How to make money on youtube: 7 effective strategies

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For many, making money on YouTube is the dream. After all, YouTubers appear to have a great life and the adoration of their fans to lớn bask in. And since creating a YouTube channel is easier than ever, there’s no harm in thinking big và aiming high.

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But, while creating a YouTube channel is simple, turning it into a cash machine isn’t as straightforward. You may earn your first hundred dollars by selling something or landing a sponsorship deal, but maximizing earnings requires understanding all your options before you dive in.

We’ve created this article to lớn walk you through all of the information that you’ll need lớn know if you want khổng lồ know how to make money on YouTube. At the over of this article, you’ll know the different ways khổng lồ make money on YouTube, & you’ll be able to grow your own business with one of the biggest mạng internet platforms in the world.

Can You Make Money on YouTube? 

The short answer is yes. Thousands of people are doing it. & not all of them have millions of subscribers khổng lồ boot. Contrary to popular belief, YouTube isn’t just a numbers game – your earning potential also depends on the niche you cater to, the cấp độ of engagement you generate, and the revenue streams you tap into. That’s not lớn say subscribers and views aren’t important – check out our easy tips lớn get more views on YouTube.  

Do You Get Paid for Uploading Videos on YouTube?

YouTube doesn’t pay creators for uploading videos on YouTube. Also, the videos aren’t monetized by default. In order to start earning money on YouTube, you have to lớn enable monetization from your tài khoản settings. YouTube gives you the option khổng lồ join its Partner Program or have your videos featured on YouTube Premium (more on this later). 

How lớn Make Money From YouTube


If you’ve been looking for new ways khổng lồ generate income, you may be wondering how to make money from YouTube. Well, there are a variety of different ways that you can start earning on the platform, most of which revolve around creating compelling video clip content. Here’s a look at some of the popular YouTube income streams available:

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

If you’ve been wondering how to make money from YouTube, then it’s essential that you’re aware of the YouTube partner program & how it works. YouTube content creators won’t be able lớn monetize any of their videos until they’ve been accepted into the YouTube partner program.

When your YouTube channel has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public views, it’ll be reviewed lớn join the Partner program. This means that you won’t be able lớn generate any revenue until you’ve hit these numbers, so it’s essential to lớn continue creating nội dung and increasing your channel’s reach. You can apply for the monetization once you meet the program’s criteria. 

How khổng lồ enable monetization on YouTube:

Log in to the YouTube account you intend khổng lồ monetize.  Click your account’s icon in the đứng top right corner, then click YouTube Studio.  From the left-hand menu, choose Other Features > Monetization. Go through the Partner Program terms & click agree. Connect an existing AdSense account or create a new one for your channel.  Define your monetization preferences.

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After taking these steps, go back to lớn the dashboard and xuất hiện the Analytics tab on the left. On the next screen, select Revenue from the top & then scroll down until you see the chart Monthly Estimated Revenue. The chart will give you an idea of your predicted monthly revenue. .

How many views vì you need to make money on YouTube?

The number of views your videos get doesn’t correlate to lớn your YouTube earnings. If you get thousands of views, but no one clicks your ads or consumes content, you won’t earn any money. YouTube even has criteria for paying publishers running ads on their channel: a viewer must click the ad or watch it in full for you to earn money. That said, there is good news for people learning how to make money off YouTube: You’re no longer solely dependent on advertisers lớn earn revenue. Programs like YouTube Premium now exist lớn help you make money without ad clicks or consumption.

2. Get Featured on YouTube Premium

How vì you make money on YouTube besides running channel advertisements?  YouTube Premium is the answer. 

YouTube Premium is a paid membership service that enables people to lớn watch ad-free videos. Creators don’t have to vì chưng anything, as they’ll automatically get a second revenue stream when YouTube Premium members play their videos. 

As with YouTube monetization rules for advertising-based revenue, most of the revenue generated via Premium membership fees will go to creators (total revenue distribution is based on how much Premium members watch your content). 

Premium members will also get the opportunity to download and watch your videos offline & play them in the background, which contributes khổng lồ your watch time.  


3. Offer Channel Memberships

When your YouTube channel gets more than 30,000 subscribers, you can địa chỉ another income stream by leveraging channel memberships. This is where fans pay $4.99 a month for a membership package that includes perks like early access khổng lồ videos, members-only live chat, exclusive emojis, and more. Members will be highlighted in comments, live chat, và the Community tab through special members-only badges.

Because audiences are well aware that it can be a real challenge lớn get a YouTube creator’s attention, it makes sense to lớn offer channel memberships. And voila, you’ve got another answer for how khổng lồ make money from YouTube. 

Pro tip: Use your videos khổng lồ remind people that they can become exclusive members by clicking the “Join” button on your page.