Lemons and oranges preserved in syrup recipe

Lemon Simple Syrup is easy khổng lồ make & bursting with tangy, lemon flavour. Just 2 ingredients và you can have fresh homemade lemon syrup for pancakes, cocktails, lemonade, cakes – the options are endless.

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Lemon Simple Syrup is such a delicious way lớn use up a harvest of lemons. It’s easy to make, lovely as a gift và can be used in everything from fudge to lớn cocktails. Even better, you only need 2 ingredients and one pan.

You’ll love this orange simple syruppassionfruit syrup too.


This lemon syrup is for the true lemon lover. It’s nothing but lemon juice, zest & sugar và gives a very intense lemon flavour. Rich, sweet and absolutely luscious.

It’s perfect used in this Easy Lemon Fudge, or as a base in cocktails và lemonade. If you’re a true lover of lemon, lượt thích I am, you’ll find it completely delicious poured directly over pancakes or ice cream too.

If you like lemon but enjoy a lighter flavour, you can dilute the lemon flavour by replacing some of the juice with water and save the all-lemon-juice recipe for adding to lớn drinks as mentioned above.


How to Make Lemon Syrup

This is so easy.

Just địa chỉ 1 cup of lemon juice – that’s one cup after straining out any pulp and pips – khổng lồ a saucepan with lemon zest và 1 cup of trắng granulated sugar.Heat it over medium heat while stirring khổng lồ dissolve the sugarLet it come to lớn a boil & leave it to boil, stirring every so often, until it’s reduced.

You can make this lemon syrup the consistency to lớn suit the way you’re using it. If it thickens lớn the colour of the syrup in these photos, you’ll need khổng lồ use it warm or at room temperature on warm or room temp foods.

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If using it on cold foods or in cocktails though, at this thickness it may become too firm. Instead, only cook it until the sugar has dissolved & it has reduced very slightly or you can địa chỉ a little water lớn thin it out after cooking.

Tips For Perfect Lemon Simple Syrup

Stir while the sugar is dissolving, then let it come to a boil and just stir every so often so that it heats evenly và doesn’t burn.For a lighter flavoured syrup, best for pancakes, replace some of the juice with water.Make sure to strain out pulp and pipsWhen peeling the zest away from the lemon, try not lớn get any of the trắng part as this is very bitter.Consistency: Reduced by half is good for serving warm over desserts or at room temperature (where it will be the thickness of maple syrup). If you’ll be serving it with anything cold, just let the sugar dissolve then bubble for another 30 seconds or so. If it’s too thick it will become too firm once cool, however, you can thin it with a little water if needed.

Uses For Lemon Peel

There are loads of uses for lemon peel so don’t waste it. You’ll only need the peel from one lemon for this recipe but peel all the lemons before you juice them và you can freeze that peel for other uses lượt thích tucked inside a chicken while it’s roasting.

If you use a microplane khổng lồ create very fine zest, you can use it in cakes và desserts to give them a lift.


You can also use it for cleaning – showroom it lớn vinegar for an all natural cleaner and use to clean your kettle.

Uses For Lemon Syrup

You can use lemon syrup for

Cakes – drizzled over the vị trí cao nhất while they’re still hotCocktails in place of a regular simple syrup (see consistency notes)Lemonade – đứng đầu it with sparkling water (see consistency notes)Pancakes, French toast and waffles – drizzle a little straight over the topOatmeal and smoothies as a sweetenerIn your water or iced tea – just a tiny bit will add lemon flavour & a slight sweetnessYoghurt or ice cream – drizzled straight over the top (see consistency notes)

How lớn Store Lemon Simple Syrup

Store the syrup in sterilised bottles, unopened for up khổng lồ a month. Once opened, use it within a week.

Due to lớn having such a high sugar content, it won’t freeze completely but storing it in the freezer will keep it good for much longer. Make sure not lớn overfill your jars though as liquid expands when freezing.

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Such a great way to use up an overload of lemons, Lemon Simple Syrup is great kept in the fridge ready for a pancake brekky or given away lớn loved ones as a gorgeous homemade pressie.