Vietnamese Snow Skin Mooncakes (Banh Deo)

Vietnamese snow skin mooncake (Banh deo) is soft-chewy on the outside. You can put any mooncake filling inside it.

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Snow skin mooncake (bánh dẻo) and baked mooncake (bánh nướng) are the two delicacies of Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese people prefer the baked cakes over snow skin ones though :). In this post, I want lớn show you how this Vietnamese traditional cake is made.

Vietnamese snow skin mooncakes are not the same as those from neighboring countries like Singapore & China. They are chewy on the outside và usually very sweet. The skin is much sweeter than that of the baked ones. They are kept at room temperature because if you store them in the refrigerator, they’ll turn hard as a rock.



Banh deo is not baked. Instead, it is made from cooked glutinous rice flour. The flour may also be called fried glutinous rice flour. As far as I know, it is impossible lớn make this flour at home. You can try toasting or even baking raw glutinous rice flour, but the result will be completely different.

So what is cooked glutinous rice flour? Glutinous rice is puffed up và toasted first, & then processed into fine flour. That’s why the flour has a distinct taste compared to the one you make by toasting raw flour at home.


The best places to lớn find this flour are local Asian grocery stores. It is called “bột bánh dẻo” in Vietnamese. Above is the brand I use in Vietnam.

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For the filling, you can use any mooncake filling you like. In Vietnam, the most popular filling for traditional snow skin mooncakes is mixed nuts. We use the mixed nuts filling from our banh nuong recipe.


How to lớn Make Vietnamese Snow Skin Mooncakes

Generally speaking, snow skin cakes are quicker và easier lớn make than baked one. The dough simply consists of cooked glutinous flour, sugar và water.

Since the flour is already fully cooked, the dough will not be cooked. You will put the filling inside, size a ball, use a mooncake mold lớn shape it. Then the cake will be eaten directly after a day. You can watch the process in the đoạn clip below.

Traditional banh deo is very very sweet. The cấp độ of sweetness is almost inedible to lớn me. So I tried lớn reduce sugar as much as I can in this recipe, although it would speed up the spoilage process. Normally, this cake can be kept for only 4-5 days.

My family almost never buys commercially-made snow skin mooncakes because of concern about poor food hygiene practice. Although I prefer the baked cakes, I vì enjoy the soft-chewy texture of snow skin cakes.

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