Beat the heat with a healthier recipe for mango pomelo sago, a beloved hong kong dessert inspired by chinese myth


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This mango pomelo sago is super cooling và refreshing và packed with full mango flavors, hints of coconut, chewy sago pearls, và some tang and bitterness lớn help balance everything! It"s the perfect summer dessert & drink that you can easily make to help you stay cool in the summer! Our version is an inspiration from Yi Fang Fruit Tea.

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It"s mango season và we just can"t have enough mango recipes! This mango pomelo sago is a new addition khổng lồ our mango recipes, và it"s perfect as a dessert or drink for this summer!

It"s full of mango flavors, packed with chewy little sago pearls, hints of coconut throughout, and occasional tang & bitterness from the pomelo/grapefruit. Và because the mango puree is blended with ice, this is a super refreshing and cooling recipe lớn help combat the summer heat.

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What is mango pomelo sago?

Mango pomelo sago is usually made of mango, pomelo, sago, coconut milk, & sugar. You can often find it available at Chinese restaurants and desserts stores, but recently it"s been popularized as a drink as well. We tried our first mango pomelo sago drink from Yi Feng Fruit Tea & it was amazing!


Interesting history

In Chinese, mango pomelo sago translates khổng lồ yang zhi gan lu (杨枝甘露), which literally means "sweet dew of willow branch." The name came from the willow branch tool used by one of the buddhist from the mythology, Journey to lớn the West. The dew from her willow branch is suppose lớn refresh và rejuvenate you.

The dessert itself was said to be created by the former head chef, Wong Wing-Chee, of Lei Garden when the first branch was opened in Singapore. He wanted lớn create a new dish using local ingredients such as pomelo, mango, và sago that is refreshing and cooling.

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Please scroll down to the recipe thẻ for the ingredient quantities!

Pomelo or grapefruit - Pomelo is a a citrus that"s similar in taste to grapefruit. Unfortunately, pomelo is not usually in season by the time late May & early June comes around. So if you can"t find any at the grocery store, you can substitute with grape fruit instead.Ripe mango - The riper và sweet your mangoes are, the better this dessert/drink will be! So make sure to lớn let your mangoes ripen completely.Sugar - Depending on how sweet your mangoes are, you may need more or less sugar. Also, you can adjust the sweetness to lớn your preference.Ice cubes - This will keep the dessert cold và refreshing. If you don"t want to use ice cubes, you can use more coconut milk or water and make sure khổng lồ pre chill all of the ingredients.

How lớn make mango pomelo sago

1. Bring a pot of water lớn a boil and add the sago pearls. Stir immediately and let the sago pearls cook for about 10 khổng lồ 15 minutes, or according khổng lồ your package instructions. Make sure to lớn stir occasionally.