Blueberry Ginger Jam Recipe


I’m going khổng lồ tell you the truth about this post. The tone was completely different the first time I wrote it. I was singing a completely different tune. You see, I was planning on telling you how I had come to lớn the conclusion that all of those annoying rules about making jam at trang chủ were just for suckers. I was going to lớn tell you that I had figured out how to make excellent jam by just trusting my heart and having fun. But then I realized that in this case my heart just couldn’t be trusted.

In the past, jam seemed lượt thích too much trouble for little pay off. All that fruit? Too expensive. Giant pots, specials tongs, funnels, racks, pectin? Who has the space và energy for that? Pounds of sugar? No thanks. Botulism? I think that"s a real thing we should be scared of. I say Bonne Maman is pretty good, right?

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But then I had some real luck making my version of dreamy, easy jam. I had a bunch of leftover fruit that I just threw in a skillet. I made up my own sugar to lớn fruit ratio that seemed credible. I cooked the fruit until it just felt right & sealed the jars by simply turning them over. No rules. No pectin. No funnels. This method just kept working. I was on jam easy street. Everything I touched turned khổng lồ perfectly wonderful jam and I thought, “This is simple! I’ve cracked the jam code! Jam rules are for the birds!” My head was so big.


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Then I made some really bad jam. Overly sweet, over-cooked, rock hard, và super- disappointing. I was too cocky. The simple ingredient list fooled me. I made a few delicious batches off the cuff & thought that I had it all figured out. And then jam gave me the cold shoulder and put me right in my place.

I’ll tell you what I figured out. Jam is kind of serious. Making it at trang chủ is simple, but there are a few tricks. If you learn them, you can create spectacular, gift-worthy, summer-in-a-jar jam. If you don’t, you may find yourself crying into a sticky pot.


Here"s what works for me. My jamandments, if you will...1. Use a big, wide pot and make small batches: More surface area và less fruit means a shorter cooking time và a smaller chance of overcooking your glorious bounty. (I also cut cooking time by throwing my fruit with the sugar the night before so the juices release while I sleep. Food that works while you rest. Yes!)

2. Use less sugar: I use 50% cup sugar per pound of fruit, adjusting by about 1/4 cup up or down depending on the sweetness of the fruit. A lot of recipes gọi for tons of sugar for a perfect set. Too much sugar kills the fantastic fruit flavor. Taste trumps phối if you ask me.

3. Test for the proper consistency : Remember - hearts cannot be trusted. Coddle the baby jam và take its temperature. 220° is the sweet spot (I tend khổng lồ stop around 215° just to lớn be safe.) chạy thử it on an ice-cold plate. Or, try the sheet test. More testing specifics here.

4. Process the jars for safe and happy jam consumption: Apparently, the upside down method has flaws. Don’t waste all of that hard work. Pop those sterile, filled jars in a water bath. Or tuck them in the freezer for later. Or just eat it all in a week. Mmm. That last option sounds the best.

OK. Enough rules. I’m sorry we had khổng lồ go there. I’m just thinking of all your future jams. Và your kids’ jam. And their kids’ jam.

Now for the good part! A recipe! I hope you like it. Real blueberry flavor, not too sweet, & a little bit of grated ginger for that je ne sais quoi. Best of all, now you know the rules so you can just have fun.


Blueberry Ginger Jam

Makes 3 8 ounce jars

2 50% pounds wild blueberries, fresh or frozen1 1/4 cup sugar4 teaspoons peeled, finely grated fresh ginger3 lemons, juiced

1. In a large bowl, combine blueberries and sugar. Cover and refrigerate until the sugar has mostly dissolved & the berries have let their juice, 12 to lớn 24 hours. (Skip this step if you have a time restrictions. No trouble.)

2. địa chỉ berry mixture to a large skillet và bring to a simmer over medium-high, stirring frequently. địa chỉ lemon juice and ginger. Cook until the jam is thick & gelled. (Double check the consistency with one of the the three tests I mentioned above.)