Akajiso Juice And The Best Time To Drink To Cool Off


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Shiso is a versatile và prominent purple or green herb in Japan. Discover và learn about its culinary uses. Also, find out how lớn make the refreshing Purple Shiso juice with step by step photos & a video.

Did you know that shiso is a Japanese herb with a distinctive flavor & scent? It’s typically used as an ingredient in many dishes, such as tempura. Perilla leaves (another name for this herb) are also often featured in red shiso juice recipes. It can be hard khổng lồ find the fresh ingredients for this recipe at your local grocery store, but luckily this recipe will show you how lớn make it from scratch!

Shiso is a plant native to japan that has been used for centuries in cooking và medicine. It’s also commonly used lớn make shiso juice, which can be made with perilla leaves – the perfect companion!

I use this Japanese herb for garnishing Donburi Japanese bowl dishes, Chilled Tofu, Tempura, served with sashimi, sushi rolls, and more. You can even make syrup from it!

You are going to lớn love this recipe for shiso juice as it is really easy to make.

What is Shiso?

Shiso is a variety of Perilla frutescens, commonly calledPerilla in the mint family. Its botanical name is Perilla frutescens var. Crispa & is different from the Korean Perilla leaves. They look similar but taste different.

Shiso leaf is shaped like a spade with a serrated edge, whereas Korean Perilla, also known as sesame leaves, is flatter và has a less serrated edge.

What Kind Of Varieties Of Shiso Are Available?

There are two varieties; green perilla leaves and the red/purple variety.

Green Shiso

This is also called “Ao(blue/green)jiso” or “ōba” in Japanese. It is a popular herb in nhật bản and is available for purchase from supermarkets all year round, though the season is May to lớn August in Japan.

Red or Purple Shiso

This type of shiso is also known as “Aka(red)Jiso“. As opposed khổng lồ the green kind, Akajiso is not available all year round but it is available between June và July. It has more of an astringent taste than green shiso; so not suitable to lớn eat fresh.

Why You Will Love Shiso Juice Made From Perilla Leaves

Shiso juice is a Japanese popular summer drink. This is because of its super pretty vivid pink colour và refreshing taste. It is said that shiso juice is good for those who are dieting. The rosmarinic acid contained in this herb suppresses the digestion & absorption of sugar and fat.

Also, it is believed that it prevents the rise of blood sugar. However, the syrup contains sugar so drinking too much is not a good idea. Japanese only drink this occasionally & only one small glass a day.

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How to Use Shiso In Japanese Cooking

Culinary uses of green and red shiso are different.

Green Shiso is used as a fresh herb because of its refreshing flavour & aroma. On the other hand, red /purple leaf is used as a natural coloring agent.

Green Shiso Recipe Ideas

Because of its’ anti-bacterial property, you may have seen it is often used to lớn garnish Sashimi & also as a divider in Bento Box Lunch.

It is also used for

I simply cannot have Temaki Zushi without shiso!

Red/Purple Shiso Recipe Ideas

Red shiso is mainly used for adding colour to Umeboshi. Dried red/purple perilla leaves after it is used in pickling umeboshi, is known as a rice seasoning called “Yukari”.

Also, the Japanese make a summer drink shiso Juice with this herb.

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Tip: The recipe is included at the over of this post!

How khổng lồ Choose & Store Perilla Leaves

If your local Asian/Japanese grocery store stocks green perilla, pick the ones not shriveled & with no black spots. When it loses its freshness, black spots appear on the leaves.

Green perilla leaves are spoilt easily and become đen coloured if it’s left in water. Use them as soon as possible or leave the stem part only to lớn soak in water & keep them uplight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shiso

Here are some of the most common questions I receive about shiso.

How lớn Grow Shiso

Although many Japanese foods are becoming more well known across the globe, some of the Japanese ingredients are still difficult to lớn obtain.

Perilla leaves are one of them; however, it is very easy to lớn grow!

All you need to vì is sow seeds between April và May to lớn start growing your own batch of leaves.


To vì this, follow the instructions listed below:

Soak seeds in water the day before.Sow seeds in seedling pots and moisten the soil.Pour water without covering the seed with soil.Leave the pots in the sun & keep watering the pots to avoid them from drying out. The seeds with germinate in about 10 days. When 2-3 leaves grow, thin them out except for healthy buds.As soon as the plant height becomes about 4 inches (10cm) with 4-6 leaves, transfer lớn plant in the ground where they get half sun through the day.When it grows about 6 inches (15 cm) tall, prune the vị trí cao nhất which encourages the plant to become bushy.

How lớn Make Red Shiso Juice

To properly make this Japanese summer drink, scroll down the recipe thẻ down below for a full danh sách of ingredients & instructions.

Trust me- you’ll want khổng lồ try and make this drink. It’s absolutely delicious!


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