Daikon kimchi (kkakdugi) recipe


pronounded: kkak-du-ghee

My Mom makes one of the best kimchi.

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She learned how khổng lồ make kimchi from her mom who was known for being the best home cook in her town.

This is real kimchi. It’s not your typical napa cabbage kimchi. It’s a different type of kimchi that uses Korean radish, known as kkadugi in Korean. And suffice lớn say, this is probably one of the best recipes yet. It’s authentic, classic, & timeless.

I cherish this recipe for many reasons, và it will surely be passed down from one generation lớn the next. Had to lớn title this as Mom’s Authentic Radish Kimchi because this is a very special recipe that’s dear khổng lồ my heart. I felt honored khổng lồ learn from her, và best of all, it’s just damn good.


What: Kkakdugi is another type of kimchi that uses Korean radish instead of napa cabbage. Kkakdugi is commonly eaten during fall và winter seasons because that is when Korean radish taste the best.

Taste: It’s a fermented dish. It’s sour,some what spicy, umami, & tangy. It is also crunchy with a slight radish taste that is subtly sweet & firm. The flavor will change as it ferments more.

How It’s Made: Chop Korean radish. Coat in water then salt.

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Let it soak up all the salt. Meanwhile, prepare kimchi seasoning. địa chỉ cửa hàng kimchi seasoning to salted radish & mix well. Cover & let it sit over night. Pack in airtight container. Refrigerate & let it ferment as you enjoy this delicious kimchi.

What to lớn Serve it With: So many things. First, don’t eat it by itself. No Koreans bởi vì that. Eat it with a meal. Kkakdugi makes the best side dish lớn accompany any meal, but also best pairs with soups lượt thích Seolleongtang (Ox Bone Soup), Galbitang (Beef Short Rib Soup), & Kalgooksu (Korean Knife Cut Noodles). It’s unbelievably good with so many things. It gives you that umami kick.

Notes và Tips:

Make kkakdugi during fall và winter seasons (October lớn early February). Why? Well as my Mother said it, that is when Korean radish tastes the best, and thereby, harvested. Winter time is when Koreans go crazy và buy boxes of Korean radish to make many dishes!

This is a very special recipe that my Mom uses. No substitutions if you want her authentic kimchi. All ingredients can be found in a Korean Grocery Market.