Lemon honey pomelo tea柠檬蜂蜜柚子茶

 Pomelo is a fruit we often eat in our life. Pomelo tastes sweet & sour và very delicious. Very high edible value, the whole pomelo is precious, the meat and the skin of the fruit can all be eaten. Pomelo is rich in vitamins, basically be because protein, carbohydrate, crude fiber, rich vi-ta-min C, vi-ta-min B2, vi-ta-min P, carotene etc. Material be caused by in pomelo. The Benefits of Beauty, weight loss, nourishing lungs, for cough and phlegm food therapy effect. There is one very popular tea, the lemon honey pomelo tea . Usually I lượt thích use the pomelo skin into a snack or make a tin of lemon honey pomelo tea.

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Make a cup of lemon honey pomelo tea when you’re free, relax và enjoy the taste and the sweetness & warmth of pomelo tea, the air filled with sweet lemon và pomelo fragrance, or chat with friends và enjoy the time together. The pomelo  skin can also be made into sachets, it have the effect of drive insect and so on, pomelo really has so much ways khổng lồ be used.


You need prepare one pomelo ,one lemon, 70g rock sugar, cup of honey.one of 100% sanitized container can be sealed(any glass bottle) this will help maintain the lemon honey pomelo tea‘s expire date..

To make this lemon honey pomelo tea, we also need to use the skin of lemon & pomelo. Because there is fruit wax on the skin of pomelo and lemon, we need lớn use food salt to scrub the skin of lemon và pomelo. Then rinse and dry the water. In this step I can smell their strong fragrance… Now ,use a tool khổng lồ peel the skin of the lemon & pomelo.Because the white part in between the skin & the meat is still attached the the skin of the pomelo & lemon, use the a sharp fruit knife removes the trắng part, because the trắng part on the skin of the skin lemon và pomelo are super bitter. Then cut the yellow part of skin into small and small filaments. Mix aside.Then separate the flesh from the white part skin of the pomelo. Set asideSqueeze the lemon juice. Set aside.

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Instructions: lemon honey pomelo sauce

Heat a pot with 50% cup of water và 70g rock sugar on medium low heat. Boil till the rock sugar is melted. Then địa chỉ cửa hàng the flesh and the skin of the lemon an pomelo. Stir .Stir time khổng lồ time, the flesh will slowly spread out và melt evenly. Then địa chỉ the lemon juice in,( 1/4 tsp salt optional) and mix up. Whole kitchen will also float a fragrance. Keep stiring time to time till the water evaporates.


then remove from the heat, wait the temperature drops down, then pour into the container and add honey in và stir evenly. Use directly. Can use lemon honey pomelo sauce to make tea and spread it on your bread.


The important process is removing the bitter parts. Và have to lớn stir time to time when boiling process, khổng lồ prevent it from burning.You must wait until the jam cools down before adding honey, because the high temperatures can be destroy honeys nutrients.Make sure the container has 100% sanitized and can be sealed. Lớn take out the lemon honey pomelo tea always use the clean và without water spoon.The lemon honey pomelo sauce use it lớn make tea or eaten with piece bread. The tea its good nourishing throat when you had dry throat, and good for beauty, slim so on.