I believe articles/videos about reviewing business models are rare, if not zero (Please correct me if I am wrong, I welcome any comment). I decided to vị my very own review.

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Business mã sản phẩm Canvasis used as guidance for my review.

My very first reviews would be review business mã sản phẩm ofFinhay, a Vietnamese Fintech start-up.(Website in my 1st comment)

Summary:A platform that allows its customers to invest simultaneously in different investment funds in Vietnam with minimal investment capital.

In this 1st part, I tóm tắt with my thoughts on the three most important areas (I think):

(1) Value Proposition, (2) Customer Segments & (3) Key Partners

1.Value Proposition

Small investment capital - You can start investing with an deposit as tiny as 50,000 Vietnam Dong (or~$2.14) High liquidity - You can withdraw cash up khổng lồ your current cash ending balance. Tailored investment portfolio - You can select fromfourinvestment portfolios, which allocate its capital into different funds based onyour risk appetites. Transparency - You can monitor the value of your investment <> on its mobile or web-based apps.

My view

Low initial investment capital might attract a considerable no. Of potential customers, particularly with low-to-medium income, & because losing 50,000 Vietnam Dong is not a big deal, more và more people are encouraged to join the platform.

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Meanwhile, this strategy is costly since Finhay ought to balance its customer acquiring cost versus its (potential) revenue. Since required initial capital required is tiny, volume of customers plays a huge role in generating cash-flows for Finhay

Tailored investment portfolio is a great selling point. So many men, so many minds. Finhay is going in a good direction by serving a diverse "product" portfolio.

2. Customer Segments

Finhay targets customers with the following trails:

Office person, age from 25 khổng lồ 28. Monthly income of 8+ million Vietnam Dong Spare money khổng lồ invest Apt khổng lồ using online platforms

My view

Finhay aims at a sweet spot và at the right timing. This demographic is a large group, if not the largest, compared to lớn others. Additionally, Vietnam is one of fastest growing economy in the region and, in turn, average income per capital should be growing too.

A huge market, though, not a easy cake. Alternative means are investment funds (themselves), stocks, bonds, bond funds,...As average income grows, people might consider "substituting" Finhay portfolios with other means of investment.

3. Key Partners

Investment Management Companies - Those who provide "raw materials", e.g. VFB, VF4, BCF, SCA, VNDAF,... Payment Platform - Those who provide payment infrastructure, i.e. An e-wallet platform và internet banking connection. Back-end facilitators - Those who provide computing platforms, thiết bị di động development supporting platforms, emails managements, etc...

My view

At the moment, Finhay partners with five (05) investment companies, managing a total of 10 funds. My view would be that it"s a bit risky for Finhay since this number of investment companies is low. My wish is khổng lồ see Finhay further expand its partnership to other investment management companies.

Any disagree? Let me know your view

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Not necessarily disagree. I think there are potential flaws in the business model.Long-term returns on investment (ROI, returns) users of the ứng dụng would"ve gotten is relatively insignificant, due to: 1/All of Finhay"s Investment Management partners offer open-ended funds, which in essence, are already a bit diversified. Investing in not jut one, but a number of those funds would further hurt (gross) returns.2/ Users have to lớn pay fees twice, lớn Finhay directly and to Investment Management companies indirectly. This would exacerbate the (net) returnsAs you"ve mentioned: "A huge market, though, not a easy cake. Alternative means are investment funds (themselves), stocks, bonds, bond funds,...As average income grows, people might consider "substituting" Finhay portfolios with other means of investment." Unless Finhay will have grown their customer base large enough lớn sustainably cover overhead costs (very very tough; potential competitors who have deep pockets could just walk in, offer better fees to lớn Investment Management Companies), while simultaneously facing the problem of folks getting more and more finance literary, I don"t think their customers are going to be happy with their ROI. All the above arguments could be dead wrong; if the reality turns out lớn be better, that"s great. Being financially independent, especially for younger generation, could give them/us the freedom to pursue other endeavours rather than focusing their entire life on making money.

Thank you for your comment.I would think point 1 would depend on preferences of the users. If they choose khổng lồ invest in diversified-diversified portfolio, they would prefer khổng lồ have the return at moderate level. Well, we can say why don"t they just invest in bonds (which might have lower return). I would say that the benefits of Finhay would be (a) low initial capital requirement (as opposed khổng lồ higher capital requirement in bonds) và (2) potential to attain the grow of the economy Point 2 - Sound fair. Finhay will have "no control" on managing the portfolio, only thing they vì is khổng lồ be the bridge between micro retail customers to funds. Personally I believe big guys with deep pockets will less likely khổng lồ jump in this market, rather they just open their own funds and targets higher net worth customers. Finhay, I believe, is aiming khổng lồ grab low transaction value market, target on volume first, not values. So I think Finhay would be safe for a few years from now.Thanks again for your thoughtful comment. Very interesting point of view