Rice paper cheese sticks recipe

Asian-style cooking is within reach with recipes as easy, cheap & healthy as these Crispy Rice Paper Vegetable Cheesy Dumplings. They have a super versatile vegetable filling as well as a little cheese that melts and is to die for (it’s not the most Asian-style thing but you know that I love cheese, and you can obviously omit it). Serve them with a soy-based sauce and voilà! A fun and healthy dinner khổng lồ make any night of the week, or to lớn serve up as appetizers at your next holiday party!


Some time ago I saw some rice paper dumplings on Instagram or TikTok from London Bruncher and the idea got stuck in my head until now. Thanks to lớn two friends, Personal Xef & la Hogazana, I discovered an Asian supermarket in Barcelona where they have everything you can dream of, so a couple of weeks ago guess where Paula headed to.

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The full bộ of sauteed mushrooms, cabbage, carrot và onion is a staple at home (with rice, in chicken breast rolls, in phyllo dough rolls, as a side… I still have to lớn upload the recipes on the blog, I know, they are still on Instagram only), và I said… Well, let’s give this veggie phối a new life with the crispy rice paper dumplings. & to vị trí cao nhất it up a notch, I added a little cheese, which is fabulous in here, but as mentioned above you can omit it và make the recipe 100% vegan (or use vegan cheese).


They are pan-fried (barely any oil), resulting in a crispy roll but with the sides still soft. If you have never tried rice paper before, it gets sort of chewy once hydrated. When cooked on the pan it gets crispy so if you don’t lượt thích the chewiness, you can always cook them on all sides by turning the dumpling every now and then or even fry them completely. In any case, I highly encourage you khổng lồ try these crispy rice paper dumplings, they surprise everyone who tries them.


Crispy Rice Paper Vegetable Cheesy Dumplings Ingredients

Today’s recipe, even if being Asian-style, calls for a danh mục of ingredients that you will for sure be able to find in any big supermarket. At least in Spain though, if you can buy them in an Asian store they are usually cheaper. So, what bởi we need?

Crispy Rice Paper Vegetable Cheesy Dumplings

Rice paper wafers: this is what will allow us to make the dumpling or roll. I have used the ones with a diameter of approx. 22 cm, but if you only find the small ones, no problem! If that’s the case, I recommend that you use 2 wafers per dumpling to make it more resistant.Vegetables: I have used white cabbage, onion & carrot. You can use the veggies you like the most, but for me this trio has that something that always reminds me of Asian cuisine (is it because of spring rolls filling?).Mushrooms: besides adding flavour, I find that they địa chỉ cửa hàng texture to the vegetable mix. My preference for this recipe is to lớn use chestnut mushrooms, which are meatier và their dark colour reminds me of the classic shiitake from Japanese cuisine (feel không tính phí to use shiitake if you find it).Cheese: a melting cheese lượt thích urgèlia (the one I used this time), havarti or provolone are fabulous. Và you can totally omit it if you want a lighter dumpling version.Salt: we must season the filling.Olive oil: khổng lồ sautée the mushrooms and vegetables.

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Dipping Sauce

Soy sauce: an essential salty và umami ingredient in many Asian dishes.Rice vinegar: an acid touch lớn compensate the fats in the sofrito & cheese.Sesame seeds: in addition khổng lồ making the sauce prettier, they địa chỉ crunchiness. I have used white sesame seeds this time, but you can use black or a set of black & white.Spring onion: I have used the green part of the spring onion to địa chỉ cửa hàng flavour & colour.

Tips và Tricks lớn Nail this Rice Paper Dumplings Recipe

To prevent the dumplings from falling apart on the pan, if you use wafers smaller than 18 cm in diameter, I recommend using 2 wafers per dumpling so they have a double layer.It’s important to lớn use a non-stick pan greased with a little oil so that the dumplings vày not get stuck to lớn it.Once hydrated, the dumplings are sticky, and even more between them. Make sure they don’t touch each other as you shape them and when you cook them on the pan, they should always have some space between them.When hydrating the rice paper wafers, read the manufacturer’s instructions first (usually they ask to lớn soak the paper for 10 seconds). If you hydrate them too much, they can stick khổng lồ the work surface and shaping the dumpling becomes a nightmare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you add ginger?

I don’t địa chỉ it because I don’t lượt thích the way it pairs with the cheese. If I weren’t using cheese, then I would showroom a teaspoon of minced or grated fresh ginger halfway through sauteeing the veggies, as I did with the chicken rolls or phyllo rolls.

Can I prepare the filling in advance?

Of course! You can make the filling up to 5 days in advance và store it in the fridge or freeze it for later. Also, if you have leftovers because you don’t want lớn use it all to lớn make the dumplings, you can always use it for other purposes as explained above.

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If you make this Crispy Rice Paper Vegetable Cheesy Dumplings recipe, be sure to leave a comment and rate it. Hearing from you iseverything! Oh, & don’t forget khổng lồ tag me onInstagram,I absolutelyloveseeing your creations. Happy cooking!

Easy, economical and healthy Crispy Rice Paper Vegetable Cheesy Dumplings. A fun & healthy dinner for any day of the week or the perfect appetizer for your next party.