Banh trung thu take creative turns


Mid-Autumn is the time of year when Vietnamese people gather around the beautiful display of mooncakes và tea lớn celebrate the successful harvest and family reunion. To lớn us, this cake is not just a special treat. It’s a profound cultural tradition deeply symbolizing completeness and a promising bright future, just like the full moon of this month. It is also a symbolic gift to express gratitude & best wishes to lớn loved ones and those who has helped with the harvest.

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Why are the conventional mooncakes no longer preferred?

As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, many mooncakes start making their way lớn the market. However, most of them are mass produced & overly sweetened. This makes many people, especially those with diabetes & obesity, deeply concerned & hesitate khổng lồ try this delicious treat. Highly refined sugar is preferred in conventional mooncakes as it is very cheap. This type of sugar is fast absorbed & thus, can quickly induce hyperglycemia. Overconsumption will lead to or worsen various diabetic conditions. Moreover, the fat in conventional mooncakes is highly processed và come from sources with unclear origins, which will inevitably increase the risk of atherosclerosis và many other heart problems. Lastly, conventional moon cakes have a shelf-life of around 1 month, which means they are loaded with additives and preservatives, more of the stuff we don’t want khổng lồ celebrate.

Understand the concerns of our customers, phái mạnh An Market has proudly introduced Takesumi mooncakes, the freshest & most delicious mooncakes made from high-quality ingredients, with customers’ health in mind. This special mooncake is made with bamboo charcoal powder (takesumi), which gives this type of Mooncake many special characteristics and its name.

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What is special about Takesumi mooncakes sold at phái mạnh An Market?


Unlike others, Takesumi mooncakes at nam giới An Market are particularly made without any preservative or highly processed sugar. This not only does bring a gentle sweet flavor, but also eradicates any concern consumers might have about shady unwanted ingredients. The mooncake is made from beans, lotus seeds, coconut, green tea ... & especially Takesumi Bamboo Charcoal Powder - a special ingredient originated in Japan, which gives out a rich color, yet still keeps the charming tradition.


Takesumi bamboo charcoal powder is produced from native Mosochiku bamboos in Naraken, Japan. Mosokichu is a very large bamboo tree with a stem diameter of about 18cm. A fully-grown tree can reach as high as 22m & give the highest quality coal powder with a rich nutritional content, superior to lớn 19 other kinds of bamboos in Japan. The production of this powder is a long và painstaking process. Some can take as long as 3 months to produce, which involves multiple processes, including preparation, natural drying, burning, & finally grinding into super fine powder with a form size of less than 10 microns. The burning process involves a special ceramic kiln which allows the temperature to lớn reach as high as 800 degrees Celsius, using nothing but bamboo crumbs. The use of gas or kerosene is strictly prohibited since it is very harmful & gives a very unpleasant aroma. Takesumi bamboo charcoal is rich in calcium, iron and other minerals, which are vital for the body. This special ingredient can help the toàn thân detoxify more effectively, maintaining a healthy & balanced system.

Bamboo charcoal powder has a rich đen color, which gives any food an expensive look. To many surprises, it is tasteless & doesn’t give out any aroma. This makes Takesumi bamboo charcoal powder the perfect ingredient to địa chỉ cửa hàng to mooncakes lớn give them a whole new look while maintaining the traditional flavors that every Vietnamese has come to love.

The fresh Takesumi mooncake of nam An Market is not only a delicious treat for the family reunion during the full moon night of August, but also a meaningful gift lớn loved ones. Come to Nam An Market to lớn enjoy the special Takesumi mooncakes and taste the difference!