Fermented lemons: how to preserve lemons with salt

I never knew how much I needed Fermented Lemons in my life until now! và now I’m going to convince you how much you need them in your life too!


Have you ever had this happen? You scour the internet for the perfect recipe. Something a little different. Something loaded with flavor. & you browse through the ingredient list.

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Then you see it. Fermented lemons! Your heart sinks a bit as you scroll on by, thinking what the heck are fermented lemons (also known as preserved lemons) anyway? and do they really make a difference?

Well, I’m here to lớn let you know that, YES, they really vì chưng make a difference. And to also let you know just how easy they are to lớn make. So easy, in fact, that you’ll always have some on hand.

What Are Fermented Lemons?

Preserved lemons, as they are also called, are fresh lemons that are soaked in a brine for several weeks. This produces an incredible tangy, salty, warm pop of lemon flavor that cannot be achieved any other way.

Here’s How a Few of the Experts Describe Them

“Preserved lemons are a flavor powerhouse, offering both the tart acidity of fresh lemons and a salty, tangy funkiess coaxed out during the curing process.” ~ Alice Walters“Their quality pickled taste & special silken texture cannot be duplicated with fresh lemon or lime juice, despite what some food writers have said.” ~ Paula Wolfert

It makes you want khổng lồ make some right now, doesn’t it?? & therein lies the catch. It actually takes a month khổng lồ make fermented lemons!

It’s really easy, but you can’t rush the process. So make sure to lớn bookmark that perfect recipe you found. You’ll absolutely love it. A month from now! I use them all the time in my anti-inflammatory, clean-eating diet. (Get my top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Should and Shouldn’t Eat here!)

Are Fermented Lemons Healthy?

Many health benefits come from preserved lemons. The fermentation process infuses the lemons with probiotics that are good for the gut và aid in digestion. It also contains the “good” bacteria that will help control the “bad” bacteria in your body.

Additionally, the fermentation process of lemons actually increases the already high màn chơi of vitamins in lemons. So, yep, they’re healthy! Let’s get to making them, shall we? (And here’s how to use preserved lemons when you’ve got them done!)


How to lớn Make Preserved Lemons

Wash 4-6 lemons thoroughly & slice them vertically in quarters, but NOT all the way down. Leave the bottom 1/2 inch of the lemon intact.Spread the lemons apart slightly and liberally coat them with 1/4 cup of kosher salt, making sure the inside surfaces are well-coated.Push the lemons down as firmly as you can. They should be fully submerged in the lemon juice. địa chỉ cửa hàng additional juice from another fresh lemon or two lớn ensure the lemons are fully coated.Feel miễn phí to địa chỉ cửa hàng other herbs và spices or garlic if you want. But they’re really great with just salt!Tighten the lid securely và shake well.Keep on your countertop for 3-4 days then move into the refrigerator, shaking every day or two.They will last in your refrigerator for up to lớn 6 months.

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What vì chưng You Use Fermented Lemons For?

Traditionally found in North African & Mediterranean dishes, fermented lemons have been used in dishes since the 12th century. They have since gained popularity in many countries và are prominent in Indian & European cooking today.

It’s important lớn understand that you are actually using the peel of the preserved lemon, not the flesh. Simply pull out a section from your jar, rinse it well, scoop out và discard the flesh & seeds, & it’s ready lớn go in your recipe.

I use them in everything from preserved lemon vinaigrette to thinly sliced in Moroccan salads, to lớn sauteing a little butter, garlic, & minced some up in a simple sauce for salmon. I also love tossing some slices onto the pan when I roast vegetables or mincing some up to địa chỉ cửa hàng to my roasted chickpeas.


Basically, use your fermented lemons any time you want an exceptional, rich, deep, salty lemony burst of flavor.

So grab your mason jar and a bunch of lemons và get going! Time’s a tickin’! Just keep in mind – patience is a virtue. & these fermented lemons are definitely worth the wait.