How Does Lazada Business Model In A Nutshell

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How does Lazada make money?

Lazada Is a constantly evolving công nghệ that connects to the vast và diverse nations from South East Asia to many regions. Lazada group was founded in 2012 & its headquarters is situated in the downtown core. It is considered that the founder of lazada it’s the rocket Internet. This E-commerce company it’s mostly based in Southeast Asia and covers mostly all the different kinds of cultures and ethnicities. Here, let’s see How does Lazada make money?

Lazada is an international e-commerce company that is owned by Alibaba Group, và it is said that it was, along with Rocket Internet, also founded by Maximillian Bittner. Its presence is mostly in six countries that are Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, và the Philippines. Like Amazon, Lazada can be also considered khổng lồ be an online platform for shopping. To make it easier Lazada makes sure that it handles the processes such as shipping, payment, or reclamations. So, therefore, the merchants only have lớn focus on selling relevant goods to lớn relevant customers in the demographic area. The Lazada website was launched in March 2012, the initial business was khổng lồ sell goods such as clothing & electronic items but gradually it covered more of the things. There’s even something called the Lazada business mã sản phẩm which is followed by the company to lớn make more profit by getting some Commission on every sale the merchants do. Platforms such as Lazada marketplace và large malls for the margins khổng lồ sell their items & provide more benefits to the company. The items which company offers are

Health and beauty productsWomen’s & men’s fashionHome và living itemsElectronic itemsAutomotive và motorcycle

As said earlier, Lazada has a different business model itself to gain more profits. Lazada is open to different kinds of customers who can shop. Why are there desktop websites or smartphone applications và the products which are available are authenticated for their legitimacy.

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Lazada Marketplace

Like said Lazada is kind of similar to lớn Amazon & other online marketplaces where the merchants have the freedom to sell various products on their platforms. If the seller is Lazada authorized then they will take care of the payment and the shipment process as well. Lazada fully supports the merchants increasing their sales & providing the products khổng lồ the part of the population which requires it. There were multiple initiatives also taken care of by Lazada lớn improve merchants’ businesses such as super e-businesses & Lazada university. If there is some successful sale done by the merchants then lazada takes a Commission between one to lớn four percent, và it depends upon the category or the type of hàng hóa they had just sold.

So this is a way in which Lazada gets profit & earns money. They promote their merchants lớn sell more products, but at the same time take care that whatever they are selling is up lớn the mark. Even if they try to lớn increase the sale, they have this thing that whatever product there is selling or is being sold by the merchant is appropriate, and keeps in mind that it is the exact hàng hóa which the customer wants. As Lazada covers a diverse part of Southeast Asia, their customer also varies và their needs also so, lazada needs to be more careful with the taste of their customer. So that is why it was said that there were special initiatives taken khổng lồ improvise the merchant businesses. These help the merchants know their tactics well, và to understand their customer needs also. As there are different products with different prices, Lazada makes sure that they are not partial in taking a commission và only take the right amount from a particular product. 


Not just local merchants, there is even a platform for the international brands as well in lazada. LazMall is a more luxurious place or a mood-rich version of its core marketplace. Not just the international brands are present here, even the local brands can come and sell their products. It is more lượt thích an equal platform for both top-rated online brands and local brands. So this gives a variety of options for the customers khổng lồ choose from whichever brand they want whether it is local or some international across the globe. As said earlier, LazMalls are a kind of luxurious platform so it has added benefits also lượt thích the customers are guaranteed a 15 day return day period and a next-day delivery.No, as there are different kinds of merchants who want khổng lồ sell their products in large malls so there are certain screenings that they have to go through to sell their products they have khổng lồ meet certain criteria so that they can do their branding on this platform. So if they fulfill those criteria they are wholeheartedly welcome to vì chưng the selling of their products to the wide customers they’re going lớn get through that platform. In this case, Lazada charges their merchants 5 percent on every sale they make. There are no if or butts, but they have lớn give this Commission on every successful sale, và if they are not able to vị that, there are high chances of being removed by the platform. 

Delivery through RedMart

There was another initiative by lazada that is a grocery delivery startup called RedMart which was acquired by lazada back in 2016, even though the service is just for Singapore for now. However, there are plans which are discussed to lớn launch these delivery startups in other cities as well. Now, these delivery startups can be profitable for lazada because they don’t have khổng lồ pay extra money to other delivery companies. All the money which these delivery companies get they can receive on their side.They don’t need lớn spend an extra amount on other companies for shipment purposes only. So all the processes including in the selling & packaging and delivery of a hàng hóa it is assured that everything is safe and sound because everything is confined in one company và does not include some other. In the food delivery business mã sản phẩm Lazada and RedMart work together, with grocers such as Adyen. So, with taking in hand the delivery processes well lazada gets an extra Commission for every delivery they do và there is a fixed charging so it cannot be ignored.

The LiveUp program

Like in many other companies there is an opportunity for the customers khổng lồ be premium members likewise lazada also has an exclusive membership program. Lazada’s LiveUp is a kind of program where people can get premium membership & can enjoy various services & even save money. Lazada ties up with other companies so they get a part of the Commission from them as well khổng lồ advertise them so in an alliance with them it helps for the premium members with certain benefits. There is lượt thích a 4% rebate on every last small order. There is even free delivery on RedMart và sometimes because of the alliance, they get benefits such as two miễn phí months of Netflix. There are other partners also which include food panda grab etc., so these customers can pay either on a monthly or yearly basis.

