How To Make Moon Cake Collection 2021


A journey across time, A season for celebration"As you look out every nightMay the growing strength of the moonand the blessings from the stars in the universeShine on your journey to lớn success"D’Art Chocolate introduces, for the first time in Vietnam, a complete series of chocolate mooncake this Mid Autumn festival.

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This will be the first year D’Art will depart from the traditional baked mooncake & focus on our specialty - chocolate mooncakes. This 3 month journey allowed us khổng lồ concentrate on new flavours, techniques, & textures that is a celebration of our master chocolatier"s journey of the past 10 years.

Our collection of 6 chocolate mooncakes is shortlisted after 10 weeks of relentlessly testing about 15 ideas, & we are happy to present you our flavours below:Premium 1: Salted egg yolk + Salted egg yolk ganache + Feuilletine Premium 2: Matcha white chocolate + Orlar strawberries Marshmallow JamMooncake 3: Glenlivet + whisky caramel (Alcoholic)Mooncake 4: Phin Coffee Ganache + Cappucino MarshmallowMooncake 5. Apple compote + Chestnut Montblanc Ganache Mooncake 6. Taro milk tea special.We invite you to lớn be part of this new taste evolution!

 Campaign story & design

Since the beginning of time, the Moon is the lady of the night that guide people through the night and grace us with her loving energy. On her way lớn ascend the highest và become the brightest, she has to lớn go goes from the darkest night, comes waxing then grows larger until she becomes the roundest. Each of her step to the illumination, she sends along to us a blessings with new opportunity, renewed strength và courage to achieve what you wish for. Let us come together this Mid Autumn and enjoy the chocolate mooncakes inspired by the journey of the moon to bring blessing to the earth và may the light of the full moon guide your path through the many years to lớn come!

Order FAQsQ1. When is the expected delivery?We are targetting the first batch of deliveries around 25 August - it may take two khổng lồ three extra days for deliveries outside of HCMC và Hanoi.Q2. Can you help me to lớn ship to multiple locations?You can choose the first location lớn ship when you are booking your orders. If you need to lớn send khổng lồ more locations, please follow these steps:a) Book the total number of boxes you need, và make the paymentb) remember khổng lồ put your name, email and phone number when bookingc) Drop us your delivery locations & quantities in the NOTES section before checkout.d) The team will tương tác you lớn sort out the delivery details, as well as additional delivery fees.e) note that an additional charge of 80,000 vnd applies per address in HCMC and Hanoi, & 160,000vnd applies per address outside of HCMC & Hanoi.Q3. What is in the box?You will get1. 6 mooncakes (4 regular and 2 premium) - each mooncake is 5.5cm radius by 3cm height. Weight of each mooncake is 50-55gms (which is about the volume of 4 chocolate bonbons each) và serves 4 easily.2. An Art Chocolate bar with our season"s greetings. This is 10x15cm, và weights about 105gms. (regular chocolate bars are at 80gms)3. Special Mid-autum decorative gift box (self cooling) - this hard box is designed specially for this season, and measures 40 x 25 x 7 cm. A special compartment built khổng lồ hold a gel ice keeps the inside temperature cool for an hour to ensure freshness during delivery.

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4. Special Mid-autum decorative giftbag - each box is delivered in a special gift bag, with our season"s design.

Q4. What are my customisation options?1. Choosing mooncakes There are 2 premium mooncakes and 4 regular mooncakes - you can request for replacement of flavours, but requests of 2 premium mooncakes in a box are chargeable at 40k per premium mooncake.Do lưu ý that custom mooncake requests will take extra time khổng lồ process and deliver. Please cảnh báo your mooncake choices in the notes section of the cart while ordering.2. Customising design for corporate ordersIf you wish lớn have your company logos or specialised message included in the box, we will be able to change the thiết kế on the art chocolate for you. This means you have a 10 x 15cm space right in the middle of the box to put your greetings và logos prominently.Please note that a customisation fee at 900k vnd is chargeable, to cover design fee, molding fee, & additional production run fee. The customisation fee is waiveable for orders above 100 units. Please allow 1 week for customisation.3. Customising mooncake flavoursWe vì provide customisation of mooncake flavours upon requests - from creating your custom mooncake profile, lớn incorporating your hàng hóa into our fillings. Please message us separately at sales for your request.
Q5. Can I resell your mooncakes?Due to lớn the lockdown situation in vietnam this year, we welcome resellers to help us in making our products available to lớn their customers in their province or network. Please message us at sales