How does one make money through youtube as a beginner?


A beginner"s guide on how to monetize your video clip content & make money from your YouTube Channel in 2022.

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Website link Example

Showing your website URL as a banner while the đoạn phim is playing

Like verbally asking people to lớn visit your site, simply showing your trang web URL during the YouTube clip can help you get more visitors.

The Engineering Mindset does a great job of this in its content. Below, in the video on how electricity works, you can see the URL displayed at the bottom of the animation over the duration of the video.

How to lớn Increase Your YouTube Revenue?

Now that you know the best ways lớn make money with YouTube, you might be wondering how to lớn optimize your channel to bring in the most revenue.

Whether you decide lớn run ads or go after sponsorships, there are several important variables that will determine how much you make with YouTube.

Below, we’ll look at the key factors impacting how much money you can make with YouTube.

The number of subscribers – When someone subscribes to lớn your channel, they will get notified every time you release a video. This leads many subscribers to lớn continue watching your new content.

Because of this, higher subscriber counts usually lead lớn more video clip views. Naturally, more views will lead to lớn more YouTube revenue no matter how you choose lớn monetize your channel.

Video watch time – The more people engage with your videos, the better you’ll be able lớn turn their interest into revenue.

A good way khổng lồ assess your engagement is video watch time. If you can increase the amount of time people spend watching your videos, more money will shortly follow.

Video length – Video length is important as the more nội dung you have the more opportunities you’ll have lớn promote products or direct people back lớn your site.

Type of content – The type of content you create also matters. Videos around commercial và transactional topics will result in more customers than generic content.

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For example, if your đoạn phim is a product review, it will likely drive more revenue than a đoạn clip with nothing but a news update.

Niche – Similar to lớn the nature of your content, the market you’re in will play a big role in how much your channel makes. Some categories are more lucrative than others.

This is due khổng lồ both differences in the value of products as well as how much-targeted traffic can be generated through YouTube.

Geo-location – Your location & the location of your viewers will also influence your YouTube revenue.

Certain locations are more valuable to businesses. As such, having viewers from these areas will lead to lớn better payouts from ads và sponsors.

Similarly, if you promote tiếp thị liên kết offers or sell your own products, having an audience located in the same area as your products will lead khổng lồ more revenue than if they lived somewhere else.

Adblockers – The last factor impacting how much you can make with YouTube is adblockers. If someone uses an ad-blocking platform, they won’t see any ads on your videos even if you have them enabled

This also means you won’t get any revenue from this person.

If a high number of your viewers use adblockers, it can seriously impact how much ad revenue you can generate.

Other Ways to Make Money Online

Besides making money on YouTube, you can also consider these resources for making money online:

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