Matcha coconut custard snow skin mooncakes


A creamy coconut custard wrapped in a soft and chewy snow skin flavoured with matcha. These matcha coconut custard mooncakes are the perfect treat during the mid-autumn festival.

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The Mid-Autumn festival aka moon festival is coming up on the 1st of October so I thought it would be fitting to giới thiệu a mooncake recipe with you guys. A matcha coconut custard snow skin mooncake!

Traditionally this time was to celebrate the end of the Autumn harvest on the night when the moon was the fullest and brightest, but for me the moon festival has always been about the mooncakes!

What is it?

When it comes khổng lồ mooncakes there are two different types. The baked mooncake is filled with fillings lượt thích lotus seed paste or bean paste and is often filled with salted egg yolks. The exterior is soft và glossy, và the interior is dense and sweet.

The other kind are snow skin mooncakes. These have a soft mochi-like skin và don"t need khổng lồ be baked at all. They can be filled with custards, bean pastes, or even ice-cream. Unlike baked mooncakes which can be stored at room temperature for weeks, snow skin mooncakes are served chilled và usually purchased frozen!

Personally I’m not the biggest tín đồ of the baked mooncakes as they can be overpoweringly sweet & oily, but snow skin mooncakes have so much versatility in terms of flavour, as well as a soft chewy skin. & they are so much easier khổng lồ make!

How lớn create the pattern

To make the beautiful pattern on the đứng top of the mooncakes you will need a mooncake mould. They are super easy to get your hands on and don’t cost much at all.

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I purchased mine off Ebay for a couple of dollars. They come in all different shapes and sizes so have a look around and see what you like.

Can I make mooncakes without a mould?

Of course! Your mooncakes will taste exactly the same without one! If you don’t have a mould I would recommend pressing the mooncake into a cupcake tin or a mini tart tin to create a round or fluted mooncake. Equally as delicious.

Tips to create the perfect mooncake

Keep your fillings and snow skins chilled

It is a lot easier to shape the mooncakes when the skins and fillings are chilled. When they are warm it is easier lớn deform them as they come out of the mould.

If you find your mooncakes coming out of the moulds misshapen, pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes or so. Then dust your mould & reshape it. Trust me they will come out looking perfect!

Dust your mould liberally

It is important to cover every inch of your mooncake mould with cooked glutinous rice flour otherwise the skins will stick. It"s okay if you use too much flour as you can always dust it off with a pastry brush after you have formed the mooncake.

You can even dust the mooncake ball with flour too for extra insurance!

Let"s Get Baking!

This flavour combination is a little unique, but super delicious. The coconut flavours pairs so well with the slight bitterness of the matcha, and combined with the smooth custard filling & chewy skin this is one amazing mooncake!

If you vị make this recipe make sure to tag me on instagram
catherine.justdessertsau & hashtag #cattycakes so I can see and share all your amazing creations. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!