Easy Homemade Puff Pastry Recipe


Use this in-depth tutorial to learn how to lớn make a from-scratch puff pastry dough variation. The homemade dough comes together using a “rough puff” method where you carefully work butter into your dry ingredients & then fold and flatten the dough many times khổng lồ create countless flaky layers. Unlike the breakfast pastries dough, this dough does not require any yeast và unlike croissants and traditional puff pastry, this dough does not require laminating with a layer of butter. Rather, the layers và crisp flakiness come from the particular mixing and folding methods.

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Using this simplified method & a handful of basic ingredients, you’ll be amazed that you can make puff pastry from scratch within just a few hours. Whenever I make and bake this dough, I’m still stunned with the outcome! You’ll enjoy using this dough wherever you use a single pie crust or store-bought puff pastry.

Next you’ll find some details, step-by-step photos, plus there’s a đoạn phim tutorial in the recipe if that’s helpful too. All of this will help mix you up for success when it’s your turn lớn try it!

What is Rough Puff Pastry?

Rough puff pastry is also known as quick pastry andbecome really popular with professionals and trang chủ bakers because you get bakery-style puff pastry without precise shaping and laminating butter with dough. Cookbook author and chef Claire Saffitz has a wonderful recipe for it. The trick is to work large pieces of cold butter into dry ingredients và hydrate it all with ice cold water (as if you were making pie crust). Sometimes bakers grate butter into the set or use a food processor. There’s lots of ways lớn make rough puff pastry.

With this recipe, I stick with cold cubes of butter và use my hands to rub the butter into the flour mixture. Your hands are your best tool và method here because it’s nearly impossible to over-mix the dough this way. If the dough is over-mixed and you break down the butter too much, you’ll thua trận layers.

Can I use a food processor, pastry cutter, or other mixer? I bởi vì not recommend it. These tools slice down the butter too much and you’ll thất bại a lot of flaky layers. I tried and it’s not worth it because the result is closer khổng lồ a greasy pie dough than a layered puff pastry. (Still good, but not the goal here.)

Rough Puff Pastry Details

Taste: Buttery, hardly sweetened, a little salty.Texture: Ahh, the best part. Each bite has oodles of crispy, crackly layers of light and buttery pastry. This pastry is one of the FLAKIEST doughs I’ve ever worked with and comes close lớn croissants territory. (But made in a fraction of the time!)Time: The dough requires 2 separate refrigeration steps, but the 2nd one is only 15 minutes. You can easily make this dough in a few hours or over the course of 2 days. I always appreciate make-ahead dough where you have plenty of options in terms of timing. You can also freeze the dough, too.

How Is This Different From Pie Crust and Yeasted Pastry Dough?

Pie crust, while buttery and flaky, is not nearly as light, doughy, và crisp as this shortcut puff pastry. Yeasted pastry dough, such as something we can use for croissants, croissant bread, or a pastry braid, contain yeast. This recipe simply relies on big chunks of cold butter (lots of it) and folding.

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Just 5 Ingredients in the Rough Puff Dough

This shortcut pastry dough comes together with flour, sugar, salt, cold butter, & cold water.

Why bởi the butter và water have to lớn be cold? It’s important for the butter to stay cold so it doesn’t melt & soak up all the flour. We want the butter to lớn stay solidified as we roll, shape, fold, and flatten this dough because if it melts before baking, you thua trận all the flakes. Game over. You see, when the butter melts in the oven, it creates steam and that steam separates the dough into multiple flaky layers.

Rolling và Folding

Step by step photos of this process are below the recipe.

After you prepare the dough & chill it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours (1st refrigeration), you will begin rolling it out with a rolling pin & folding it lượt thích a business letter, rolling it out again, folding again, và so on. You will roll + fold it a total of 6 times before refrigerating again for at least 15 minutes (2nd refrigeration).

The photo below shows what the center of your dough looks like after all the rolling và folding. *Note that I sliced a sliver off the end so I could show you this!



Uses for This Rough Puff Dough

After the 2nd refrigeration, you can use this dough for:

Any recipe calling for 1 box (1 pound; 2 sheets) store-bought puff pastry

To use as pie crust: You can use this pastry dough as pie crust in a recipe that calls for a single crust 9-inch pie. Roll dough out into a 12-inch circle before fitting into your 9-inch pie. Though all pie recipes are different, it would definitely be best to blind bake this dough with pie weights before adding a filling. Choose pie recipes that already hotline for blind baking và have a thicker filling. This would be excellent as the crust for quiche.

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