Pan Fried Potato Chips Recipe

Crispy Homemade Salt và Vinegar Chips from scratch taste just lượt thích store-bought chips thanks to lớn vinegar powder. Recipes for baked potato chips và fried potato chips included.

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For the longest time, I’ve had “make my own potato chips” on my bucket list. Something I did a long, long time ago when taking foods class in middle school. So long ago that I’m pretending I never did.

The problem is you have lớn cut the potatoes thin lớn crisp up; otherwise they become French fries (French chips?). Unless you have superior knife skills, you need a mandoline lớn slice them properly.

I finally bought a handheld mandoline và can finally cross Homemade Salt & Vinegar Chips off of my list.

They’re crispy homemade potato chips tossed in a salt & vinegar seasoning. They taste just lượt thích store bought chips thanks to one secret ingredient.


How to Make Homemade Potato Chips

The key to making crispy salt và vinegar chips is having thin enough slices. Too thick và the middle becomes cooked, not crispy.

My OXO mandoline has three settings: Setting 1 is 1.5 mm; setting 2 is 2.5 mm; & setting 3 is 4.5 mm. If you’re using a different brand, your settings will vary.

I started out on setting 3 but realized my slices were a tad thick for chips, so then I switched khổng lồ setting 2 then khổng lồ setting 1. Much better.

If you’re making a dish such as stovetop scalloped potatoes or au gratin potatoes for two, then you’ll want to use setting 2 or 3 for uniformed yet slightly thicker slices.


How to Use a Mandoline

To use the mandoline, place it over any bowl và use the gripper to lớn hold the vật phẩm you are slicing. This is very important because the blade is sharp.

However, some long và skinny vegetables such as carrots or parsnips don’t grip very well.

When I sliced some carrots for a soup, I couldn’t use the gripper until I got closer to the blade. Fatter produce such as potatoes and apples gripped just fine.

Because the blade is so sharp, my mandoline has two safety devices. The first is locking the blade in place. Make sure you vị this before washing.

Second is the gripper slides onto the mandoline & covers the blade for storage. This is very critical if you have a junk drawer of tools (me!) and you don’t accidentally cut yourself when reaching for something else.


How lớn Make Salt và Vinegar Chips

Now for the best part – homemade potato chips!

I chose salt và vinegar chips because that’s one of my favorite flavors. Not only vày I love the taste, it helps calm my stomach when I feel nauseous from motion sickness.

Typically when you make homemade potato chips, you soak the slices in water. For salt & vinegar chips, you soak them in vinegar instead.

Originally I experimented with soaking times of 30 minutes, 1 hour, và 2 hours. However, the vinegar flavor was subtle. Plus who wants to lớn wait 2 hours for soaking?!

That’s when I discovered my secret ingredient – vinegar powder!

What is vinegar powder?

Vinegar powder is dehydrated vinegar which adds tanginess without adding any additional liquid to lớn the recipe.

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Similar to my BBQ chips, you toss the homemade chips with vinegar powder as a seasoning.

The best place lớn buy white distilled vinegar powder is online (affiliate link). The brand I used is no longer available, but there are plenty of others out there.

Can you leave out the vinegar powder?

I get it – vinegar powder is pricey for something you’re only going lớn use a few times.

However, it truly is the only way to get your salt & vinegar chips to taste like store-bought. You can also use your powder for Salt and Vinegar Popcorn or even Salt và Vinegar Wings.

If you still insist on not buying it, increase your vinegar soak time khổng lồ 2 hours. However, please lưu ý your kết thúc results will be more subtle in flavor.

Should you fry or bake salt and vinegar chips?

I’m including directions for both methods, but I think I’m going to lớn stick with baking. The result of both methods produces crispy chips, so why địa chỉ cửa hàng extra calories?

It’s how I prefer making my Homemade Pita Chips.

However, frying cooks them much faster. If you have the time, bake them. If not, fry them.

In addition to potato chips, I also made táo bị cắn dở chips the same way. The possibilities are endless – carrot chips, sweet potato chips, even beet chips.


How khổng lồ Fry Potato Chips

There are two ways you can make salt & vinegar chips – fried and baked.

To fry potato chips, fill your deep fryer (or a really deep saucepan) with frying oil of choice and heat to lớn 350F. I use vegetable oil, but you can also use canola or peanut oil.

Once the oil is ready, fry your potato slices a few at a time until golden brown, being careful not to overcrowd the fryer.

Time will vary depending on the kích cỡ and thickness of the slices, but the average is 3-5 minutes.

Remove the homemade chips, drain on a paper towel lined plate, then immediately toss with the salt and vinegar seasoning. Cool for a few minutes khổng lồ allow them lớn crisp up.

Repeat with the remaining slices, ensuring the oil is 350F when frying. You may need lớn pause in between batches to let the oil heat up again.

Baked Salt & Vinegar Chips

To bake potato chips, preheat your oven to lớn 400F. Line two baking sheets with foil & lightly grease with cooking spray.

Place your potato slices in a single layer on the two sheets. Brush each slice with oil then bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown và crisp (but not burnt).

If you find that some of the smaller pieces are baking faster after 10 minutes, you can remove those then finish baking the rest.