Prawn and scallop shumai recipe


Many Saigon readers said they would go lớn the street khổng lồ eat a loaf of bread immediately after Covid-19 was over.

The shumai bread, salted egg are attractive with fresh pork, lean enough & soft steamed fat, topped with fatty salted egg yolk. The ingredients also include a thick piece of hot grilled beef and crispy pork skin, địa chỉ sour food và a little sweet and spicy fish sauce khổng lồ make the loaf full of flavor. The siêu thị is located on Ho Xuan Huong street, Binh Thanh district. Photo: Spirit
Full pan bread with fried egg, pate, spring rolls, ham, sausage, cheese and soft softballs that are not dry is a high-energy breakfast dish for diners. Crispy loaf of bread dipped with rich sauce in a hot bread pan, served with pickles, coriander, thinly sliced ​​cucumber & spicy và salty spices to your liking. The shop is located on Dang Tran nhỏ Street, District 1. Photo: Tam Linh
Barbecue bread with the highlight is minced pork mixed with special sauce, molded into flat balls & grilled over a charcoal fire until golden brown và fragrant. Fresh pork is molded by hand, grilled until sold there, so it always keeps the heat, địa chỉ cửa hàng sour food, cucumber, sauce, minced chili and a little cilantro lớn have a unique loaf of bread for diners. Afternoon. The siêu thị is located in a small alley on Nguyen Trai Street, District 1. Photo: Di Vy
Bread is a light snack for late afternoons in Saigon, hot pot restaurants in District 4 are frequented by many people. The part is attractive with cleaned beef viscera, not smelly or tough, but soft and crunchy. After cooking, the pot is placed on a charcoal stove to keep the heat. When the customers call, the new owner takes the leaves, towels, stomachs… cut them into bite-sized pieces, and adds fragrant, greasy broth khổng lồ bring lớn the customers. It is indispensable to have a cup of sweet and sour fish sauce khổng lồ dip the beef intestines, like the soul of this dish. Photo: Lan Huong
Walking along the streets of Saigon morning when no Covid-19, diners often caught the car bread fried fish, bread casual, affordably priced from 10,000 to 15,000 dong. Fresh fish cakes are shaped into an oblong shape, fried until golden brown in a pan of boiling oil, sandwiched in crispy bread, with pickles, cucumbers, cilantro or laksa leaves, depending on your taste, địa chỉ chili sauce, soy sauce or salt and pepper in it. Loaves. Hot, fragrant bread combined with soft, chewy, và delicious noodles is very popular with users. Photo: 

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Strange beef dry bread with shredded dry beef, sweet, combined with laksa leaves, spicy chili sauce, adding the fat of peanuts creates a new appeal of the loaf. The cửa hàng also sells beef jerky separately for diners in need, a famous dish for more than 20 years in domain authority Kao market, District 1. Video: Di Vy

Roasted pork bread is also a quick, convenient and nutritious breakfast option. The piece of roast meat has a crispy skin, the soft part mixed with fat is marinated with a strong flavor and aroma. Crispy bread on the outside, rich và fatty pork inside, blended with the freshness of cucumber, cilantro, spicy red chili, salty sauce khổng lồ revive the morning taste of any diners. Photo: 

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Bread with scad fish sauce attracts diners with soft fragrant fish meat, cooked boneless, rich taste. The scads choose fresh ones, clean and then stew for many hours with coconut water, seasoning according lớn their own recipe. Cooked fish is kept on a charcoal pot to keep warm, not fishy. Customers order, the new owner takes the fish, spreads the meat evenly throughout the loaf, adds pickles, cucumbers, fish sauce và spicy chili fish sauce. The mouth-watering bread dish helps diners change their taste from being bored among the many types of bread in Saigon. Photo: Thai Bao

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