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Does Lazada operate & ship internationally?

As said earlier, Lazada it’s a southeast Asian company so they operate there in their trang chủ markets. But, recently lazada has even started khổng lồ enable merchants to lớn ship goods worldwide. This means these merchants now have lớn take care of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural kind of population. Earlier they just had lớn concentrate on the South East Asian culture but now it is not concentrated just on them as there is a worldwide population awaiting for their products. The service in which lazada offers their products worldwide is called lazada global shipping LGS. One more thing that came to lớn notice is that Lazada takes full care of the packaging và transportation procedure.It means that khổng lồ gain more profit lazada considers all the shipment and packaging processes & takes it lớn themselves as it will help in smooth processing. Lazada takes care of all these procedures which consist of the packaging khổng lồ transport shipping everything, & all they want their margins to consider is the unique of the product and the kind of sản phẩm they are selling lớn their customers. As now it has become worldwide or global, there can be a variety of tastes và preferences. Lazada just wants their merchants lớn concentrate on their activities and customer satisfaction. Being out internationally is not an easy way, so it needs to lớn be taken care of particularly. So now, not just in SouthEast Asia, Lazada is trying to prove itself as a platform và a shopping company for all the fellows out there in international spaces. It is a big jump for the company. 

What is the mission and vision of Lazada’s corporation?

The main mission for lazada is lớn accelerate progress through commerce and technology in Southeast Asia. This was once stated by one of Lazada’s important members at some of their anniversary parties. Initially, lazada was just a platform for online buying but later on the mission to afford lazada should be changed & it wanted to lớn offer technology payment solutions và logistics so that they can accelerate the growth of local businesses and consumers. So this means that lazada wants to become a platform that does not just consider international brands but also gives a pathway for the local communities and businesses to a wide range of customers internationally.

There is a thing called shoppertainment, which Lazada focused on, which means it is just not a tìm kiếm click & buy procedure while shopping. Lazada wants its customers lớn enjoy the procedure of shopping. They want khổng lồ create a quality experience for their customers while they bởi vì shopping in lazada và it’s not just a normal boring procedure of finding what you get và buying it. As lazada was gradually growing in the international market they could also see a lot of rivalries on their way, lượt thích Amazon, eBay, etc. These competitors came along because Lazada being on the international platform & not just focusing on the Southeast Asian regions.ConclusionSo as we can see lazada started from just being a Southeast Asian company & turned into an international platform for the merchants and their customers. They even have several kinds of the money-making process such as one of them is the lazada marketplace where it is the most core & basic place to siêu thị and for the merchants to sell the products. There are even LazMalls where it is kind of a premium membership lớn the customers where they get certain benefits as well like fast delivery, here also Lazada takes a chance to get more profit because as the merchant sells one of their products they get 5% of the Commission.So from both marketplace và the last LazMalls is getting commission from the merchants depending upon the product they sell because the products range from various prices và different categories they Are in. They even have a delivery partner which is called RedMart. This helps them reduce money spending on other companies to lớn ship their products và can get more profits through each delivery. There are even certain alliances they make to different companies through which they are given vouchers and miễn phí trials to lớn the customer who’s buying something which touches their category. Now as the company is going international they are controlling the whole procedure from packaging to shipment which enables them lớn get more profit.Frequently asked questionsQ1. Does Lazada cost the merchants to sell their products?

Ans. Lazada is an xuất hiện platform for all the merchants lớn sell their various kinds of products và they vị not charge the merchants khổng lồ sell their products khổng lồ the customers. There are various kinds of customers with diverse tastes & personalities so their products also vary. Lazada welcomes all kinds of merchants, and even helps them lớn increase their business. Lazada takes a commission once the sale takes place, and this commission varies as it depends upon the hàng hóa that they have sold. That is the only way in which Lazada takes money from the merchants, otherwise, it gives a platform for them freely to sell the products. There are no listing fees, no fixed fees, & no hidden costs.Q2. Is Lazada into selling kém chất lượng products?Ans. Lazada is conscious of the products their merchants are selling. They want their merchants to take the responsibility to sell authentic products. There are certain guidelines that lazada gives and one of the most important are illegally replicated, reproduced on manufactured products are completely against their law and should not be put on sale by sellers. If any seller tries to lớn violate these guidelines, their existence in the platform shall be eliminated. They might not be able khổng lồ sell any products further on. So it is really clear that lazada does not entertain selling fake products on their platform và only considers true and true chất lượng products because they want their customers lớn be happy as they see their customers as an important factor for their company.Q3. Can product photos be not used in Lazada?

Ans. As stated earlier there are certain guidelines for the sellers in lazada và again one of the important ones is that the unauthorized use of images và product photos that is not coming from the right owners shall not be entertained and it is completely illegal và prohibited by lazada. So, it is the whole responsibility of the seller to use their photo of the product và shall also create a listing of the items they wish khổng lồ sell. This all behavior depends upon the seller, so they need lớn be more careful while using such international platforms. Now, if some sellers wish khổng lồ use the photo of others they shall have the permission of the owner of that photo before uploading it in lazada.