How to earn money from play test cloud


PlaytestCloud offers the opportunity for users khổng lồ get paid to thử nghiệm mobile games. But is it legit, safe, and worth the time?

In this PlaytestCloud review, we"ll break everything down, including how the site works, who can join, whether it"s safe and legit, how much it pays, và more — with in-depth research along with reviews, insights, và data from real PlaytestCloud users.

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Minimum AgeLocation(s)Platform(s)Avg. $/hourAvg. Work VolumeAvg. Time lớn 1st WithdrawalWays to EarnPayout OptionsMinimum PayoutPayment Speed
Worldwide, but best for those in the UK, US, or Canada
Android, iOS
A few opportunities a month
30 days
Testing điện thoại games
Up lớn 7 days

Review Process

For this PlaytestCloud review, we surveyed 1 user who used PlaytestCloud for 27 months, taking one trò chơi test và earning $15 in total.

That same user wrote & researched how PlaytestCloud works, the signup requirements, & more.

To finish things off, I researched the safety, legitimacy, and reputation of playtestCloud, took an in-depth look at all of the features, saw what others online were saying, & editing everything together. Enjoy!

Notice something incorrect or want to showroom to this review? Leave a bình luận or tương tác us.

What is PlaytestCloud?


Who Can Join? (Requirements)

Age requirement: None mentioned on the site, but you need to lớn be 18 years old khổng lồ have a PayPal account, which is the only payment method offered at the moment. If you"re under 18, your parent/guardian can showroom you to their tài khoản to be eligible for paid trò chơi tests designed for kids.Country requirements:Worldwide, although the majority of tests go to users in the United Kingdom, United States, và Canada.Payout requirements: Must have a PayPal account.Other requirements: Must be fluent in English as most tests are conducted in English. Should also be good at speaking out loud as most tests require it.

Safety Inspection

Conducted on August 10, 2021.

SSL certificate? Yes.Personal data collected from PlaytestCloud playtesters:For trương mục creation: email, full name, games you play, gaming devices, country, gender, date of birth.For kiểm tra invitations, payments, tài khoản validation, and related activities: address, tương tác information, demographic information, playtesting history, payment history, tester notes, gaming habits, children demographics (if you"ve added a child khổng lồ your account), devices.When taking tests: You may be asked to record your screen, voice, & sometimes face.Child demographics include: first name, gender, date of birth, favorite games. (first names of children are not shared with PlaytestCloud clients)Automatically collected: IP address, device ID, operating system, browser data.Do they share user data? Yes, certain information from your profile will be shared with trò chơi developers. This includes your chất lượng PlaytestCloud identifier, first name, country, nationality, age, gender, các mục of games you play, and your average number of hours playing games per week.Do they sell user data? No. Data is only shared for the purpose of connecting you with paid trò chơi tests. PlaytestCloud never sells user info lớn 3rd parties.Can you opt out? Yes, you can withdraw your consent for data processing by contacting PlaytestCloud.Do they protect user data? Yes, from their privacy policy: “The Owner takes appropriate security measures lớn prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction of the Data.”Can you delete your account and data? Yes, contact help

Is PlaytestCloud Safe?

PlaytestCloud seems generally safe khổng lồ use. They don"t ask for much personal information from playtesters và they"re very clear on what information game developers will see when they receive a completed playtest from your account. This includes your first name, country, age, gender, menu of games you play, và average time playing games each week — all non-sensitive data that couldn"t be used khổng lồ identify you personally.

On đứng top of that, PlaytestCloud mentions in their privacy policy how they keep data secure, & how users can limit what they share or even delete their data completely.

Of course, when you"re testing a game on your phone, in most cases, you"ll have khổng lồ record your screen and voice. & in some cases, you may also be asked lớn record your face. This may be a concern for some, but you can easily turn down tests with requirements that make you uncomfortable.

Also, the playtest screen recorder will only record while in-game (i.e. It doesn"t capture any other data on your device) (source).

Tip: Turn off your phone"s notifications when conducting tests lớn avoid anything private being recorded.

Keep in mind, the games/versions of games you kiểm tra through PlaytestCloud are generally unreleased. Because of this, you may get a warning on your phone when you download them (source). This happens with any apps that are downloaded outside of the tiện ích store.

One concern I have with this is whether or not PlaytestCloud vets their trò chơi developers/games lớn ensure no malicious software could be installed on playtester devices. I couldn"t find any information about this on their website. Fortunately, I haven"t read any reports online of playtesters claiming lớn have received viruses or similar from PlaytestCloud, so this may just be my paranoid brain speaking.

All in all, I"d say PlaytestCloud is safe to lớn use as they"ve been in business for a while now & seem trustworthy, & they work with reputable trò chơi developers. But, I am curious how they vet games before sending them khổng lồ users for testing.

Obligatory disclaimer: Nothing on the internet is 100% safe or private. The above are opinions based on our independent research. Please take caution & do your own due diligence.

Related: For more info + tips on how to lớn stay safe on sites like PlaytestCloud, read this guide.

PlaytestCloud tư vấn Quality

Out of the 1 playtester we have surveyed, no tư vấn inquiries were made. So, I made my own. I contacted the tư vấn team with a few different questions. Here"s what I asked:

What"s the pay rate for tests? On one part of your site I see it saying around $10 each test, and in another it says $7 per 15 minute test.Continuing from above, what are the lengths of tests? Like, minimum length & max length?What type of tests are there? On your site I could see iOS, Android, và web-based sản phẩm điện thoại games. Is that all?Are there other ways lớn earn other than recorded trò chơi tests? I noticedsurveys were mentioned on the site, but couldn"t find much information on those.

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I sent this at around 9pm, and Bridget, PlaytestCloud"s community manager, got back to me 4 hours later, which is a lot faster than I expected. (I sent a follow-up email as well, & got a response in 16 hours).

Here was her response, which I"d say answered most of my questions:

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for getting in touch about this! Keep in mind that being a playtester is not a full time job but more of a fun way to make some money on the side. On average, most of our playtesters will receive a new playtest invitation every other week.

The reward payment for each playtest can vary depending on the tasks required during the playtests and the length of the playtest itself. But we will always let you know how much the reward payment is in the invitation email we send you. All payments are made through PayPal.

Generally, a 15 minute playtest và survey will have a reward of $7 USD but if you are ever unsure, please kiểm tra the invitation e-mail for the playtest.

Most playtests will involve speaking while you play và surveys do not occur often. We have decided to lớn discontinue browser or console playtests as most of our paid trò chơi tests are for mobile devices.

You also cannot use Bluestacks or other emulator software. You can take a look at all the devices we demo onhere.

Let me know if we can help you with anything else.

Happy gaming,Bridget

Now, of course, this doesn"t exactly emulate a true support inquiry if you were having problems with a game or with receiving payment. Still, it shows that the support team is active, quick, và helpful.

Have experience with PlaytestCloud support? Leave a đánh giá below.

How Does PlaytestCloud Work?

PlaytestCloud facilitates the connection between điện thoại game developers & game testers. They enable game developers lớn get their mobile games tested by everyday gamers who fit particular profiles, and gamers to lớn earn extra cash on the side by testing new or unreleased iOS and Android sản phẩm điện thoại games.

As an example, a trò chơi developer might be looking to demo their new mobile game with iPhone users who are 20-30 years old, male, & have experience playing games lượt thích Candy Crush. Using PlaytestCloud, they can mix up a thử nghiệm to easily vị just that.

Once the demo is ready, PlaytestCloud deploys it to lớn testers who fit the trò chơi developer"s desired profile. Select testers then play the game while their screen, voice, and, in some cases, face (depending on the developer"s requirements) are recorded automatically.

During the test, testers are typically required to lớn speak out loud while playing the trò chơi in order khổng lồ give the developer their in-the-moment thoughts and feedback.

After finishing the test & closing the game, the recording will stop và be automatically uploaded to PlaytestCloud servers.

Playtesters who complete a game demo will be paid anywhere from $7-$15 USD, with tests typically taking 10-15 minutes each. Longer tests = higher pay.

The number of tests you"ll receive as a playtester will vary depending on your demographics và profile information, but PlaytestCloud says the average user receives a test invite every other week (source). It"s important lớn keep your profile up-to-date with your menu of active devices & games you have experience with in order to increase your chances of receiving playtest invitations.

How does PlaytestCloud make money?

PlaytestCloud gets paid by developers who need their games tested, & they chia sẻ a part of the profits with you for providing testing services as an independent contractor.

PlaytestCloud Earning Potential

Based on 1 PlaytestCloud user that we"ve surveyed so far, here are the stats we gathered on PlaytestCloud"s earning potential:

Avg. $/hour: $15Highest $/hour: $15Lowest $/hour: $15Avg. $/month: $0.55Highest $/month: $0.55

As you can see, the average hourly rate from PlaytestCloud is great. But, our reviewer only received one chạy thử invite over the span of 27 months, which is why the avg. Monthly earnings are so low.

Note: These numbers are updated regularly as we survey more users. Sign up here khổng lồ stay up to lớn date + receive exclusive content.

How Often Is Work Available?

The amount of work you receive from PlaytestCloud will depend on your demographics, devices, & gaming history.

The 1 user we surveyed was a PlaytestCloud tester for 27 months & had only received one chạy thử during that time. This is mainly because this particular user is in Kenya, which isn"t a primary location requested by PlaytestCloud trò chơi developers. If they were in the US, UK, or Canada, they"d most likely receive more chạy thử invites.

In the PlaytestCloud FAQ, they say the average user receives a test invite every other week. That would provide better average monthly earnings of around $14-$30.

Bottom line? Don"t expect PlaytestCloud to lớn replace your full-time job! This is an opportunity for side cash.

PlaytestCloud đánh giá and Rating Breakdown