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Fish sauce has been a part of Vietnamese cuisine for a long time. It is usually called as “Nuoc mam” by the locals. In Vietnamese kitchens, Nuoc mam is an essential spice lớn make the flavor of some food more tasteful & appetizing. At first, you may find the smell of Vietnamese fish sauce a bit pungent, but once you get used lớn it, you will definitely feel lượt thích the dishes are incomplete without the seasoning of fish sauce. Our guideline will introduce how Vietnamese people make the fish sauce & some special way of processing the savory and mouth-watering dipping fish sauce.

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Fish Sauce Production Stages



To make a delicious fish sauce, fishing for the ingredient is an important step. There are many kinds of fish could be used as the main ingredient of fish sauce, but anchovy is the best one. This kind of fish is not only a crucial factor khổng lồ make the fish sauce more aromatic và delicious, but it also disintegrates into sauce more quickly & easily than others. The peak season of collecting anchovy is from July lớn December. The fishermen often use their fishing nets to lure them in and catch them. After fishing, the fish would be transported khổng lồ ports and bought by local traders.

Fermenting process


Producers frequently process anchovy a bit before mixing them with salt; the ratio of fish và salt is about 3:1. Then, the mixture is contained in huge wooden jars and covered carefully and tightly. Local producers have to lớn keep the mixture away from insects, rain, and dust. Otherwise, the flavor of fish sauce will be ruined. The period of disintegration is about a year, và the producers need to take care and stir the sauce weekly for several times to lớn make sure the mixture blend in well. Lượt thích most fermented products, the longer the period of disintegration, the better the taste of the sauce.




The most delicious & tasteful sauce made in the traditional way and recipe has a brownish-red màu sắc and a chất lượng salty và meaty taste. Local producers sometimes kiểm tra the unique of fish sauce by checking the màu sắc and amount of protein of the sauce before it is packed in glass bottles. Depending on each coastal area in Vietnam, local producers would showroom some other different stages lớn make their unique fish sauce. After being manufactured, products are delivered by trucks khổng lồ many places such as local markets, supermarkets to lớn sell for consumers.

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Where You can Buy Vietnamese Fish Sauce

Phu Quoc Island is always known as a special place lớn produce fish sauce in Vietnam. In this coastal area, there are a lot of anchovy for local fishermen to hunt. Moreover, the production of fish sauce has become a traditional business of some local families here.

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The locals prefer products of fish sauce in Phu Quoc than ones in other places because of the low price & high quality. Besides, you can come to Vietnamese supermarkets or local markets lớn purchase bottles of original fish sauce if you could not come khổng lồ Phu Quoc Island. Not only in Phu Quoc, but you also try out the original fish sauce in other coastal places such as Nha Trang, Mui Ne, & Phan Thiet. Every coastal place has a special flavor in their products.

Fish Sauce in Vietnamese Cuisine


In Vietnamese cuisine, fish sauce is used as a crucial spice like sugar, salt, MSG, and pepper. It is an important ingredient instead of salt to showroom flavor to lớn special Vietnamese meals like braised pork (thit kho), deep-fried fish or chicken và soup. It is also used to lớn pickle radish và carrot in a side dish called "dua mon" that is usually served with Banh chungon Tet holiday.

Dipping sauce - the sweet và sour fish sauce


Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), Goi cuon (Spring Rolls), & Banh cuon (Steamed Rice Rolls) are often served with fish sauce in many Vietnamese food stalls. Actually, the sauce served with these foods has been added some ingredients such as sugar, chili, garlic, and lime juice. Its flavor is a bit sour & sweet. The original fish sauce is rarely used as a dipping sauce because its flavor is a little fishy và salty unless you eat with steamed food that has little seasoning like steamed fish, boiled pork, và boiled vegetable.

Dressing sauce - the sweet và sour fish sauce or savory fish sauce


In other foods such as noodle dishes, Vietnamese also set the original fish sauce with other ingredients khổng lồ reduce its saltiness & smell. Especially in Bun thit nuong(grilled pork vermicelli) and Bun cha, local people would dress the mixture of fish sauce on the fresh Bun (vermicelli) to lớn give it a little savory flavor right before eating. The sweet và sour mixture of fish sauce and the savory version made by diluting the fish sauce with water areboth used depends on personal preference. One of the unusual examples of the use of fish sauce is in Bun cha; you can see the fish sauce is added with a lot of water, seasoned with MSG và pepper and cooked lượt thích a broth.

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Summary of How to lớn Make Vietnamese Fish Sauce

If you have never tried this kind of sauce, the fish sauce should be on the đứng đầu of your must-try list. Fish sauce has become a traditional sauce in every meal in each Vietnamese family. Besides fish sauce, there are other kinds of sauce that are often paired with Vietnamese food, but it is always the best choice of the locals.

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