How to make jigsaw puzzle in powerpoint


The jigsaw puzzle is a perfect design element to add to your strategy presentations. They are a powerful storytelling tool that can be used to lớn showcase how the pieces of a story fit together. Puzzle shapes can be very useful and can be used for various purposes within the slide. They symbolize the interlinking of ideas, dependencies, collective contribution, & more. Scattered puzzles reflect a complex situation or a problem. Therefore, puzzle shape is a good element to lớn illustrate various business ideas. Creating your own Jigsaw puzzle piece won’t take a lot of time. Learn how to make Jigsaw Puzzle pieces in PowerPoint all by yourself.

Steps lớn create Puzzle Piece in PowerPoint:

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Step 1 – Insert Rectangle và Oval shapeStep 2 – Adjust the form size of both the shapes depending on the kind of puzzle you wish to lớn make.Step 3 – Positioning và alignment – Move the oval khổng lồ the side of the rectangle & align it to lớn the centre.Step 4 – Remove outlines – Right-click the shapes, choose Outline > No Outline Step 5 – Make a cutoutSince we need two ovals lớn male a puzzle, copy and paste the current oval & position it inside the opposite side of the rectangle. (opposite side of the other oval)Select the rectangle & inner oval, Click Merge > SubtractStep 6 – Select the remaining shapes & make them union – Merge > UnionStep 7 – Apply effects & colors lớn make it visually appealing

Here is a đoạn clip tutorial lớn this hack. Watch to lớn get a detailed idea:

Here are a few creatively designed Jigsaw Puzzle Templates 


Jigsaw Puzzle Templates

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