How to make money with books

Have you been thinking about writing a book? Then you want to lớn know how authors make money. Well, get ready because you’ll find out that and:How much money does an author make per book?Whether you write books on how to lớn make money or romance novels, this advice is actionable.

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What’s the difference between authors & writers?

There is a big difference between authors và writers. Authors are people who write books, while writers are people who write for a living. Many times, authors are also journalists, bloggers, or screenwriters.

Do writers make good money?

YES! Writers often make more money than authors. I haven’t found any formal statistics on this topic, but in my 25 years experience in online publishing, I can tell you that writers who specialize on a topic will make more than general writers. For example, an industry expert writer can make as much as $500 per 1000 word articles. Assuming that their content is high quality.In this article, I’m going to lớn focus on book authors. So, if that’s you, you’ll learn about the best ways to make money from your book.As a regular book reviewer for Small Business Trends, and someone who helps authors market their books, I’ve found one trend that has been steadily increasing. Now more than ever, authors are expected to market their own books, regardless of whether they were published by a traditional house or self-published.That means that you’re not only expected khổng lồ be an author, but a marketer as well. Now that we have that out of the way — it’s time khổng lồ talk about money!

How Much vì chưng Authors Make?

According to lớn data from a new survey from Digital Book World và Writer’s Digest, the median income range for self-published authors is under $5,000 and nearly 20% of self-published authors report deriving no income from their writing.By comparison, authors published by traditional publishers had a median income range of $5,000 khổng lồ $9,999 và “hybrid authors” (those who both self-publish and publish with established publishers) had a median income range of $15,000 to $19,999.At the high over of the spectrum, 1.8% of self-published authors made over $100,000 from their writing last year, compared with 8.8% of traditionally published authors and 13.2% of hybrid authors. (Source: Forbes)

Method 1: : Direct Book Sales with Traditional Publishing

Authors earn money from their book sales in two ways, royalties and/or an advance.

What is a book advance?

An advance is money that is given khổng lồ an tác giả from a publishing company before the book comes out. Advances are usually given khổng lồ authors who have a track record of publishing best-selling books or have a very high possibility of becoming a best-seller. Only authors with a publishing contract can earn advances.For an average tác giả with a first-time book deal, receiving an advance is very rare. It’s usually $5,000 khổng lồ $20,000. It’s called an advance because you have lớn pay it back with your book sales.The average author with a first-time book deal can expect khổng lồ receive an advance of $5,000 khổng lồ $15,000. Once your book is released, you won’t see another dime until you have earned back that advance–$1.25 at a time—until the advance is paid back in full.

What are royalties?

Both self-published và authors working with a publishing company can earn royalties. Royalties are money given to lớn an tác giả after a book is published và sold. As an authors, you receive a percentage of the sale, depending on how you published your book.If you work with a publishing company, a part of your royalties must go the publisher, an agent, & then you. If you are a self-published author, you still have khổng lồ pay the company that helped your book get published. In many cases, this is Amazon. By ditching a professional publisher, you get a higher percentage of your book sales.Another strategy lớn make more money on direct book sales is to create your book in different formats. This includes digital, paperback, hardback, and audio. This will help you reach a larger audience, because each consumer chooses the format they’re more comfortable with.

How much vì authors make per book?

On average, traditional publishing houses pay authors $1.25 per copy sold. Clearly, you’ll need to lớn sell a ton of books lớn earn a nice paycheck for your work. Of course, with a large publishing house backing your book, you may have no problem selling tons of inventory. One other thing to consider–that $1.25 per book–is only yours after you’ve covered the cost of your advance.Alternatively, most self published authors are paying $5 to lớn a company lượt thích Amazon per copy of their books sold.How vày you know which is right for you? Let’s assume your book retails for $20. If you go through a publisher, you’re getting $1.25 per copy. If you self-publish you’re getting $15 per copy.While the math makes self-publishing look like a better deal, keep in mind the benefits you may get with a major publisher–like their in-house pr team và editors.

Which genres make the most money for authors?

