8 how to make money in shopee and selling beneficially


Are you curious on how to make money in Shopee? In this article, we will discuss about Shopee và how lớn earn money there.

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What Is Shopee?


Are you looking for extra money và curious on how to earn in Shopee malaysia? But, bởi vì you know what Shopee is? Shopee is one of the most visited marketplace and available in Southeast Asia and also Taiwan.

Shopee is the place where Shopee sellers and buyers meet to lớn make a transaction. There are many features in Shopee that sellers can use to lớn promote their business. For your additional information, there are several ways lớn earn money in Shopee such as:

Become Shopee Seller


Earn your money by becoming a Shopee seller & sell your product here.

Become Shopee Dropshipper


If you don’t have enough capital, you can also be Shopee dropshipper. You can earn money without needing khổng lồ have sản phẩm stock.

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Join Shopee affiliate Programme


You can earn money by becoming a Shopee affiliate and promoting the Shopee products. You will earn money once the buyer makes a purchase through the link you share.

Earn Money by Paying Your Bills 


You can also earn money just by paying your bills through Shopee.

Topping Up điện thoại Data, Load and Shopee Wallet


You can also earn and save money by topping up your smartphone data or load and how khổng lồ earn money Shopee wallet in Shopee because sometimes there is a discount and cashback voucher you can use.

Watching Seller’s Live


You might earn 0.1 khổng lồ 0.2 cents every 5 minutes when watching a seller’s live. 

Play the Shopee Games


Another way lớn get money is by playing the Shopee games. You might get the coins và vouchers that can be used in the next purchase

Leave a product Review


You can also earn money by leaving a review in Shopee. To lớn earn this money, you need lớn take a picture and clip of the products you buy and upload them in the nhận xét section.

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Why Should I Sell On Shopee?

Before we discuss how to lớn earn money in ShopeePay Malaysia. You need to know why you should sell in Shopee. Here are the reasons you need to know

Easy lớn Use


The first reason why many people use Shopee to lớn sell their things is because it is easy to lớn use. You can easily upload your products through Shopee seller center just by using a sản phẩm điện thoại phone. Here is how to bởi it. 

Choose the option of “Sell from camera” in your mobile app.Take the picture of your hàng hóa by using the in-app camera.Write the product mô tả tìm kiếm such as price, weight, màu sắc and shipping information.Then upload your product & it will be live online.

No Commissions


Beside free download Shopee malaysia, there is no commission too when you sell things in Shopee which is a big advantage for sellers.

Free Shipping


When you sell things in Shopee, you can input the shipping method Shopee that is available & can be chosen by the buyer. Beside buyers can choose the shipping logistics they want, buyers might enjoy the không lấy phí shipping when they reach the purchase limit (if any).

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Chat Feature


There is a chat feature in Shopee. This chat feature will allow you khổng lồ talk through chat with your customer without needing to mô tả your private phone number. This chat feature can be used as a medium for customers to lớn ask any question or queries regarding the products you sell in Shopee.

Sync Instagram Photos


There is a feature in Shopee which allows you lớn sync instagram photos khổng lồ Shopee. This feature will save you a lot of time. You can upload your photo khổng lồ Instagram by clicking the ‘Sell from Instagram’ option.

If you are curious on how lớn earn money in a Shopee wallet, for your information there are many ways to earn money in Shopee. You can be a Shopee dropship or Shopee affiliate malaysia to earn money without needing to have sản phẩm inventory. Beside that, there is a Shopee trò chơi that buyers can play lớn get coupons and coins that can be used in your purchase.


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What hàng hóa Can I Sell On Shopee?

If you are confused about what products you should sell in Shopee, you don’t need khổng lồ worry because you can sell many kinds of hàng hóa categories here lượt thích fashion, beauty products, gadgets, stationery, trang chủ living & many more but don’t forget to lớn read Shopee policy khổng lồ know what products are allowed and not.

After you know what sản phẩm you want lớn sell doesn’t mean your task is done. You need to lớn find a way khổng lồ grow your business too. Here are the tips for you.



To get your customer trust, you have to ship the products on time và avoid canceling orders.



Create a professional listing by uploading the original & high quality photo of your products & give the detailed & accurate description.

Customer Service


Offer good customer service to your buyer by using Shopee’s Webchat. Don’t forget to lớn reply to all the buyer’s queries in a friendly way.



Gain more traffic to your cửa hàng by kinh doanh your sản phẩm in Shopee’s sale Centre or social media.



Don’t forget to lớn read all the Shopee seller policies to know all the Shopee’s Performance Standards.

How to lớn Start Selling on Shopee Malaysia?


How to create an ssl Shopee account? Here is how to lớn set up your seller account:

Step 1 – Go to Shopee.com.my và then clicking Sign Up.Step 2 – Then fill in your phone number and email there và don’t forget khổng lồ verify them to lớn make sure that your tài khoản is visible to potential buyers.Step 3 – After that, you need to go to the Seller Centre và then select siêu thị Profile to lớn complete your siêu thị profile.


Besides earning money, you can also get không tính phí money in Shopee. How to get không lấy phí money on Shopee? You can get it by playing Shopee games, leaving đánh giá and many more. You can get coins và vouchers that can be used in your next purchase.

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