How to make singapore standard cold moon cake

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The arresting scenery of Autumn becomes more and more poetic on the night of the full-moon.

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A vivid picture of happiness, evoking an invigorating feeling. The moonlight; sweet, honey-yellow, penetrating through the leaves và striking against the deep blue night sky. The dreamy golden color filled by sparkling candle light radiating from iridescent paper lamps và mixed with the bustling laughter of children, making the heart flutter.


Upholding the message “Fabulous Shades of Moonlight” Annam Gourmet’s 2020 mooncake collection with delicate cakes and exquisite box designs will be a great combination to remind every gourmet of the August full-moon nights’ vibrant colors, and mark unforgettable new memories.

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Natural ingredients such as taro, pineapple, green tea, mung bean are combined according lớn its own recipe to create a layer that is fragrant, rich enough lớn satisfy culinary connoisseurs. Especially this year, black sesame mooncake is a great choice that Annam Gourmet offers exclusively for vegetarian customers.

Enjoy the delicate taste of this year collection with the following flavors:

·Matcha 1 Yolk Mooncake

·Ham 1 Yolk Mooncake

·Pineapple 1 Yolk Mooncake

·Black Sesame (Vegan) Mooncake

·Mixed Nuts và Ham 1 Yolk Mooncake

·Mung Beans 1 Yolk Mooncake

·Taro Paste 1 Yolk Mooncake

Annam Gourmet hopes that our beautifully packed Mid-Autumn Festival gifts help you tighten relationships, delight your beloved ones, friends và business associates.Recommended mooncake sets from Annam Gourmet:

1.Gourmet mix (4 cakes) - Price: 956.000 VND2.Deluxe phối (6 cakes) - Price: 1.444.000 VND3.Signature set (wooden box 4 cakes) - Price: 1.236.000 VND4.Reunion set (3 mooncakes, 1 wine) - Price: 1.097.000 VND


Explore our mooncake collection of 2020 “Fabulous Shade of Moonlight” with more details, please check it out in our E-catalog here!

For mooncake order, please contact:

Hotline: 1900 63 64 31 (8:30am to lớn 5:30pm, Monday to Friday)


Annam Gourmet "s website

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Annam Gourmet Saigon Centre | 65 Le Loi St., Ben Nghe Ward, D.1, Ho bỏ ra Minh

Annam Gourmet Hai ba Trung | 16-18 Hai ba Trung St., Ben Nghe Ward, D.1, Ho chi Minh

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