Purple sweet potato mooncakes recipe


These snow skin mooncakes are soft and sweet, filled with a ginger-infused purple sweet potato paste & toasted walnuts.

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This recipe was created in September 25, 2020. The photos were updated on September 19th, 2021.

In Malaysia, brightly coloured lanterns & festive Chinese music herald the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The most obvious sign though, is when small stores appear out of nowhere, selling mooncake!


Lotus seed, red bean paste, salted egg yolk, even the much loved durian! You can find mooncake in any shape, size and flavour nowadays. But let’s be real, mooncakes are soOO expensive. A traditional baked mooncake may cost at least RM20. Và although you’re not supposed lớn eat more than one small slice, who actually sticks to that? I know I can’t resist them LOL

Anyway, snow skin mooncakes are my go-to because they’re extremely easy to make compared to lớn Cantonese baked mooncakes. The skin is soft and slightly translucent (thanks to lớn wheat starch), và when chilled, reminds me of mochi ice cream.

The purple sweet potato filling

I set up a poll in my Instagram stories, asking ya’ll lớn choose which filling I should make và it came down to: purple sweet potato! I’m so happy with how these turned out – I think the purple sweet potato mooncake has a unique flavour compared khổng lồ the usual pastes. Sweet potato và ginger is actually a classic combination, the most well-known Chinese dish being Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup. I also added in some toasted walnuts for crunch and aroma.

The ratio of dough lớn filling in a snow skin mooncake is 1:1. To lớn find out how much your mould can hold, fill it with water & measure the weight. My wooden mould can take 150g, so I used 75g of filling and 75g of dough. This produced 5 mooncakes in total.

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Commercial mooncake pastes contain a lot of sugar và oil to lớn produce a smooth filling that lasts very long. Oil is necessary, but I found that it’s still possible to produce a smooth filling using a small amount. The paste is ready once it can hold its shape when you fold it over itself. The whole cooking process on the stove shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Notes when making snow skin mooncakes

Wheat starch makes the skin slightly translucent, but you can sub for cornstarch.The dough should not be too sticky, but firm enough to knead. If it is too soft, it won’t hold its shape well.It’s easier lớn work with cold dough and filling, so you should prepare them in advance or even the day before.Coat both the mould & dough with cornstarch to lớn prevent sticking. Press firmly into the mould, then remove immediately. Don’t let the mooncake sit in the mould for too long, as that’ll make it harder lớn come out.I only have the traditional wooden mould, but plastic moulds are a lot easier.


These purple sweet potato mooncakes are delicious, so so pretty and surprisingly easy lớn make! They are also very light, I can literally eat a whole cake by myself. My family thoroughly enjoyed this dessert, và I hope you bởi too.

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Snow Skin Mooncakes w/ Purple Sweet Potato Filling 紫薯冰皮月饼

Kristin Tan
These snow skin mooncakes are soft and sweet, filled with a ginger-infused purple sweet potato paste và toasted walnuts.