Pomelo flower tea


A premium Oolong from Taiwan with an exceptionally floral bouquet. We handpicked fresh Pomelo flowers which last only for two weeks, carefully dry và blended elegantly into Oolong tea with a sophisticated handmade process. 

This tea contains the highest aromatic substance of natural pomelo flower, citrus, honey & Oolong tea aroma. 

Silky smooth mouthfeel with flavor that doesn’t give up and finishes with a gentle sweet và astringency. 

Ideal for cold brewing in the fridge overnight.

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Hot Brewing:

Prepare 3-5g per 100ml of tea leaves Boil~85-95C waterPour hot water over the leaves for 3-4 seconds then leave the water out at the first time to lớn stretch the tea flavour Pour hot water again for ca.45 second lớn one minute steeps. Enjoy your delicate Pomelo Oolong teaLasts 3-4 steeps. 

Cold Brewing:

Float the tea leaves in water & let the container sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes to lớn an hour, then put it in the fridge overnight, about eight hours. Enjoy your delicate Pomelo Oolong tea the next morning


How we make pomelo oolong tea

No matter how busy our life is, try to lớn sit down & enjoy a good cup of tea to find inner calm, harmony and nobleness. 

Our mission-support local tea farmer

We certainly care about the quality of our special Pomelo Oolong Tea but we also care about the local environment & try to lớn build the sustainability in Taiwan. 

Therefore, all the production process and packaging are all made in Taiwan to lớn make sure we tư vấn the local tea industries và mountain farmers. 

Tea making craftsmanship has slowly disappeared among the young generation và we hope lớn bring more awareness khổng lồ people và value the art of tea craftsmanship. 

Picture shot in Yilan, Taiwan- XinYuan Tea farm

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