How To Make The Moon Cake


Hi my dear friends, welcome lớn my little cooking world! Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a traditional Chinese festival. It is usually on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar every year. The moon cake is an indispensable part of this festival, like the turkeys in Thanksgiving! Every Chinese will eat this dessert with family and enjoy the full moon.

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In this blog, I want to share how lớn make the moon cake~

There are all kinds of filling in the moon cake, egg, custard, five nuts, etc, the one that I’m gonna share is the five nuts filing moon cake.

The ingredients (filling & Pastry of mooncake):

Filling ingredientsWalnut 40g, Cashew 40g, Sesame seed 60g, Watermelon seed 60g,Sunflower seed 60g, Water 80g, Vegetable Oil 25g, white Wine 10g, Glutinous Rice Flour 115g,

Pastry of mooncake IngredientsAll Purpose Flour 100g, Cooking Oil 30ml, Milk Powder 5g, Soda Water 1g , Syrup 75g (the Glutinous Rice Flour in the picture should be in the filling pic, sorry for the confusion)

Brushing the surface of moon cake: 1 egg, set up the egg white and egg yolk.

Baking: 200℃ or 392℉ bake for 5 mins first to form the shape, brush the egg fluid on the surface of moon cake and bake for another 15 mins.

Let’s start!

Step 1- Making the filling

All of the nuts need khổng lồ be baked separately in 160℃ or 320℉ for 5–8 mins and then cut all of them và mix together.

Step 5: Make the compound into a giant ball or couple of balls, cover it with plastic wrap & let it stay for 30 mins.

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Step 6-Making the pastry of mooncake

Pour syrup into a bowl and add soda water, cooking oil into it. Phối them up. Filter the all purpose flour, địa chỉ milk powder & mix up all of the ingredients.

Step 8: After 1 or 2 hours, distribute the filling and pastry of moon cake into ratio of 3:7 or 1:4, for example 1:4 ratio is 15g pastry of moon cake and 60g filling.

Step 9: After distribution, take one ball of pastry of moon cake, press it & put a ball of filling on the top, gradually push the pastry up until it covers up the filling & close the opening.

Step 10: Take out your moon cake mold. Spread some flour to lớn prevent the moon cake sticking lớn the mold. Press the mold to lớn create a moon cake shape.

Step11: Sprinkle some water on moon cakes and send them lớn the reheated oven in 200℃ or 392℉ bake for 5 mins first to size the shape, và then brush the egg fluid on the surface of moon cakes và bake for another 15 mins until the cakes surface become golden.

Step 12: Take them out of the oven. And it’s DONE!

Hope you lượt thích it. Please enjoy & happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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