How to make money on capcut

      19 – Now the CapCut application is a money-making application by watching và editing videos. The CapCut application is a unique clip editing software with various features designed specifically for điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh users & now the CapCut application can make money.

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CapCut which is available for Android and iOS may be better known as a video editing application that is often used by nội dung creators.

CapCut video editing is accomplished through the use of multiple timelines, which simplifies the placement of each file. In addition, you can showroom different features khổng lồ each layer to lớn speed up the process of creating a particular movie.

However, it turns out that the ByteDance app can now generate revenue. There are various methods to lớn make money using CapCut.


Simply logging into the app and viewing the video is one of them. In addition, there are various additional objectives that can be completed to lớn increase the coffers of the application.

How to Earn Money Through the Capcut tiện ích

1. Daily Login

Initial application is lớn login to CapCut for 28 consecutive days. This gives you points that can later be exchanged for money.

Plus, claiming points is as easy as opening the “Check-In” menu, selecting the currency you wish to claim, và touching the “Check-In Now” button. Perform this procedure daily until the CapCut job is complete.

2. Watch ten minute đoạn clip

After that, you should spend ten minutes watching a short đoạn clip in the CapCut app. Similar khổng lồ TikTok, the video presentation of the CapCut application is fairly straightforward.

As a result, you are not required lớn select a video clip to view. You only need khổng lồ scroll the screen for ten minutes khổng lồ complete the challenge.

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3. đoạn phim Editing

In addition, CapCut will reward users who edit or create movies using the application. Plus, you’re miễn phí to make movies with or without templates to get them.

However, one of the main requirements phối by CapCut is that the video results are immediately shared on TikTok. Even in this way, you can earn 200 points every day và collect them until the event is over.

4. Invite Friends

Finally, there is a mechanism that is almost the same as that used by other money-making programs, namely inviting friends. CapCut will pay up to lớn Rp. 25 thousand for this work.

Users who successfully encourage friends to lớn use CapCut and TikTok programs can earn balances. However, keep in mind that CapCut will distribute the money in stages, based on the activities of the individuals you invite.

You will get a bonus of IDR 1000 if the person who uses your referral code uses CapCut và TikTok for two days.

Until the individual stops using CapCut & TikTok on the 30th day, you will get a bonus of Rp. 13 thousand. So, the total value of the prize from the purpose of bringing friends is Rp. 25 thousand.


This money-making CapCut ứng dụng is a chất lượng form of clip editing software for smartphones. ByteDance phầm mềm can generate revenue by logging in and watching videos. There are various additional objectives that can be completed khổng lồ increase the coffers of the application.

CapCut is available for Android và iOS. CapCut rewards users who create, edit or produce videos using the app. Users can also earn points by inviting friends to use CapCut and TikTok in exchange for referrals.

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