Diy christmas slime how to! how to make fluffy slime!


They are completely in love with every slime recipe và we love making DIY slime that fits in with the current season.

In December, it’s all about making Christmas slime recipes, lượt thích this super cutecandy cane slime recipe!

My kids had a blast playing with this slime, and what’s even better about slime is that it has an element of science that makes a sometimes boring subject come to life for kids.

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Keep reading to learn how khổng lồ make this super easy candy cane slime recipe that is quite the show stopper!

How lớn Make the Festive Candy Cane Slime Recipe for Christmas!

This candy cane slime recipe uses our foolproof slime recipe, which is almost impossible to mess up if you follow our directions carefully.

We have made this slime recipe many, many times, và it’s never flopped once! It’s the perfect slime recipe lớn use if you’re new khổng lồ making slime.

We like to make slime first of all because my kids love it so much. My preschooler, Bo, particularly loves the texture of slime & she would play with slime all day every day if I let her.

We also like the scientific element of slime, because it’s a wonderful example of how polymer chains form và is a fun showstopping example of chemical reactions in action.

Trying different variations and ingredients to lớn make slime also make slime a fun và easy science experiment that is a true crowd pleaser.

If you want more Christmas slime ideas, try making Christmas lights slime, peppermint slime, or edible taffy slime!


How to lớn Fix Bad Slime

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If you’re new khổng lồ slime, definitely read our tips on how lớn make slime with liquid starch. Và if you need more help, kiểm tra out our slime troubleshooting guide.

If you’re in a bit of a rush though, no worries, just remember that brands matter when making slime.

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We will not make slime unless we haveElmer’s glue on hand, Good food coloring (that’s a brand), và Sta-flo laundry starch (unless we’re making an unusual slime recipe).

While there are other ways to make slime, lượt thích with Borax powder & baking soda, laundry starch slime is by far our favorite, và we will always recommend using it above any other recipe.

If you have allergies or sensitivities lớn borax, make sure to lớn try our non-borax slime recipes, learn how khổng lồ make slime with baking soda.

And now, find out how khổng lồ make your own version of ourcandy cane slime recipe!

Supplies for Candy Cane Slime

To make candy cane slime you will need:

Elmer’s clear glueRed food coloringSilver glitterSta-flow laundry starch

Step By Step Directions for Making Candy Cane Slime

Follow these directions to lớn learn how to make your own candy cane slime!

Mix 1 part water, & 1 part glue in khổng lồ separate containers. We used one bottle of glue for our red and one for our white slime. Add silver glitter khổng lồ both mixtures và red dye to lớn one.


Add 1 part laundry starch to lớn each mixture & stir until it comes together & forms a slime texture.

Let the slime rest about 3-5 minutes before playing with it.

When you first pick it up, the slime will be a bit sticky, but as you stretch and play with the slime that will go down & you’ll be able to play with it without the slime sticking khổng lồ your fingers.

Grab a piece of red and a piece of trắng slime and twist them together to look lượt thích a candy cane!

The more you play with the slime the more the colors will phối together.

Eventually, the white slime will get eaten by the red slime, but it’s still tons of fun to play with!

Use these resources lớn make your STEM activities fun và educational!

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Save this idea for later so you don't forget to lớn use it!

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