What is thetan arena and how to play and earn


A play-to-earn sản phẩm điện thoại game winning over the hearts of millions

Thetan Arena, fully released in November 2021 and has already captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. The play-to-earn phenomenon has taken the world by storm thanks lớn the games’ typically addictive mechanics and a highly motivational premise that rewards players for participation. 

This article looks at Thetan Arena and explores what play-to-earn mechanics it brings to the table. Read on lớn find out everything you need lớn know about the gaming arena that is taking the world by storm. 

What is Thetan Arena

Created by the trò chơi development studio WolfFun, Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based multiplayer online arena game available on PC, Android, and iOS devices. Thetan Arena is also a play-to-earn game, allowing players lớn get rewards simply by interacting with the platform. Thetan Arena is the second hit trò chơi by WolfFun. The studio initially released Heroes Strike, & many of the players who registered for it also flocked to see what Thetan Arena has to lớn offer.

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The NFTs used in Thetan Arena give players ownership over trò chơi characters và other items, such as skins và weapons. The trò chơi can also be played for không tính tiền without the NFT aspect, although it requires quite a lot of skill to lớn earn a profit this way.

Interestingly, this is so far the only trò chơi of its type in which the purchased NFT characters have a limited lifecycle of usability. In other words, there’s a limited number of matches in which each of the NFT items can earn the in-game currency. After this number has been reached, the players are no longer awarded for playing with them & purchase a new NFT character.


How lớn play

With the gameplay focused on the player’s skills & teamwork, Thetan Arena offers several gaming modes, including:

Death Match: In a Death Match playoffs, gamers come together in groups of four and battle against other groups. The winning team is the one that tallies the most kills.Super Star: This fast-paced mode requires defending your team, capturing the super star before your opponents, and collecting points.Tower Destroy: Inspired by traditional MOBA games, Tower Destroy sends you and your team charging toward the enemy base & bringing down their nexus before they vì chưng the same to you. Battle Royale (Solo / Duo): This mode entails a massive battle between 42 players or 21 player duos, so you can either be the last player standing or survive with the help of your partner.

When you first join the ecosystem, you will receive a free nhân vật named Raidon, who starts at màn chơi 1. During matches, heroes can cấp độ up, and their attributes will increase. There are three types of Heroes – Tank, Marksman, & Assassin. Heroes also differ in their màn chơi of rarity: Common, Epic, & Legendary. Their skins also have different rarity levels, including Default, Rare, and Mythical. Players can purchase some of these NFTs on the in-game marketplace or earn them by playing Thetan Arena & then sell them for profit.

Earning THC and THG tokens 

Thetan Arena uses two different tokens, và players can earn both THC and THG tokens. The main in-game currency is the Thetan Coin (THC), which users gather by playing game modes và participating in various other activities. Once the player earns these THC tokens, they can claim them to their wallet. There are three ways in which players earn THC:

Battle: Earning a battle bonus in THC, depending on the anh hùng rarity và trophy class.

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Quests: After the player accumulates enough Quest Points received for completing quests, they can exchange them for THC.Ranking Rewards: The player earns THC upon ranking up.

THC can be used for buying NFTs or the Thetan Box – the source of hero characters for the entire Thetan Arena system. The token is also planned lớn act as a reward khổng lồ streamers when they release chơi game streams.

In addition to lớn THC, the game has a secondary token called Thetan Gem (THG). This is a utility and governance token that serves as the medium of exchange between players in a decentralized way. Its goal is khổng lồ provide a convenient và secure way of payment và settlements between players. It’s not meant to lớn be a medium of exchange for public purposes.

THG can be earned in three ways:

Special Events: Organized by Thetan Arena in which players can earn THG and NFTs.Tournaments: Once the Tournaments launch, players will be able to participate in competitions & earn THG.Marketplace: Trading on the Thetan Arena Marketplace also allows users to earn THG.

Once they’ve acquired THG rewards, players can use them to lớn evolve their Thetan Heroes. THG also allows holders to lớn create và vote on on-chain governance proposals on future features và parameters of Thetan Arena. 

Despite their initial success, both THC và THG have diminished in value over time, stagnating at around $0.074 for THC và $4.86 for THG at the time of writing. Still, as gaming tokens, both have the potential to lớn appreciate in value, as more players join the Thetan Arena community. 

Only the sky’s the limit?

Thetan Arena was officially launched on November 27, 2021, & it had accumulated over 3 million registered users in its first week alone. For the future, the developer team has announced plans to introduce hero staking, cosmetics, guild quests, co-op modes, pets, a rental system, và many other features. It looks like the Thetan Arena economy is just getting started.

As the play-to-earn movement continues its upward momentum, more players will flock lớn blockchain-based games. Especially for an opportunity khổng lồ earn passive income while playing. nhatroso.com is excited khổng lồ be part of this industry & will keep monitoring the blockchain gaming space. To learn the latest news about Thetan Arena và other play-to-earn games, follow nhatroso.com on Twitter. Alternatively, join nhatroso.com PRO for exclusive Discord chats.