Red bean mooncakes with salted egg yolk


This recipe started with a routine trip to the grocery store & a happy return with a big bag of blood oranges. I was so excited khổng lồ make something with them because blood oranges are the kind of ingredient that does the Halloween heavy lifting all by itself…their màu sắc and name screams Halloween! The fun part is deciding what khổng lồ make. For a moment, I was tempted khổng lồ go to the Darkside and make something bloody and gory, but instead I went to the Upside…as in Upside-down cake. I began with an idea lớn make a cake that looked like a total lunar eclipse using slices of blood oranges to lớn mimic the dramatic colors of a Blood Moon. & when I finished…oh boy, did it turn out incredible! It turned out even better than I had imagined & hoped, even my youngest son came into the room while I was reviewing the photos and asked, “Is that a moon?”

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This cake isn’t just stunningly gorgeous, it’s a deliciously dreamy combination of orange zest, cinnamon and vanilla which flavors the cake và the simple syrup. Double delicious! One of the best part about making this cake is seeing the variation of màu sắc in each orange. From the outside you can’t tell what beauty lies inside until you slice it open. Kind of a sweet metaphor for the people you meet, don’t you think? Anyway, I’ll leave you with my recipe based edit of a quote by C.Joybell C.

“To <make> a cake…to howl at the moon…to know true happiness…I am happy!” Enjoy!


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Why wait for the next Blood Moon when you can make your own lunar beauty with this easy Blood Orange Upside-Down Cake.