While there is a huge range of earning potential for different types of books, the genres that earn the most money are non-fiction health và wellness, money and finance, và dating và relationships. In fiction, the genres that earn the most money are:Romance & erotica. Romance and erotica novels earn nearly $1.5 billion every yearCrime và mystery. Thrilling crime & mystery novels earn more than $725 million annuallyReligious và inspirational. Inspirational texts earn about $720 million a yearScience fiction and fantasy. Sci-fi và fantasy novels earn about $590 million every yearHorror. Horror novels earn just under $80 million a yearWhile there’s no doubt that some genres have larger existing markets than others, it’s also important to lớn remember that the success of a book is also based on a variety of other factors, and that authors who use smart marketing techniques have a much better chance of financial success, no matter which genre they write in.

Method #2: Generate Sales Based on the nội dung of Your Self-Published Book

Savvy authors look for income opportunities beyond their book sales. The major reason is the limited sales capacity of a book. After you sell a book, the transaction is over until you write another book. If, however, you sell things based on the book’s content, you have an unlimited number of ways khổng lồ earn money.What do I mean by earning income from your book’s content? Seven examples include:Product salesSpeaking gigsConsultingTeachingPre-salesCrowdfundingSpecial events & travel toursThere are several well-known authors who do all of these things. For example, look at Dave Ramsey. He’s famous for his books on how khổng lồ make money, pay off debt, và create a legacy of wealth.He parlayed the success of his first book, The Total Money Makeover, into multiple revenue streams. These include podcasts, live events, workshops, and digital courses. With a net worth estimated at $200 million, you can see he’s done great work marketing his books.But, most of his income is based on his content, not the actual book copies. He makes his money from his online courses and advertising revenue for his radio show & podcasts.

How much money vày authors make on ebooks?

Before considering how much money authors typically make on ebooks, it’s important khổng lồ clear up some misconceptions about self-publishing. While it is possible to write and publish an ebook with no out-of-pocket costs, most successful self-publishing authors invest capital in their books in order lớn boost sales. Just like in traditional publishing, factors like cover art, writing quality, và page layout can influence sales.In online marketplaces, ratings and review are incredibly influential, so creating a book that satisfies the reader is worth an up front investment. Successful ebook authors hire editing services, book cover designers, professional formatting, & typically invest in marketing and paid advertising, all of which cost money that impacts the total profits of the book.Every ebook publishing platform has different revenue agreements with authors. Retailers lượt thích iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble/NOOK, & the like, all offer different royalty rates. These platforms also reach different markets on different devices, which affects a writer’s target audience. Despite all these differences, authors can expect to earn 40 – 70% of the cover price for every copy sold, which often amounts khổng lồ ~$1.25 – $2.00 per copy.

How much money do authors make per book on Amazon?

Amazon controls about 80% of the ebook market, which makes it almost impossible for authors lớn ignore. Amazon’s publishing agreement is multi-layered & should be read carefully. Broadly speaking, authors agree lớn give Amazon exclusive distribution rights to their book, in return for access khổng lồ a preferred Kindle marketplace and participation in the Kindle Lending Library. A standard Amazon agreement usually offers authors royalties of 35 – 70% of the cover price per copy sold.Kindle Unlimited và Lending programs pay authors by the number of pages read, rather than by the number of book copies sold.People who want to create physical copies of their book can also use Amazon’s CreateSpace to create paperback copies of their book for distribution in physical bookstores & access to lớn an expanded paperback marketplace through Amazon’s programs. The CreateSpace agreement usually charges authors a fixed fee, a per-page cost, & Amazon’s commission of 40-60% per copy sold.More than 40% of the authors on Amazon are self-published ebook authors, & only about 1% of them earn more than $10,000 per year. On the other hand, there are many success stories of authors who are happily working as full time writers and supporting themselves through Amazon.

Is self-publishing or traditional publishing right for you?

If you dream of becoming a full-time author, you may wonder whether you should pursue traditional publishing or self-publishing. Here are some of the key factors lớn consider:

Traditional book publishing:

Harder lớn get into. The book publishing industry is most interested in books with broad appeal & high commercial potential.

