Accesstrade offers free online side income opportunity for malaysians


Unless you are in the sales department and you have a sales quota khổng lồ fulfill by the kết thúc of the month, you are highly likely not thinking about earning commissions as a source of income.

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We are wired to lớn think of ‘What to lớn sell’ & ‘What service khổng lồ provide’ lớn earn money. We often forget that there is a highly rewarding potential source of income. Commissions! Interestingly, in this digital world, you vị not have lớn be the salesperson of your company lớn earn commissions.

As we always say, all you need is social media! We have some ideas on how to lớn earn commissions from social media. Let’s go!

Revisiting The Usual Money-Making Ways In Social Media


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The most common one right now is to lớn grow a follower base and be an influencer. While there are many ways you can earn money by being an influencer, those with a large following will opt for paid sponsorship contracts with big brands. This means, they will get paid when theyhighlight or feature the brand and its products in their posts.

There is also the solid và proven way of monetising high-income skills. In this world of digital technology, freelancers have been quick khổng lồ jump the bandwagon and secure freelancing gigs from all over the world. Especially for freelancers in Malaysia, the easiest way khổng lồ earn money is by working with companies overseas & benefit from the higher currency exchange rate. Someof the in-demand freelancing gigs are copywriting, nội dung writing, website designing, digital marketing, & so on.

If you are not keen on any of the above, you can always opt for jobs with high commissions. Affiliate kinh doanh has proven lớn be the best way khổng lồ make commissions in the digital world.

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Affiliate Marketing: How bởi You Earn A Good Commission?

Influencers can make the best out of affiliate sale apart from collaborating for paid sponsorship campaigns. Interestingly, even if you don’t consider yourself an influencer or if you only have a small number of followers on social media, affiliate sale is the way lớn go!

Affiliate kinh doanh connects your audience to top brands. Once you register for an tiếp thị liên kết program, you will have various trackable links or affiliate link that you can post, advertise và promote to lớn your audience. Every time someone makes a transaction using your link, you willearn a commission.

Some of the đứng top commission-earning tiếp thị liên kết programs in Malaysia are: Shopee, Lazada, Zalora and Watsons tiếp thị liên kết program. An easy way lớn be an affiliate to all these đứng đầu brands is by registering to an affiliate platform. One such platform in Malaysia is MY.

How to Ensure High Commissions At All Times


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As the leading affiliate platform in the region, we have the experience of working together with more than 5,000 affiliates và influencers. As such, we have 3 fool-proof tips for you to lớn earn high commissions with your tiếp thị liên kết partnerships!

1. Create engaging và heartfelt posts to lớn maintain the trust with your audience. The reason affiliate marketing works is because consumers trust influencers compared to celebrities or big brands.

2. Be ready to lớn invest in paid advertisements. Advertisement in Facebook and Instagram will get you the eyeballs và impressive numbers when used wisely.

3. Get cosy with analytics. Google analytics, Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics, & Twitter analytics will give you a detailed perspective about your audience and if your posts work.

Register now at MY lớn start generating income through influencer/affiliate marketing!