How to make money ola city

If you have been ever gulled or cheated by some taxi driver while booking a cab then you certainly loved the concept of xe taxi aggregator companies lượt thích Ola, Grab, & Uber.

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Ola is India’s first ride-hailing company that provides peer-to-peer ridesharing và ride-hailing services. Ola was founded by Bhavish Aggarwal và Ankit Bhati in 2010 about nine years back. Currently, Ola is used across 150+ cities across India, Australia, UK, và New Zealand and connects over 1.5 million drivers.

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How Ola Works?

Ola works in the same way as other cab aggregator companies like Uber, Lyft, etc. You can book the cab either via their Mobile tiện ích or website.

Firstly, the user selects their location or can be detected automatically. After that one has khổng lồ select their destination, vehicle type, & their payment mode, soon after that user’s desired vehicle type which is closest to him/her will be booked. Later, the booked driver will pick the user from the pickup location at approximately the shown time on the Ola App/website.

Revenue Streams of Ola:

Ola works on a commission basis they take the commission from the total fare of the trip which ranges from about 15-20% depending on the type of vehicle và the region. Apart from this Ola also provide incentives khổng lồ drivers as per their driving hours, their year of joining, and ratings.

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In recent years, Ola also tried to open up some other sources of revenue like:

Ola Money:

Ola Money was introduced lớn make payments across travel easier and cashless. Ola introduced Ola Money along with Zipcash, where you can transfer any amount lớn your Ola Money wallet from your debit/credit cards và can transfer any credit to anyone with an Ola Money wallet. 

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Ola Competitors:

As Ola has expanded to multiple countries so they have several local & international competitors:


Ola Statistics:

Ola has more than 200 million customers.Ola provides about 1 billion rides every year.Ola has more than 24million monthly active users in India.In 2020 Ola has about 2.5 million driver-partners.Ola gives more than a 1.5million riders on a daily basis.By 2020 Ola has given more than 3million rides in the U.K.In 2020 Ola has about 11000 driver-partners in the U.K.In 2020 Ola has about 7000 driver-partners in Sydney Australia.Ola Electric reported a valuation of about $1 billion.By 2020 Ola has raised more than $3.8 billion.About 500 merchants accept Ola Money.About 40 million people use Ola Wallet.Ola owns about 80% market cốt truyện of Indian ride services.

Facts and Updates:

Ola is looking khổng lồ expand Ola Corporate in U.K, Australia, và New Zealand.

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Ola likes other ride-hailing companies unable khổng lồ generate profits.In FY18, Ola reduces its losses by half from $700 million (Rs. 4,897 crores) in FY17 lớn $406 million (Rs. 2,842 crores).Ola has shown a rise in revenue of about 61% from $197 million (Rs. 1,380 crores) in FY17 khổng lồ $317 million (Rs. 2,222 crores) in FY18.

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