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Have you heard of brown rice? This is an extremely nutritious dish for everyone’s health. Especially women who are planning to lose weight. That’s why brings you a collection of brown rice dishes for you lớn show off. Let’s go to the kitchen now!

1. Mixed brown rice

Everyone has the same question as khổng lồ why only small grains of rice have so many nutrients. This is all because brown rice is only milled khổng lồ remove the hull without removing the bran layer.

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However, you vị not need to lớn worry that brown rice will be difficult to lớn use because its taste is not inferior khổng lồ other soft trắng rice grains that you still use every day.
Mixed rice with brown rice

If you still bởi vì not believe, please refer to lớn the brown rice dish. After cooked, brown rice is soft và fragrant, along with other ingredients such as bell peppers, lotus seeds, tofu, … will make you fall in love.

2. Brown rice tea

In addition to being a nutritious dish, brown rice also makes a big surprise when it is included in drinks. So why has this appearance received so much attention? It all has its reasons. If you want khổng lồ find the answer, let brown rice tea answer it.
This is a tea that contributes significantly to lớn the beauty process as well as extremely effective weight loss for women. Therefore, it is not too difficult khổng lồ understand when this tea is sought after by many people.
Brown rice tea has the effect of losing weight

Brown rice tea is also a perfect pairing with red beans or honey. Regardless of whether drinking hot or cold, this tea will bring everyone many surprises.

3. Brown rice with sesame salt

If you think that when it comes khổng lồ sesame salt, only combined with fragrant white rice grains will bring perfection, don’t jump to lớn conclusions but take a look at this brown rice with sesame salt – a wild & wild dish.
This attractive dish is the first thing that attracts people is the delicious taste of brown rice, roasted sesame & peanuts blended together in a special way.
Brown rice with sesame salt

When enjoying the salty taste of salt and the crispiness of peanuts, white sesame will blend into one with brown rice, making everyone who eats remember that passionate feeling.

4. Brown rice milk

There are really no words to lớn describe the benefits of brown rice. Although small, it contains a lot of vi-ta-min E, vitamin B1, … Preventing cardiovascular diseases is also very good.
Therefore, we have taken full advantage of combining brown rice with countless other ingredients lớn create diverse dishes và drinks for everyone. One of the popular dishes is the super attractive brown rice milk dish.
Brown rice milk is very good for health
With just a few simple steps from fresh milk & delicious brown rice extract. You now have a really special bottle of milk in your hand. Its sweet and fatty taste is not easy to find anywhere.
From pure white rice grains, there have been a series of delicious porridge dishes born such as trắng porridge, heart porridge, …. So what will happen lớn brown rice, will it create a strong and fierce attraction to fight? turn on and become reverberating all over the place or not.
The answer will be yes because the following way khổng lồ cook brown rice porridge will say it all on your behalf. If you feel tired, unwell or even have problems with your stomach, let brown rice porridge take care of you.
Cook brown rice porridge

Brown rice is cooked with red beans, purple sweet potatoes, and dried jujube. Therefore, the nutritional value is indisputable. The soft brown rice grains and other ingredients blend together, making everyone want lớn enjoy immediately.

6. Brown rice fried rice

It would be remiss lớn ignore the delicious dishes from fried rice because so far it has somewhat gained a firm foothold in people’s hearts.
However, with this brown rice fried rice dish, it will continue to “storm” across the quality cuisine of our country. Such a delicious and beautiful crispy dish is absolutely not lớn be missed.
Delicious dishes from brown rice
Brown rice fried rice has ingredients that contribute to lớn success such as carrots, peas, American corn, …. Just hearing it is already attractive. There’s also flavorful chicken và nutritious grains of rice.

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Sprinkle a little green onion, coriander & ground pepper on đứng đầu to feel the full flavor of the dish even more. This fried rice dish with chili sauce or ketchup is even better.
The rice roll dish originates from the splendid country of Korea. But when coming to Vietnam, this dish has created a craze among young people and everyone.
The decisive factor for the success of the dish is the softness of the rice grains that stick together và then roll into circles with other ingredients.
Brown rice roll dish
If so, try a little innovation today to lớn make your meal more attractive with this brown rice roll. Whoever you are, just take the first bite and you will immediately be captivated & captivated by it.
Just lượt thích many other rice rolls. Brown rice rolls also showroom eggs, sausages, cucumbers, carrots….Makes the dish more attractive. No matter where you bite, the ingredients blend with the brown rice grains khổng lồ create an incredibly rhythmic combination for an unforgettable sensation.
As a child of the S-shaped land, surely no one is unaware of our country’s traditional pancakes. From North khổng lồ South, banh xeo always has many changes khổng lồ adapt khổng lồ the specific characteristics of each region.
However, the following breakout will take everyone from one surprise lớn another. Kiểm tra out how khổng lồ make brown rice pancakes right here.
Dishes from brown rice

Pancakes with lentils, turmeric, brown rice, … have created a novelty that stimulates the taste buds immensely. Crispy and soft cake, filled with brown rice & soft lentils. What’s better than a roll with some raw vegetables và dipping it with a cup of sweet và sour fish sauce?.

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9. Nutritious brown rice cake

At first hearing about the macrobiotic cake will surely be a bit confusing. Because it’s so foreign khổng lồ all of us. But don’t worry because this cake is the perfect combination of nutritious nuts. They offer a delicious and healthy brown rice dish.

Make delicious dishes from brown rice

Brown rice macrobiotic cake is also one of those delicious brown rice dishes. In addition khổng lồ the natural sweetness of peanut butter & honey. When biting in, there is also a crunchiness mixed with the fatty taste of brown rice, oats, almonds, …. Creates a special taste where the tip of the tongue can not be described.

10. Brown rice paper cake

Vegetable-themed dishes are always an endless theme. Because if you have to danh mục all the delicious dishes about it, it will never be over. Và right here is also a typical representative to say the deliciousness that is brown rice paper.
When finished, the rice paper has eye-catching colors that captivated us from the very first moment. Next, rice paper is rolled with chicken breast, shallot leaves, purple cabbage, …. All create a very special feeling that even children must fall in love with.
Brown rice rice paper

With such delicious rice paper rolls. Bởi not forget a cup of tamarind dipping sauce to enhance the taste of the dish even more.

11. Brown rice noodles

Spaghetti with tomato sauce needs no introduction because it is so familiar on the table. What about this brown rice noodle dish? It can be said that this is a new and nutritious change.
Brown rice noodles combined with minced beef sauce create an unforgettable first impression. Tender noodles with rich beef. Tomato sauce helps reduce boredom so you can eat more.
Brown rice noodles

Brown rice noodles you can eat with salad. địa chỉ cửa hàng a little chili sauce, even better. Even small children will not be able to resist its allure.

12. Mixed brown rice vermicelli

Who would have thought that brown rice could make so many healthy dishes. With the constant change, firmly believes that one day, brown rice will become an indispensable food in every kitchen.
To prove it, today is a new brown rice dish that can also be said to lớn be a big breakthrough. Needless khổng lồ say, it is the mixed brown rice vermicelli dish
Mixed brown rice vermicelli
The dish does not have too much fat, reducing the amount of fat as much as possible. Other ingredients such as tender và sweet stir-fried beef, trắng cabbage, carrots, …. Mixed with vermicelli khổng lồ create an unforgettable taste.
Sprinkle some peanuts and địa chỉ a little sweet and sour fish sauce to make the dish more delicious. The whole family will be surprised with this gift of yours!
Thus, the above article has synthesized dishes from brown rice to bring many choices for a cozy meal when gathering with family. Hope these recipes will be useful to you. Good luck!