How To Make Pomelo Tea 柠檬蜂蜜柚子茶


According to lớn traditional medicine, pomelo peel is bitter, spicy, aromatic, neutral and has the effect of eliminating weathering, sputum, pepper blight, pepper edema. Many people often use trắng pulp inside of pomelo peel khổng lồ process into many dishes such as pomelo tea, pomelo salad, …


the use of pomelo peel

Good for the digestive system

Pomelo’s outer shell contains many essential oils, so it is often used in cases of indigestion, women with nausea due khổng lồ morning sickness.

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Helps hair long & shiny

The essential oil in pomelo peel has the ability to condition hair extremely well. Many people often use pomelo peel lớn cook shampoo for women, helping khổng lồ reduce hair loss, while helping the hair shiny & soft và stronger.

The way to vị it is very simple, you just need khổng lồ boil water to lớn cook pomelo peel. The water is used lớn wash the hair, the peel is applied khổng lồ the hair. After a few attempts, your hair will become glossy, firm, silky và grow thicker.


In folk, people often use pomelo peel, pomelo leaves combined with a few other leaves that contain essential oils such as lemongrass, lemon leaves, eucalyptus leaves, etc.

Cough with phlegm

Use 10g of pomelo peel, wash, chop, put in a bowl địa chỉ cửa hàng white sugar or rock sugar khổng lồ steam, drink 3 times a day with coughing phlegm will quickly stop.

Skin beauty

Skin beauty is the use of pomelo peel that women are very fond of. Pomelo peel will reduce the incidence of wrinkles, freckles due to lớn hyperpigmentation as well as black and whiteheads, dry skin.

Is pomelo peel juice good?


In fact, besides the benefits of pomelo peel, there are still side effects affecting the body. Natural ingredients are not good 100% if you vày not know how khổng lồ use, process and use more than the prescribed level.

The precious products such as Ganoderma, ginseng … are only effective when used enough and used correctly, so is pomelo.

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If you eat too much ginseng, it can lead khổng lồ blood thinning và blood clots, which can lead lớn a heart rhythm disorder, which can lead to lớn a malformed pregnancy for pregnant women. Rash, insomnia, or shortness of breath … etc

In fact, now pomelo peel is a way to help women thua weight effectively, drink pomelo juice is trusted & appreciated by women, but there is also a situation of arising Side effects of this type of water.


Pomelo peel is a way to lớn help women thua weight effectively

The reason for these side effects is that the drinker has symptoms of digestive illness, & he also drinks before meals, causing heat & scratching the intestines and mucosa should produce such side effects.

Another reason is due khổng lồ subjective factors of the drinker, not yet washed the grapefruit peel & the pesticides, impurities & harmful substances for health.

In the process of boiling the grapefruit peel, it has not been thoroughly heated, causing the acid not fully metabolized, causing damage khổng lồ the stomach lining, especially lớn those with too high acidity in the gastric juice.

According khổng lồ experts, of course, not all natural products are good if you vị not know how to use properly, combining too much drinking too much water will lead to lớn inhibition of CYP3A4 enzyme, this enzyme has the effect of transferring glycogen is turned into fat, can cause fatty liver disease, blood levels of drugs increase, affecting health & the body.

In particular, quite a lot of women today, always want to squeeze weight quickly by reducing the fat stored in the body as quickly as possible, sudden weight loss can lead to nervous system disorders. Central, causing endocrine and metabolic disorders.

Therefore, to use pomelo juice most effectively & safely, you need lớn have a preparation and scientific method khổng lồ protect the health of yourself and your family.