SEO / nội dung writing / publish articles frequentlyMust have skills:

SEO skillsPPC skillsStory tellerPublishing information-rich articles

2. Monetize your trang web with affiliate Marketing

It mainly functions as a system where you generate a sale a hàng hóa on another site. Every visitor you send khổng lồ the hàng hóa website is monitored, and you get a commission for every purchase done on the sản phẩm website.

Guide to tiếp thị liên kết Marketing:

Famous websites monetized with affiliate marketing:


The average profitable trang web monetized with affiliation:


Estimated income:

Big sites can earn well over $5,000 per month.The average profitable websites can earn about $2000 in a month.


Optimized websiteHigh traffic volumesSubscription lớn an tiếp thị liên kết program

Budget: $30 khổng lồ $50 (Budget lớn keep the trang web up và running )Estimated time for profitability: about 2 months lớn get the first $100 commissionGrowth and kinh doanh methods: SEO / nội dung writing / hàng hóa Descriptions / ReviewsMust have skills:

SEO skillsSocial media skillsPPCContent writing (product descriptions)



Content Lockers:

Monetizing your trang web can also be done thanks to nội dung lockers. Nội dung lockers allow you to lớn make money on your trang web by blocking a particular, chosen part of your site. Anything can be blocked, for example, the rest of the article, video, a certain premium content, or a simple file. It’s a great way lớn monetize your website.


If a user wants khổng lồ access a blocked part of your website, they must first complete at least one task on the list. On MyLead – a global affiliate network, you can generate up to 4 different types of nội dung Lockers for free. They can all work on any kind of device and are easy to install. Go khổng lồ MyLead & once you’re signed up, check out their nội dung Lockers in the panel.

3. Sell ad space

Instead of acting through third parties, you directly sell advertising space to media buyers. Therefore, 100% of the advertising budget will go directly to lớn you. No more bothering about traffic, visits or conversions. However, it may require in-person meetings và negotiations that will, however, pay dividends in the long run.Guide to lớn Selling Ad Space:

The average profitable websites can earn about $1500 in a month


Good-looking designHigh traffic volumesIn-person meetings, directly contacting advertisers

Budget: $30 to lớn $50 (Budget to lớn keep the trang web up and running )Estimated time for profitability: revenues can appear immediately, as advertisers sign the agreement. Also, it depends on how much traffic & following the website has.Growth and marketing methods: building a niche website, writing about interests shared with many people or about some hobbies, so the monthly traffic volumes are highMust have skills:

Blogging talentSocial mediaNegotiation skillsAnalytical skills

4. Ask for donations and contributions

To make it really work for your website/blog, you should consider not mingling donations with other monetization methods. People are more inclined to lớn push the donate button if they don’t perceive you’re already making big money from your website/blog.You should also speak about the cause you sustain, for readers khổng lồ get convinced it’s worth donating.Guide lớn Accepting Donations:

Famous websites monetized with donations:


Estimated income:

Up to $5000Most commonly $1000


Good-looking designTransparency in dealing with gained donations

Budget: Budget lớn keep the trang web up và runningEstimated time for profitability: 3 to lớn 6 months from starting the program; it’s recommended that you shouldn’t start the donation program immediately, rather start it after you have gained at least 10k visitors / month.Growth and marketing methods: public relations, establishing connections và getting in cảm biến with truyền bá professionals, encouraging word-of-mouth and social truyền thông buzz.

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Must have skills:

Professional-looking websiteA supporting money source for keeping the trang web runningCommunity moderatorSocial mediaCrowdfunding.

5. Get Paid For Every Visitor with Repixel

Repixeling is a khung of online advertising where non-competitive companies in the same industry target visitors to each other’s websites and apps. For example, if you own a hiking blog, an online store that sells tent, a hiking ứng dụng looking to lớn acquire downloads, and/or campsites looking to địa chỉ cửa hàng bookings would likely be very interested in tagging your visitors so that they can serve quảng cáo facebook to them later. Using a platform lượt thích Repixel, you can post a listing in their marketplace that shows you’re willing to let advertisers target your visitors, & you can set your own price in the khung of a CPM (cost per thousand pageviews). Once the connection between blogger và advertiser is formed, the blogger gets paid for every 1000 pageviews.

