Potato encrusted fried shrimp


Jumbo shrimp coated in a mixture of potato flakes, orange zest and fresh thyme; then fried until golden brown.

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When Hilary from Baking Bad posted that she wanted to vì chưng a Chopped Challenge on her blog I was all over it. I don’t watch many cooking shows, but I was introduced to the show Chopped on The Food Network when visiting my Mom in FL last year.

Her & her husband are AVID TFN watchers và this show came on during one of our visits. I have to lớn say that the show really intrigued me. The contestants are given four ingredients and they have to lớn make an appetizer, meal và dessert course.

With each course, one contestant is eliminated, leaving only two contestants to lớn make the dessert course; where the panel of judges get to lớn decide who gets Chopped và who is the winner.

I love to watch the creative juices flow as they decide what it is they’re going to lớn make with what they are given.

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For this challenge I was given shrimp, instant mashed potatoes and two other ingredients; which I used khổng lồ make a dipping sauce. That’s how these Potato Encrusted Fried Shrimp came khổng lồ be.


How vị you make Potato Encrusted Fried Shrimp?

For this recipe you’ll need jumbo shrimp, instant mashed potato flakes, orange zest, fresh thyme, eggs, all purpose flour and Canola oil for frying.

Clean and devein the shrimp; then phối aside. Prepare three separate bowls; one for the flour and one for an egg wash. In the third bowl, combine the instant potatoes, orange zest và thyme.

Dip each piece of shrimp first into the flour, egg wash; then into the potato mixture. Pour approximately 1-inch of oil into a large frying pan & heat.

Carefully place shrimp into the hot oil and fry until both sides are golden brown and shrimp is trắng in màu sắc and cooked through. Drain on paper towels or brown paper bag to remove any excess oil.

My family loved the Potato Encrusted Fried Shrimp; however, the dipping sauce was just ok. Thankfully, these tasted great on their own! This recipe was meant khổng lồ serve as an appetizer, so if you’d prefer this as a meal, use the recipe card to increase the serving size; which will also adjust the ingredients needed. ~Enjoy!