10 Best Papaya Ice Cream Recipes

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Calling ALL vegan ice cream lovers. This one is for you.

Wait, is this an ice cream recipe on a super-duper-healthy food blog that prides itself on being refined oil không tính phí and refined sugar free?! YESSSSS.

This papaya ice cream is refined oil free and refined sugar free, and it is still a very creamy, sweet và tasty ice cream. The secret sauce? Cashews, coconut milk (from a can), and dates.


If you"re new to lớn veganism - you probably thought you"d never eat ice cream again. Or at least I did... Until I learned that cashews are magical, coconut cream in a can makes everything creamy, và dates.. Well dates are just nature"s gift to lớn mankind.

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so... How complicated is this vegan papaya ice cream?

It"s not complicated AT all! Just gather the ingredients, throw them in a blender & freeze .. Or throw mixture into your ice cream maker & make ice cream!

If you DON"T have an ice cream maker - don"t panic! You can still make this recipe. I"ve done it myself... Will it be different than using an actual ice cream maker? Well, yea .. It won"t be "as" ice cream-ish as if you used an actual ice cream maker.

An ice cream maker "churns" the mixture (spins it while mixing it), in a really cold container. This helps prevent ice crystals from forming later on when you stick it in the freezer, and it also results in a creamier, thicker, more-like-ice cream texture. So, if you don"t use one - yes, it"ll be different but it"s still tasty & creamy & cold và totally worth it.


The Ice Cream Maker that I use is this one from Cuisinart. It"s officially been one year since I have owned it, & it"s been great. I"ve used it more times than I can count... Và will continue lớn use it, especially after coming up with this vegan papaya ice cream recipe.

If ice cream makers scare you - they scared me for a while - I thought it would be too complicated to lớn make homemade ice cream, but after going vegan and having no other option but to lớn make my own ice cream - I gave in, and I"m glad that I did. It is $50 bucks on Amazon (at the time of posting this), but how much are you spending right now on store bought ice cream? Exactly! It"s an investment.


Immune boosting vegan papaya ice cream treat

Papaya is a vibrantly colored tropical fruit that is sweet & sooo nutritious. It has loadsss of vitamin C, which is really good for giving your immune system a boost. Papaya is also filled with fiber, and like I mentioned previously in this Mango Pineapple Smoothie post, regarding our inadequate fiber intake as a nation... It"s great to lớn be able to enjoy this sweet treat và know that your getting fiber in as well.


Ps. We grew this papaya at home! Isn"t it beautiful?

Isn"t that a precious color?! Papaya fruit makes for the most perfect pale colored ice cream. I say, it"s the perfect way to welcome in Spring. And if it"s still super freezing in your side of town - well, then make sure you save this recipe for later because you"re going to lớn want this in the summer. Easy và simple homemade vegan healthy ice cream recipes!

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