Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls, also called Vietnamese spring rolls, or summer rolls, are a cold food usually consisting of vegetables, shrimp or prawns, or pork, wrapped up in rice paper.

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A light & healthy dish perfect for hot weather, rice paper rolls are easily made ahead of time, và then stored in the fridge for later as long as they are kept moist. Usually served with some kind of dipping sauce, these summer rolls are easily modified lớn suit any variety of tastes.

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What Exactly Is Rice Paper?

Rice paper is traditionally made in Vietnam & is used khổng lồ make a variety of dishes with different methods of preparation. Rice paper wrappers are made by mixing & steaming a batter consisting of rice flour, tapioca, water và salt, before letting it sun dry.

Most often sold as a dried round circle, you can find rice paper wrappers at your local Asian grocery store, or order them online.

Are Rice Paper Rolls Good For You?

Yes! Rice paper is a great alternative to high-calorie breads và flour products, and doesn"t need khổng lồ be fried in oil before eating. All that"s needed is khổng lồ soak the rice paper in water to lớn moisten it before eating.

By filling the rice paper rolls with lots of fresh vegetables, herbs, lean, meats & seafood, you can enjoy a tasty summer meal that is light và refreshing without having to worry about your waistline.

Leave out the meat & pack these full of julienne veggies, or even fruit, for a filling plant based meal!

Making Your Own Rice Paper Rolls

This recipe was inspired by my wife"s cousin, who served them up while at the beach. It was a DIY kind of lunch, và it was a great way to enjoy some good food with family.

I was impressed by how convenient & easy these were to actually make right there on the beach while providing a healthy, filling food on a hot summers day. I just had to giới thiệu it with you!

What do You Serve With Rice Paper Rolls?

If you"ve ever had Vietnamese spring rolls at a restaurant, you"ll know how delicious these are despite their simple ingredient list. I"ve found the secret lớn a well-flavoured summer roll khổng lồ be the dipping sauce or condiment that I drizzle over the filling before rolling it all up.

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This condiment can be used as a dip, or drizzled right on the spring rolls before wrapping them up. It simply consists of :

¼ cup olive oil (or other vegetable oil)3 tablespoon water½ tablespoon brown sugar2 cloves garlic minced½ inch chunk of fresh ginger - grated½ lemon or lime - juiced1 thai chili - minced (½ teaspoon dried red pepper flakes may also be used)¼ teaspoon sesame oil1 teaspoon fresh cilantro leaves choppedsalt and pepper

You can also serve these rice paper rolls alongside a richer sauce such as a peanut sauce, which adds another source of protein to lớn the recipe, perfect if you want khổng lồ keep these rolls plant-based!

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To make the rice paper rolls themselves you"ll need:

1 package rice paper wrappers24 shrimp - cooked & cooled1 bunch fresh cilantro leaf1 cup Fresh lettuce or spinach leavessalt & pepper


1. Start by gathering all your ingredients and preparing the vegetables. You"ll want khổng lồ julienne the vegetables, (find out what a julienne cut is and how to vày it here) in order to keep them uniform and easier khổng lồ roll up in the rice paper.

2. Set any condiments you plan on serving with the rice paper rolls.

3. Mix up a shallow dish of water, & then quickly soak a rice paper wrapper in the water, making sure lớn coat all sides. This takes a bit of practice because you don"t want the paper khổng lồ get too wet. 4 or 5 seconds is plenty.

4. Place the ingredients along the center of the wrapper, keeping it as wide as you want the roll lớn be long. I like to place a few leaves of lettuce down first to keep everything in a neat pile.

5. Fold up the sides of the rice paper over the filling, then fold up the bottom, gently pull the roll tight, và then roll up the rice paper roll. Voila! You did it!

6. Prevent the rice paper rolls from drying out by covering them with a moist linen cloth as you finish rolling the rest. Serve fresh with peanut sauce & the spiced oil dressing listed above.

Tips & Tricks

To make your life a little easier, here are few tips lớn make rolling spring rolls a breeze!

Most importantly though, feel free to mix và match the veggies mentioned above. Throw in some mango, radish, or avocado to lớn fully customize these rice paper rolls to lớn your own tastes!

Don"t over soak the rice paper wrappers. If they are fully saturated, you"ll have a hard time folding và rolling the wrapper.Pull the filling "back" after folding up the bottom lip. This will help tighten the roll, and allow for a more compact summer roll.Season the fillings inside the roll. Drizzle the spiced oil condiment, or peanut sauce right on the fillings before wrapping for extra flavour.Wrap the rice paper rolls ahead of time and store covered in the refrigerator for 1 day. Make sure to lớn keep them covered with a moist cloth to prevent them from drying out.If you have trouble with the rice paper wrapper ripping while you roll, double up the wrapper for a thicker roll,Made the recipe? comment & Rate it below, then take a picture & tag me on Facebook & Instagram: