Ways to make money on mat leave


From preparing the baby’s nursery lớn shopping for all of the new parent essentials, there’s plenty of things to do & coordinate as you wait for your little one’s arrival. One of the biggest and most stressful things for parents lớn think about before and after their baby is born is how they’re going lớn afford the many diapers, clothing items, và eventually, save up for a college education for their child.

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Whether you’re lucky enough lớn have six months of paid maternity leave or just a few weeks without pay, there are plenty of ways khổng lồ get paid while on maternity leave. We’re discussing 25 passive income tips to help 3d for time off and supplement the costs associated with having kids.

Need extra cash fast? Use the liên kết below to lớn navigate to lớn each section, or read all the way through for a comprehensive guide on how lớn make money on maternity leave.

Maternity Leave in the U.S.

The United States doesn’t have a historically strong record of strong family leave plans. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported only 17% of all U.S. Workers had access to lớn paid family leave, & 89% had access to unpaid family leave in 2018. According lớn a report from the OECD, the United States remains the only country in the developed world without a nationally mandated family leave program.

Some states vì offer short term disability insurance, which can save families a lot of money in hospital bills, but this doesn’t necessarily help cover lost wages as a result of unpaid maternity leave. Và of course, many employers bởi vì offer some sort of maternity or paternity leave structure for expecting parents, but sometimes the programs are just not enough khổng lồ sustain the family.


Enter, the gig economy—also known as the digital platform economy, or the shared economy. From driving for rideshare services to lớn selling old clothes online, the internet has made room for parents, students, và independent entrepreneurs to make some extra cash on their own schedule, according to lớn their needs. Và parents are among the biggest demographics following this trend, with 16% of gig workers being stay-at-home parents.

While much of your time on leave may be dedicated to lớn preparing for your little one’s arrival or caring for them closely in the first few weeks, there are plenty of ways you can cash in on the gig economy during nap time or while taking turns during play hours. Let’s dive into 25 ways parents can make money on family leave.

How lớn Make Money on Maternity Leave

1. Find Unclaimed Money

Did you know there could be money just waiting out there for you to find it? It’s true, there’s currently an estimated $42 billion of unclaimed money và property in the United States, waiting to lớn be returned khổng lồ rightful owners. Now, not everyone has unclaimed money waiting to be reclaimed, but it is worth a try if you’re searching for some extra cash khổng lồ make ends meet now that you’ve got a tiny human lớn care for.

Unfound money is often the sản phẩm of uncashed dividends, stocks, ngân hàng accounts, và IRS refunds. There are many ways you can identify and get access to your unclaimed money—you can liên hệ agencies directly, like the IRS or your bank, or you can use websites lượt thích unclaimed.org or missingmoney.com to find any unfound funds you’re entitled to.


2. Sell Gift Cards

It happens to everyone. You get a gift card for Christmas or your birthday that you just know you won’t ever use. Whether it’s for a service you already subscribe khổng lồ or a store you’ve never been to, a “bad gift card” can make any occasion a bit of a disappointment. The good news is you can turn those cards into cash for items that you want or need, like diapers, baby clothes, và kid essentials. Websites like GiftCards.com and Cardpool.com allow consumers to buy và sell gift cards for cash or their preferred electronic gift cards.

3. Freelance

Working from trang chủ during maternity leave is one of the most effective solutions to help you maintain income as you’re busy welcoming your little one into the world. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics not only reflects the growing work from trang chủ structure across the board, but it also suggests that workers with advanced degrees are more likely lớn work at home. What does this mean for professional parents? Many advanced senior-level careers are transitioning toward remote work, creating more & more opportunities for parents to lớn work from their home while also caring for their children.

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Keep in mind: Freelance taxes are a whole new beast from the standard w-2, but with some planning and preparation, you can make the most of life as a parent & professional. Here are some examples of careers with remote work potential:

Writer/EditorCustomer Service RepresentativeGraphic DesignerWeb DeveloperOnline Marketer

4. Rent Out an Extra Space in Your Home

If you’re looking to lớn make the most out of your maternity leave side gig, this may be your best bet. According to data from Earnest, Airbnb hosts make an average of $924 per month on the platform, equating lớn nearly three times as much as other gig workers using other task-service và rideshare platforms to make money.


Have an extra room in your home that’s not being overtaken by baby gear? You may consider renting out a spare bedroom, guest house, or even outdoor space. Vacation rental sites lượt thích Airbnb allow homeowners to lớn lease out spaces on their property for a nightly fee. Owners can then determine when they want to lớn rent, for how much, và how often. This can be a flexible way to put cash toward your mortgage payment and other living expenses. Of course, money isn’t free. As a host, you’ll have khổng lồ put in the effort of maintaining your guests’ experience by offering help & addressing concerns, which can take up a lot of time as a new parent.

If you want to giảm giá with less maintenance than hosting guests in your home on Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO, you might opt for Hipcamp instead. Hipcamp allows owners to lớn rent out just a piece of their land instead of a place inside the home itself. Hipcampers are then allowed khổng lồ set up tents or trailers on the site, with much less attention needed than renting space on a home vacation site.

5. Start Investing

If you have some extra cash lying around already, you may want to lớn consider how you can maximize your assets by investing your money. If visions of graphs và stock market reports are the stuff of your nightmares, not khổng lồ worry. There are plenty of ways khổng lồ invest your extra change (other than on the traditional stock market).

Contribute lớn an employer-matched 401(k) or Roth IRASet up automatic contributions khổng lồ an IRA or taxable accountMicro-invest using an investment app such as Acorns, Robinhood, or StashUse extra money made on your maternity leave side gig to invest

6. Recycle

A quick tìm kiếm for electronic waste and recycling centers in your city, & you could be on your way to getting paid on your maternity and disposing of your household waste responsibly. There are even services that will pay you for items you might not have considered as recyclable, let alone profitable.

Sell cardboard boxes on BoxCycleSell moving boxes on Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook MarketplaceSell your used cooking oil khổng lồ a local biodiesel companySell old ink cartridges lớn your local office supply store such as Staples

7. Sell Your Art

If you’re getting antsy at the thought of taking time off, you may consider turning your artistic passions into savings by selling your crafts on Etsy. This site allows creatives to lớn sell their handmade goods—including everything from knitwear khổng lồ handcrafted kitchen supplies.

8. Save with Online Coupons

Sometimes saving money is about adjusting how you spend money. From diapers khổng lồ baby food & clothes, you’ll likely start khổng lồ feel at trang chủ while browsing online retailer sites. And while shopping online is a lifesaving invention for busy parents, there’s strategy involved in not overspending. Use a browser extension like Honey or an online coupon site lượt thích Groupon lớn help you save an extra buck or two as you’re shopping for baby and home essentials. Và when you’re shopping in-store, tải về the shop’s tiện ích (if they have one) lớn access coupons và specials there, too.


9. Become an Influencer

“Mommy bloggers” have become some of the most recognizable social truyền thông media influencers in the recent affiliate sale trend. In exchange for posting blogs và images promoting certain products, these bloggers are paid both in product và cash. This mã sản phẩm has become so popular that MediaKix predicts that the influencer marketing industry will be a $5-10 billion dollar market in the next 5-10 years.

10. Teach an Online Course

If you have knowledge to mô tả with the world, why not get paid to do it? Whether you teach others how khổng lồ paint, or chia sẻ your expertise in career development, there are plenty of opportunities lớn put your years of practice into cash flow. You can use websites such as Udemy, Skillshare, and đoạn clip School online khổng lồ design your own curriculum and teach others all you have to know.


11. Get the Right Savings Account

It may seem counternhatroso.comive to lớn use money to earn money while on maternity leave, but with the right ngân hàng account, you can cash in on interest, while minimizing your monthly fees. When choosing a savings trương mục to house your rainy day funds, you may want to lớn be more strategic than going to lớn the first bank you see. A ngân hàng account with a high compound interest could help you build your savings as you simply sit và watch. With some savings accounts, you can maximize your interest by leaving the tài khoản untouched for a certain amount of time.

Use or compound interest calculator to lớn see how investing in a savings tài khoản can benefit you in the long run.