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Slower to achieve results. It can take years lớn create a book from initial treatment through khổng lồ bookstore shelves. It can take even longer for a traditional book lớn start earning royalties that are paid lớn the author. New authors typically receive only small book advances, so expect to maintain a part-time job to cover your cost of living for quite a long time.More prestigious. Traditionally produced books are more visible & more prestigious, and traditional book authors are more likely to go on book tours, earn award nominations, & have more truyền thông media visibility.


Fewer barriers lớn entry. Instead of trying to secure an agent & get a publishing deal, authors can simply write their books & publish them.Narrower audience. Self-published books can be a faster và more effective way to lớn target specific audiences and interest groups.Broader skill range. While traditional book publishers take care of the details of finishing a book, lượt thích editing, publishing, and marketing, self-published authors need to vì that work themselves. Authors need lớn hire or kiến thiết their own cover art, hire or bởi vì their own editing & proof reading, and manage their own kinh doanh and advertising.However, authors don’t always have khổng lồ make either-or decisions. Famously, Fifty Shades of Grey and Eragon were originally self-published before they were picked up by traditional publishers. If you can’t decide which option is best for you, try discussing your book idea with a literary agent & exploring your options.

6 Creative Ways lớn Make Money from Your Book

Sell T-shirts, coffee mugs, or other promotional items with characters or phrases from the book on your website. You can also sell on sites lượt thích CafePress or Zazzle. If you’re particularly crafty, try Etsy.Offer traveling tours where the tác giả takes a group of readers through the places that inspired your book. Use a site like Vayable.Set up a crowdfunding chiến dịch on sites like Indiegogo khổng lồ raise money for expenses.Sell exclusive bonus material, such as additional or extra chapters, poems, or short stories through your trang web or Fiverr.Get advertising income. Sell ads based on your book on sites such as Wattpad Futures. Or try earning through tiếp thị liên kết programs lượt thích Amazon AssociatesOffer a fiction-writing workshop.If you’re a nonfiction author, create & sell an online course. Or use one as a lead generator for your consulting services. Use sites like Udemy or Skillshare.

Book sale Ideas That Work

Unless you’re already a celebrity or best-selling author, traditional publishers will expect you to vì a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes khổng lồ promoting your book. No matter what you’re writing; fiction, non-fiction, ebooks or even blog posts, if you want khổng lồ make money, you’ll have khổng lồ become a marketer.Many authors feel lost when it comes to kinh doanh their book & so they will hire a truyền bá person khổng lồ pitch và promote their book to reviewers and truyền thông outlets.Follow these tips before you go out và hire any type of sale or quảng bá professional. You’ll find that there are quite a few book marketing ideas that you can bởi yourself . For the ones that you’re going lớn delegate, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time & money by already doing the bulk of the research & strategic work.

Understand that you’re in the marketing business, not the writing business.

This is helpful even BEFORE you sit down lớn write your first word. When you think of yourself as being a marketer first & an tác giả or writer second, you’ll immediately focus on what matters; your audience. What problem are they facing? & how you can help them solve it?This is true for fiction writers as well. John Locke, who has sold millions of ebooks on amazon & made more than a million dollars by selling $.99 books did it exactly this way.He saw that many successful authors were charging almost $10 for a book & decided that he would undercut them – selling his own efforts for $.99 cents. Even in 2019, most of his books retail for $2.99. That’s far below average price.Locke had a business background. He thought very carefully about who his ideal audience was, how they spent their days, what frustrated them and what type of nội dung they would be most likely to lớn consume.Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy process. Và he had his trial-and-error moments. But you can see that by simply writing from the context of your writing being a money-making venture rather than simply a creative exercise can be helpful.

Create a simple kinh doanh plan for your content

You’re probably wondering why YOU should have to vị this when you intend to hire a kinh doanh expert to vì this for you. You should do this yourself first SO THAT you can choose the right book sale person or truyền bá person who will help you make money from your book.Here’s the template — Click on the image & then either download it for yourself or make a copy khổng lồ your own Google Drive.