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Recruiting students can be a complicated, time-consuming, và even overwhelming process that takes attention, organization, và preparation. Recruitment is just the first step in a holistic approach lớn bringing talent khổng lồ our graduate programs and diversifying our graduate student body. 

Anytime is a great time to lớn start laying the foundation needed to identify students for your academic program. Our hope is this toolkit will provide you with invaluable information about identifying, recruiting, enrolling, and ultimately mentoring underrepresented students.

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NOTE: This page is being updated. Not all information has been added, so please come back later. 

This toolkit contains:

Recruitment Continnum
Diversity-focused Recruitment Conferences
Recruitment Databases
Resources for Recruitment & Retention
Holistic Admissions
Covid-19 & Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment Continuum

This web page will assist programs và departments in recruiting racially và ethnically diverse students và disadvantaged and/or first-generation college students. Recruitment starts before you meet applicants; it begins when you develop an enrollment management plan that diversifies both your student body and faculty.

The first step is khổng lồ look at the Inclusive Excellence Framework, and:

a) Assess the current composition of your student body, faculty, và staff. Assess your current practices in light of diversity, equity, & inclusion. Develop objectives & strategies lớn prioritize diversity, equity, & inclusion.

b) Assess the opportunities for your students, faculty, và staff khổng lồ access professional development opportunities in diversity, inclusion, equity, và social justice. Create a culture that encourages & supports students, faculty, và staff khổng lồ attend those events.

c) Assess your program/department engagement with COMO’s community leaders & population that empower và create access khổng lồ an inclusive & diverse dialogue between the community and your program/department. Develop ways khổng lồ engage with the community in a meaningful way.

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As you create the foundation for diversity and inclusion, consider the five phases of the recruitment continuum:

Potential graduate students: undergraduate students, recently graduated students, individuals with master’s degrees or specialist degrees. They are underrepresented in your field or first-generation college students & have the potential to be our graduate students. They have not interacted with you yet, but you would lượt thích to reach out khổng lồ them. Be prepared to lớn convey: why pursue a graduate degree, what you can offer, who you are looking for, & potential career outcomes. Suggested venues for recruitment are Historically đen Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Minority Serving Institutions (MSI), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI), and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU).Prospective graduate students: these are potential graduate students with whom you have made contact during recruitment engagements, faculty visits to lớn other institutions, faculty, và staff interactions that led lớn a discussion about graduate education. They are underrepresented in your field or are first-generation college students who are unsure of or started lớn explore graduate education. Be prepared lớn convey: why pursue a graduate degree, how lớn apply for a graduate degree at Mizzou, what you are looking for in a student, và funding options.Identify some key people, show what you can offer – specifics on the program, data on diversity và inclusion- & connect them with current graduate students.Applicant: these are prospective graduate students who expressed a solid interest in your graduate program & began applying. They are underrepresented in your field or first-generation college students who may not have all the information needed khổng lồ smoothly navigate the application process. Be prepared khổng lồ convey: information on how to use our application system, information about the đô thị of Columbia pertinent khổng lồ their interests, information about opportunities for family members to study, work, or live in Columbia, & information relevant lớn their family situation lượt thích childcare.Connect them with resources on campus – including graduate students và diversity-focused initiatives, consider fee waivers, provide clear information on funding options, and be transparent about the admissions process.Admitted students: these are underrepresented in your field or first-generation college students who have successfully been admitted to your program but have not committed lớn coming. Be prepared lớn provide them with information about campus resources – professional development, graduate student groups và governance, housing, etc.; consider identifying a peer-mentor for their first year in the program. Connect them with information on job opportunities for family members & the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity, and the Graduate School’s Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education.Enrolled graduate students: these are underrepresented in your field or first-generation college students who have decided to lớn come to Mizzou. They will face different challenges & struggles than other graduate students. Recruitment is connected with retention; therefore, you must:Be prepared lớn provide culturally appropriate mentoring, information about resources that tư vấn well-being, self-efficacy, building community, và diverse & inclusive scholarship. 

Diversity-focused Recruitment Conferences

This section will provide information on diversity-focused recruitment conferences. However, we would like to encourage you to consider that every interaction with an individual who has not yet earned an advanced degree is an opportunity for recruitment. Faculty should always bring prospective students information khổng lồ any professional activity that puts them in contact with potential graduate students. 

The following danh mục is of suggested conferences during the calendar year. Due khổng lồ Covid-19, dates are subject lớn change, & conferences may change their format. 

Recruitment Databases

We have access lớn a few databases to lớn help tư vấn recruitment. Those are the National Name Exchange, the McNair Scholars Directory, và The National GEM Consortium. For the first two, you can request access lớn a danh mục of names that you can reach out and cultivate potential graduate students for your program. The last one, prospective graduate students select Mizzou as one of their choices, & you can cultivate that relationship.Read more about the databases in the Diversity và Recruitment Resources.