How to make Preserved Lemons at home with 2 ingredients, and only 15 minutes of hands-on time! Use preserved lemons in dressings, marinades, Moroccan and North African dishes, stews and salads! With a video.

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Hey friends, I’ve been holding back on this for a while but thought with everyone spending more time at home these days, it may be the perfect time for a fun little kitchen project. Preserved Lemons!

What are Preserved Lemons?

Preserved lemons, if unfamiliar, are a staple in Moroccan and North African cooking, and are in essence, “brined” lemons that have been cured in salt and lemon juice for several weeks, transforming them into a silky flavorful condiment. Once preserved, the lemon flesh, the lemon peel and the salty lemony “syrup” can all be used in cooking to add brightness and flavor.

Preserved Lemons only take about 15 minutes of actual hands-on time, and 1-2 weeks of “preserving” time and requires only 2 ingredients – fresh lemons and salt– with a huge payoff at the end. Trust me.

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Being down here in Santa Barbara for the winter, we have had access to the most beautiful local citrus fruit, and wow, has it been glorious! For this recipe, I’m actually using Meyer Lemons and I really love how tender their thin skin becomes with preserving. Regular lemons will work too. No time to preserve? I love these Villa Jarada Preserved Lemons.

Watch How to Make Preserved Lemons| 60-second video

What to do with Preserved Lemons?

Preserved lemons, as you can imagine, taste extra lemony and salty, adding a huge burst of flavor to dishes you are already making.

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Finely chop and add to salad dressings and marinades.Blend into AioliAdd to Moroccan TaginesChop and add to bean dishes or soups.Use the salty lemony “syrup” to season soups!

Why this recipe works!

What I personally love about this recipe is how small and manageable the process is and how slicing the lemons, rather than wedging them (more traditional) shortens the overall preserving time, and also makes using them much easier!

The 1/2 liter weck jar I’m using here only holds about 2-3 cups.

A fun little project or gift!

Ingredients in Preserved Lemons:

lemons and lemon juicesea salt

That’s it! Maybe some bay leaves and peppercorns if you want to get fancy.

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