Chicken liver pâté


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Original & very traditional recipe for Danish Liver Pate. This Liver pate is typically served on a slice of Danish Rye Bread or some white toasted bread. Also, serve with crisp bacon and fried mushrooms.

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On this page, I would like to tóm tắt a recipe for homemade Danish Liver Pate or Leverpostej as it is called in Danish. Danish liver pate is probably one of the most traditional Danish food that you can serve together with the Danish rye bread.

Homemade Danish liver pate is mainly based on pork liver & pork fat and then some extra ingredients like onions, eggs, milk and flour. Making a homemade liver pate is super simple and does not require any professional cooking skills.

The ingredients for Danish liver pate

As just said, making a homemade liver pate is actually easy. I can only imagine that the most difficult part is to get a hold of the ingredients. In Denmark bigger supermarkets always have raw pork liver and pork fat on stock in the freezers.

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Outside Denmark, you might be able to lớn find these ingredients at your local butcher. None of the ingredients are that special but you still might need lớn order them in advance from your butcher.

If you know how to lớn find raw liver & pork fat in your trang chủ country, I am sure other people would like to hear from you in the bình luận section below.

Danish Liver pate and Danish rye bread

The best way of serving this liver pate is together with some Danish rye bread, some crisp bacon và some pan fried mushrooms. You can serve a Danish liver pate hot or cold. However, I absolutely prefer my liver pate hot on a slice of rye bread. If you are looking for a recipe for Danish Rye Bread then I have two recipes here on my blog - an easy version và a traditional version.

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If you have never tried danish rye bread below I suggest the easy version.

Another way of serving liver pate is on a slice of white toast bread. This is especially popular during Christmas time.

When talking about Christmas, a Danish lever pate is a mandatory part of a Danish Christmas dinner together with Danish roasted pork with crackling, Danish red cabbage và Danish táo bị cắn Pork.

You can find recipe for a lot of very traditional Danish food here on my blog, just click the traditional Danish section.

Recipe for Danish Liver Pate

Making some homemade Danish liver pate is actually easy. The first thing you have to bởi is lớn prepare the pork liver, pork fat và the onions. This is done by running the three ingredients through a meat grinder minimum two times. This will make a nice liver, fat and onions mixture.Now add eggs, milk, all-purpose flour, salt and pepper.

Mix all the ingredients well together. That is it - this is how easy it is to make a Danish Liver mixture, now we only need to lớn cook it in a water bath in the oven.

Transfer the liver pate to two rectangle foil trays và place them in a large ovenproof pan. Fill the oven pan with water so that the water màn chơi reaches the middle of the foil trays. This water bath will make a good heat transfer from the oven to the liver pate.

Now bake the liver pate at 175 C (350 F) for about 35 minutes. The baking time might vary a little due khổng lồ the form size of the foil trays, which might be different from case khổng lồ case. The bộ vi xử lý core temperature should be around 75 C (176 F).

You might measure this vi xử lý core temperature the first time and then note the total cooking time for the future.