Easy & delicious mochi pancakes


Change your breakfast up by making these delicious mochi pancakes. They are so simple to lớn make & taste even better than ordinary pancakes.

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Mochi pancakes topped with syrup, strawberries, grapes, and whipped cream.

Fluffy Japanese mochi pancakes. They are so mouth-watering và addicting, you will be wanting them for breakfast every day!

This is a pancake recipe with glutinous rice flour. This is what makes it so lip-smacking good.

Using glutinous rice flour (mochiko flour) adds a bit of a chewiness khổng lồ the pancakes. You cannot substitute regular rice flour for this pancakes recipe.

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To get just the right amount of chewiness, it is important lớn use another flour with glutinous rice flour such as all-purpose flour or rice flour.

This ensures the pancakes vày not become too chewy và dense.

These pancakes are so tasty, simple, và easy to lớn make.This recipe uses only 9 ingredients, most of which you should already have in your pantry! What"s more, this recipe only takes under 10 minutes to prepare và under 10 minutes khổng lồ cook. If you make the batter the night before và leave it in the fridge you can make your breakfast pancakes in no time the next morning.