Make money with your computer and internet


If you"re looking lớn make extra cash, you can sell your computer power lớn others using third-party software. It"s a relatively safe way to lớn make money và it takes virtually no time at all.

Grant Sabatier

Believe it or not, you can actually get paid lớn leave your computer running!There are a number of ways you can make money by selling your computer’s processing power, called “distributed computing”. All you need is a hard drive & an mạng internet connection.

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What is Distributed Computing?

It sounds technical, but distributed computing is actually pretty simple.

It’s a process that allows institutions, companies, và individuals khổng lồ rent extra processing power nguồn from other people’s computers for their heavy-duty analytical và research projects.

Think of it as Airbnb or VRBO for your idle computer. Anyone from a gamer on a PC khổng lồ a major business like Amazon can rent out their computer processing unit (CPU).

Typically, you tải về an ứng dụng or plugin that runs in the background và carries out tasks while your computer’s on and you have a steady internet connection.

While there are definitely more profitable ways lớn earn money with your computer, this is about as passive as it gets, letting you earn while you sleep.

10 Ways khổng lồ Get Paid khổng lồ Leave Your Computer Running

Here are 10 easy ways to get paid khổng lồ leave your computer running:

1. Kryptex

Cryptocurrency gets created using distributed computer networks. Cryptocurrency miners use computers lớn “mine” coins.

Your computer can take part in cryptocurrency mining using a platform like Kryptex. All you have to vì is tải về a Microsoft Windows app and let miners access your computer’s processing power nguồn at various times.

The amount you bring in depends largely on your setup:

If you have a powerful gaming PC, you can bring in roughly $95 each month according to lớn Kryptex.A mining rig with an intel Celeron G3930 processor và 8X AMD RX 5700 GPU mining rig will generate about $615 per month.And a mining farm consisting of 36 rigs with 8X AMD RX 480s will bring in about $13,570 per month.

Not too shabby! Kryptex pays in Bitcoin or U.S. Dollars and comes with a minimum withdrawal amount of $0.50. You can start earning money the same day you begin mining.

2. LoadTeam

LoadTeam is a similar type of mining operation that lets you use your computer to mine coins via a Windows ứng dụng that lets you make money by harvesting processing power.

It lets you transfer money from their phầm mềm to a PayPal account when your balance reaches $1. You can run it on as many computers as you like, & how much you earn depends on how often you run the software.

At the time of writing, the company claims to have a network of over 99,000 users across 164 countries.

3. MQL5

Another way to sell your computer’s CPU is through the MQL5 Cloud Network, which lets other users access your computer’s resources in exchange for payments.

To access this network & make money, simply download and install the MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent lớn get started. According lớn MQL5, its programs are safe, as they work in their own sandbox.

These are just a few of the many examples on the market. You should also look into using Golem, Slicify, & MyCashware. These are all similar services that pay you to rent your processing power. If this idea sounds lượt thích something that interests you, explore the various options and pick one that you’ll feel comfortable using.

4. Honeygain

Honeygain is an phầm mềm that pays you to tóm tắt your internet connection. You simply tải về the app, let it run in the background while you use your devices, và get paid.

Honeygain describes its users’ devices as “view towers” that help reputable businesses access the internet without location-based limitations.

The platform takes several steps lớn keep your data safe, lượt thích only sharing your traffic with select trusted partners & enforcing strict privacy policies.

Honeygain has more than 250,000 users in over 150 countries. You can choose lớn get paid with Bitcoin or a Paypal transfer.

5. Hyperlink

Hyperlink has grown a lot since its founding in 2020. Dubbing itself the World Supercomputer, it lets you earn while you’re using your computer or away.

I‘ve found that Hyperlink pays more than most distributed computing platforms. The site claims you can make $4,300 khổng lồ $34,700 per year with a desktop or $4,300 khổng lồ $13,000 with a laptop. It offers even more for servers.

Earnings depend on how much processing nguồn your computer has. You can get paid with credit, debit, bank transfer, or Paypal payment.

Hyperlink also claims that it’ll be adding tablets và smartphones to lớn its menu of devices you can earn with soon.

6. Digital Coin Generation

Digital Coin Generation makes money by renting out a low percentage of your computer’s processor.