There are three main benefits khổng lồ repixeling.

Controls: You can approve and deny any advertiser that you want to lớn work with. So unlike monetization platforms such as selling ads through AdSense where you have limited controls on which brand shows up on your page, if there is a brand or competitor that you are not interested in partnering with, you can easily click “deny” when the repixel request come through. Scale: There are only so many ad units that you can showroom to your blog at a time, but because Repixel works in the background, you can work with và get paid by as many advertisers as you want.

3. No more spam: People came khổng lồ your website lớn find content, not see ads or get prompted with a million different offers. Adding repixel to your trang web is completely invisible to lớn the user so it doesn’t take away from the user experience.

6. Use your site as a portfolio lớn get projects


The average profitable trang web monetized with donations:


Estimated income:

It depends on how much you require as payment for providing professional services in your activity area


A neat và clean template khổng lồ build your websiteA professional presentation of yourself

Budget: $30 to $50/semester for keeping the site up & runningEstimated time for profitability: 3 lớn 6 months to lớn get your optimized trang web visible in the search engines; or else even less if you promote the trang web in social truyền thông (e.g. LinkedIn)Growth and kinh doanh methods: social truyền thông media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, promotion on expertise-focused platforms or freelance platforms such as Elance.comMust have skills:

Professional-looking websiteContent writing which observes a certain tone of voicePPC skillsMarketing abilities to lớn showcase your expertise.

7. Create an eCommerce store

This is one of the most frequently used method of monetizing a website. It implies putting in place an online store, where users can come và order the products they like. The idea of an e-shop is not new. However, it’s a profitable income source, depending on how much you manage to distinguish the e-shop from your competitors in the online market.Famous websites monetized by selling products online:


Estimated income:

Bigger websites can earn well over $10,000 per month.The average conversion rate for an ecommerce business might be of 2%. This means that for every 100 people who visit your store you can expect 2 people to lớn make an order. The average order value for small ecommerce stores might be $45.


Self-hosted ecommerce solutionComplete solution including stock management, payment methods integrationSupport system

Budget: minimum $500 khổng lồ set up the online store. The costs could range from $5 thousand lớn more than $5 million, depending on the ecommerce website you want lớn buildEstimated time for profitability: about 6 months for the ecommerce website khổng lồ growGrowth and marketing methods: Ecommerce SEO / Product kinh doanh / Pricing / Community Gathering / Social truyền thông media MarketingMust have skills:

Selling skillsPPC skillsContent writing (product descriptions)Organizational skillsProduct management

8. Sell e-Books

This monetization method is low-cost and low-risk. It’s never been easier to lớn start writing an e-book, publishing it and making money from it. No additional costs for printing the books and publishing them. All can be done online, on your own website. And you charge a fee for the tải về link and collect email addresses (for future follow-up and e-books upselling) monetizing this way your website. You can even gather past blog articles, give them a coherent structure & provide them to lớn the public in the khung of an e-book.Guide to Selling E-books:

Famous websites monetized by selling e-books:

Darren Rowse – Digital-photography-school.com

Estimated income:

An E-book can give you about $2,000 in about a year.The average e-book sells 3000 copies in its lifetime. Multiply this number with how much you charge for a copy và you can get the average income from selling e-books.


Provide the e-book in an easy-to-read PDF formatGive a PayPal links for the payment or any other payment methodOptimize the e-book trang đích cần seo accordingly, for high visibility in the search engines.

Budget: the minimum cost of writing và publishing an ebook can be as low as $0, but if you want custom graphics, & other nifty features you might have to lớn pay a designer.