Mooncakes san francisco 2022, bay area & autumn moon festival


Talking about the Mooncake market, right before the Mid-Autumn Festival, especially there are some dumping price of agents that make consumers misunderstand about the company’s policies, Mr.

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Le Van Thinh, deputy general director in charge of sales of Kinh vị Corporation confirmed that:"Kinh vị Mooncake is always sold at fixed prices and the company does not launch any mega-discount policy or facilitate any retailers to lớn sell at dumping price of “50% discount” or “buy 1 get 1 free" for Kinh vì Mooncakes. In particular, we always tracking the market performance daily & hourly so we can control the balance of demand & supply with Kinh do Mooncakes, thus there have never happen the dumping price with Kinh vị Mooncakes. Mr.Thinh added: "At peak season, Kinh vì chưng must run production lines at full capacity in order to deliver products in time"

As of 5th September (8th August of lunar calendar), the consumption of Kinh do Moon cakes rose over 5% higher than planned, obtained 2,100 tons. This year, the luxury product Gold Moon with elegant and new packaging design has brought customers’ satisfaction absolutely in design, unique and "attracted” from the beginning of the season.

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Particularly, Green moon cakes that are made from 100% natural botanical ingredients and good for heath are firstly introduced and supported a lot because it meets the customers’ tendency lớn enjoy và give gifts. The breakthrough for Moon cake products is that they are reduced sweet and the products taste better so this year Kinh do Moon cakes products are highly appreciated. In which, the traditional products namely fish, Jambon roasted chicken, Mixed Chinese sausage, mung beans, taro, red mung beans, coconut milk, và lotus seeds are sold out very fast.

This year, more employees are used for serving the offices và factories moon cake demand that make the consumption of the Mooncakes increase sharply và exceed the company target. In fact, besides the need khổng lồ offer gift to lớn partners, customers & businesses, this year almost of enterprise customers paid attention khổng lồ offer the Moon cakes khổng lồ their employees and the workers. Thanks khổng lồ its good forecast & planning as well as a goods distribution network, Kinh vị managed well the demand và supply among the provinces, channels, distributors, agents, retailers in order to fulfill the needs of shopping, enjoying và offering gifts & more diversified options khổng lồ consumers.