Steamed pandan ondeh ondeh cake 蒸香兰椰子蛋糕

Plain rice flour can be used lớn make many cakes. This material has the aroma of rice but will not have the same consistency as glutinous rice flour. However, cakes made from this flour are not inferior in taste compared to lớn cakes made from glutinous rice flour.

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Glutinous rice flour is composed of finely ground plain rice. Plain rice is a common type of rice used in every daily meal. Therefore, the taste is also soft & delicious. Rice flour can be mixed with many other flours such as glutinous rice flour, tapioca starch, cornstarch... Thus, the flour after mixing will have suitable properties và make more delicious cakes.
The raw materials used lớn grind flour are different, so it is impossible to confuse plain rice flour with glutinous rice flour. Glutinous flour is usually finer with a clear white màu sắc than rice flour. Rice flour is not smooth và easy to clump if left in the air for a long time. In addition, the sticky ability of glutinous rice flour is quite good, so it is chosen lớn make more cakes. However, eating a lot of glutinous rice will cause heat in the intestines, causing the body toàn thân to get heat. Especially causing swelling, pain và festering when there is an xuất hiện wound. Elderly and young people should not use too much glutinous rice flour khổng lồ avoid indigestion.

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Rice flour or plain rice flour are ingredients commonly used for many dishes, not only cakes. Many types of vegetarian cakes and savory cakes are also used this ingredient. Specifically, glutinous rice flour makes delicious cakes? Banh banh cuon The first cake mentioned here is banh cuon. Banh Canh is called a cake, but it is not like a cake. It is shaped quite lượt thích noodles or noodles. This dish is commonly found in the central coastal areas. It is also rare khổng lồ come across this dish in the northern region. Banh Canh is a cake eaten with broth. The ingredients used lớn make the cake are plain rice flour. The recipe for this dish is also quite diverse lượt thích cooking noodles or pho. Nutrition can ensure fat, protein for an energetic breakfast. In addition, the broth is also cooked with pineapple with a mild sour taste. Fried onions also địa chỉ to the flavor of the dish. The accompanying ingredients are pork bones, meat can be added with seafood depending on the processing place. Baked cup cake Hot cup cake is a very popular dish of the Northern people. Unlike the central dish, instead of being baked on fire, the North is steamed in water. Steamed cake with water bath will be soft & blend with other spices. The filling can be minced meat, mushrooms, fried onions. When eating the dish is still hot and comes with sweet và sour dipping sauce. Pork buns Pork buns are famous cakes in the southwestern region. In this dish, the cake fibers are made with flexibility & toughness, especially the fatty và aromatic flavor of coconut milk. In addition, the dish is served with pork skin.
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Southern pancakes Plain rice flour can also be mixed with other flours khổng lồ make pancakes. This is a dish that originated in the southern region but has quickly spread và is loved. Khổng lồ make this dish, you need a deep cast iron pan. The accompanying ingredients can be shrimp, meat, bean sprouts... The seasoning of this dish is also quite special, slightly salty and slightly sweet. Dumplings with salty filling Dumplings are a breakfast dish chosen by many people because of their convenience & quickness. It is interesting that we can make this cake with plain rice flour at home. Dumplings can be steamed or deep-fried, extremely delicious. Jaggery beef cake Jaggery beef cake originated from trung quốc through the border & entered the western province of our country. This type of cake can be eaten as a snack with a sweet & cool taste. The inside of the cake is soft và spongy, whoever bites it wants to eat it. The cake making process is very meticulous to ensure that when finishing the cake, there are many bubbles and foam inside. Green bean paste cake Moon cake is a traditional cake in every Mid-Autumn Festival. Making this cake is also quite laborious & requires a lot of ingredients. Especially the plasticity of the cake requires the combination of glutinous rice flour lớn be more durable. Pork skin cake Pig skin cake is a snack used by many people for parties or gatherings. The main ingredients to make this cake are plain rice flour mixed with tapioca starch, green bean paste, pandan leaf màu sắc and coconut milk. Pineapple cake is said to lớn be a creation of both taste and màu sắc of the chef. The delicious greasy taste with the smell of pandan leaves will make people eat not bored. Please follow the trang web ( ) for more information on health care instructions, which we will update regularly.