It’s supported on Mac and Windows operating systems. The website isn’t the most user-friendly or resourceful, but its registration process is quick & free.

All you do is download the app and let it run. You can get paid with the following options:

Credit CardPayzaPerfect Money

The site also claims Paypal và Skrill are coming soon, offering more payment methods.

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7. Golem Network

Golem Network is a peer-to-peer platform that pays you khổng lồ rent out digital resources lượt thích your computing power. Its aim is lớn provide developers with the computing power nguồn they need khổng lồ create freely.

These requestors make offers on how much they’re willing lớn pay for processing power. If you accept, you get paid by the hour.

Since there aren’t set prices, you could potentially earn more with Golem than a lot of its competitors.

Golem pays users with GLM tokens, which are Ethereum-based crypto. You also have the opportunity to earn escrow, getting paid by the requestor before they access your computing power.

8. GamerHash

This one is for all my gamers out there. Gamerhash lets you mine cryptocurrency while your computer is idling và pays you khổng lồ play games.

GamerHash pays in GamerCoin (GHX), which can be bought from other users or on exchanges. You can use GamerCoin to buy over 46,000 products in the GamerHash store or pay in grocery stores.

The website is really user-friendly and has a BTC exchange rate calculator that estimates how much you can make on the platform.

GamerHash also focuses on security, with 2-step verification, an SSL certificate, verified code, and Cloudflare.

9. Mineprize

Mainprize keeps it simple. You nội dung your idling PC’s power nguồn in exchange for payment.

Technically, your browser solves complicated mathematical tasks & gives you points for the borrowed power. These tasks can take seconds khổng lồ minutes to lớn complete, so you can collect several in a day.

The platform is a lot lượt thích Branded Surveys & other đứng đầu survey sites that use a points system. You can redeem points for items like iPads or cash out with PayPal.

Once you sign up for free, you’ll be directed lớn a special webpage with blocks of work to lớn be solved. As each block is computed, you get points.

10. Ooguo Browser

Ooguo, also called, is another platform that lets you easily make some cash with your computer.

You can earn money by installing the site’s surfbar, which visits sites automatically. You can also get paid for clicking through advertising emails and ad campaigns, based on your areas of interest.

The platform has been around since 2002, and it appears to be legit based on user reviews. Just lưu ý that it’s primarily geared towards European users, with a default German setting on its website and payouts in Euros. You can get paid with Paypal or bank transfers once you hit 2 Euros.

Tips for Making Money Leaving Your Computer Running

Watch Out for Electricity Costs

If you’re just running one or two computers throughout the day, you shouldn’t worry too much about the cost of electricity. However, if you’re selling processing power nguồn at scale or running computers around the clock, you could notice a spike in your electricity bill.

Keep an eye on your electricity consumption so that you don’t wind up spending more than you are bringing in on a monthly basis, negating the reason for doing this in the first place.

Consider Using a Dedicated Computer

You should also keep in mind that running these types of programs can degrade your computer over time.

Most of the time, you use a small amount of processing power nguồn throughout the day if you’re just using programs like Microsoft Office or browsing the internet. The above-mentioned programs use a lot more processing power at once, which can take its toll on your machine over time. Consumer-grade motherboards are not meant lớn handle continuous workloads & could fail. So you may want lớn spring for a higher-end machine that can handle the increased capacity.

Consider buying a computer and using it solely for processing power, so that you don’t destroy your main system. You should also avoid installing this on a work computer unless you have explicit permission to bởi so.

Be Careful of What You Download

The internet is full of scams and viruses — many of which look like legitimate programs.

Be sure lớn thoroughly research software and get a variety of opinions before you move forward with any options. The last thing you want to bởi is give third-party programs access to lớn your operating system without understanding who is running it and their reputation.

Making matters more complicated, anti-malware programs can sometimes identify mining software as malware. So, it’s not always cut & dried.

Poke around, ask tech-savvy friends about their opinions, và read peer reviews so that you don’t make a mistake and tải về a program that damages your computer.

Additional Ways khổng lồ Make Money with Your Computer

Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys is a perfectly legit way to lớn bring in extra money on the side. Companies lượt thích Swagbucks can pay you to sit on your sofa và answer questions.

You could also take part in focus groups & get paid to bởi basic online activities lượt thích watching movies or playing games.